Wuxiaworld > Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil > Chapter 56
Ou Zinan’s voice was very good, but it was not at the heroine’s level. But after Zhou Yun Sheng’s adjustment, his voice become a veritable golden voice. He could reach as low as G7, up to C3, even singing across five octaves was easy for him.

Ou Zinan was 20 this year, his voice was fully developed. It was a clear sound mixed in with a trace of huskiness. Singing love songs would bring out the vicissitudes of life, rock will be full of passion, jazz would be full of sexiness etc. As long as he got an opportunity, he would become a blockbuster.

All Zhou Yun Sheng lacked was such an opportunity.

Times Records was the number one of the country’s top two entertainment companies. They specialized in the music market, and had three hugely popular star singers. And Ge Mengshu, by virtue of ‘Because Of You’, had claimed a sit on the throne and became the company’s fourth cash cow. In order to protect Lin Siqing and Ge Mengshu, Times Records placed a ban on Ou Zinan. And because Ou Bai Bo had a strong, blunt character, he’d offended quite a lot of people, so no one offered to help the desperate Ou Zinan.

What should I do?

Zhou Yun Sheng stroked his jaw, then decided he needed to give Lin Siqing a vicious lesson. Lin Siqing was just an overly compassionate admirer, he was never on Ge Mengshu’s radar. In the end, Ge Mengshu used him, then eventually married the Chief of Times Records, Yun Zhiyuan. For this type of woman, he’d destroyed his younger brother. I wonder if he had any regrets?

The original Ou Zinan didn’t live long enough to see it, so Zhou Yun Sheng will gift wrap Lin Siqing’s regretful expression for him.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun Sheng turned on his computer and checked the status of Ou property. Ou Bai Bo was a rich man, but he was also a philanthropist. He’d donated far more money to charity than his own assets, so he’d only left Ou Zinan 50 million in cash, and a villa. The studio was left to Lin Siqing, hoping that he could take good care of his son.
If he was an ordinary person, 50 million could give him a comfortable life, but for what Zhou Yun Sheng had in mind, it was only a drop in the bucket. To fight against Times Records, and against the Song God Lin Siqing, he must also find himself a powerful partner.

Who to choose…..

After searching around on the net, he finally selected C Country’s entertainment giant, Huanya Entertainment Group. The company only had one superstar level singer, but their gathering of actors was superb. Their main industry was film and their capital was more solid than Times Records’.
The Chief was named Sun Xi Mu, and just his name was worth more than all the assets of Times Records put together. Sun Xi Mu was the founder of the Hong Fund, through the Hong Fund he’d been able to attack R Country’s currency, triggering the Asia financial crisis, and also disrupting Europe and the United States’ stocks and bonds market. He’d wantonly plundered wealth from Europe and the United States- calling him rich and powerful was no exaggeration.

Huanya Entertainment Group was only his side project, yet in C Country’s entertainment industry, it had an unshakable position. If Zhou Yun Sheng wanted to succeed, Huanya Entertainment Group was his best hope.

So, how can he convince them? First, he needed to come up with evidence, and secondly, he needed to show his talent.

Evidence of Lin Siqing’s plagiarism had long been destroyed, and even for a creative singer, creating a sufficient number of high quality songs in a month was asking for the moon. The trial would begin in a month, for most people, it would be too late to do anything.

But Zhou Yun Sheng wasn’t an average person. If there was no evidence, he could forge it. If there was no songs, he could search 007’s database and casually come up with thousands or even tens of thousands of songs.

Don’t even try to tell him that copying other’s work is wrong, he would go as low as he wanted to go. What’s the use of integrity when your back’s against the wall? You can take that integrity and shove it. Zhou Yun Sheng’s skin was thicker than a titanium alloy steel plate. He immediately opened up 007’s song database, and picked out some popular songs that did not exist yet.

The Ou family was a music family, the villa’s basement was sound proof. It was stuffed with a variety of musical instruments, and a small recording studio. Zhou Yun Sheng used some advanced orchestration software and modified the songs. In ten days, he recorded ten songs and stored them on a disc.

He finally rubbed his sore eyes and stumbled back to his bedroom. He slept like the dead until the next day at noon. He’d already hacked into Sun Xi Mu’s itinerary and knew that the man would go to Huanya Entertainment Group at four o’clock this afternoon for inspection. This was his best chance to discuss cooperation.

Now, what about the evidence? Zhou Yun Sheng scratched his head. He was so busy recording the songs that he’d forgotten to fake evidence. He immediately pushed his mental force into 007 and arranged a scene for it to process into a video file. Even the world’s top video analyst wouldn’t be able to tell it was a fake.

Afterwards, he put on a white shirt and jeans, casually combed back his hair and drove out of the villa to the underground parking lot. At exactly 3:59 pm, a black car slowly pulled into the lot. Sun Xi Mu was really like the rumors- rigorously disciplined, never wasting a second.

Several bodyguards quickly surrounded the car, one pulled open the door and the others had their hands near their holsters, looking alert. If there was the slightest sign of trouble, they would certainly pull out guns and shot unhesitantly.

Such spectacle was not excessive for Sun Xi Mu. He’d personally led many people, even several states, to bankruptcy. A lot of people loved him, but the people who hated him were numerous like the stars.

The shadowed man slowly walked forward, his calm footsteps reverberated in the narrow space, like a death percussion. He was tall, at least 190 cm. His back was very straight, and his strong body was wrapped in a pure black suit, every step showed the outlines of his extremely explosive legs.

He walked under a light and his deep and handsome facial features were finally revealed. He had thick, black, sword-like eyebrows, and a pair of narrow eyes, a casual glance from him would freeze people in fear.

There were rumors that Sun Xi Mu was an emotionless robot, it looks like they weren’t groundless.

Zhou Yun Sheng stared at the man as he walked passed his car, his heart tangled. How can I talk to him? Rushing out would be a surefire way to fill his own body with bullet holes.

He let out a breath, then slowly and carefully opened his door. He slowly got out of his car and walked toward the man with his hands in a clear, visible ‘I surrender’ pose.

“Chief Sun? I’m Ou Zinan, I wanted to talk to you.” His clear voice was like gurgling spring water, but also like floating leaves in autumn, and a cool breeze in summer.

Sun Xi Mu didn’t stop walking, but he turned his head to look at him. The bodyguards saw that the other man had an unimposing physique, and was also raising his hands to show his harmlessness, so they harnessed their guns.

Zhou Yun Sheng quickly seized the opportunity to say, “Chief Sun, I’m the real creator of ‘Because Of You’, Lin Siqing is the one who plagiarized. I have evidence to prove it. As long as you help me, I’m willing to work for you for three years, free of charge.”

Sun Xi Mu didn’t trouble himself with entertainment gossip, so he didn’t know what he was talking about. He turned his head away and continued moving forward, apparently uninterested.

Zhou Yun Sheng was anxious. He ran to his side, his peach eyes filling with tears, and choked out, “Chief Sun, I’m desperate! Huanya Entertainment is my only way out. I really am very valuable, please believe me! In three years, I promise to help you earn three hundred million.”

Three hundred million was a lot, but for Sun Xi Mu, it was nothing. But he still stopped his pace and looked straight at the young man.

Zhou Yun Sheng immediately blinked, squeezing out a few more crystal tears. Ou Zinan’s looks were outstanding, not sun bright and fiery like Zhu Ziyu, but clear, gentle and cool like the moon. His skin was morbidly white, and his lips were flesh pink, making him look extremely vulnerable. But his eyes were dark and wide, when they were filled with tears, even a puppy would find him adorable.

This melancholy, fragile, and helpless appearance was attractive and lethal. The original failed to take advantage of it, but in Zhou Yun Sheng’s hands, he could drag sympathy from a stone.

Sun Xi Mu was quelled by his dripping tears and hope filled eyes. For the first time in a long while, he decided to waste some time.

“Follow me.” He dropped this sentence and continued into the building.

Zhou Yun Sheng was overjoyed, while wiping away his tears, he followed him into the elevator. It was very crowded, and he seemed to be shy with strangers. The courage from before disappeared, and he huddled close to the wall, his head hanging low, only the top of his lovely hair could be seen.

The elevator stopped at the top floor. When the door opened, a well-prepared assistant handed Ou Zinan’s data to Sun Xi Mu.

Sun Xi Mu gave the folder a quick look, then he noticed the young man was helplessly standing in the middle of the room, so he softly said, “Sit down.”

Zhou Yun Sheng sat down, but because of his tension, his pale cheeks were flushed, and his hands continuously pulled at his clothes, like a child who was called to the principal’s office.

Sun Xi Mu glanced at him again, placed a pair of cigar-cutters and a cigar on the table and asked, “Will you help me cut it?”

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes slightly widened, then he gave the Chief a closer observation. Could this person be his love that had no fixed name? The height, looks, and hobbies were consistent. The possibility was high.

His heartbeat sped up, he picked up the cigar and cigar-cutter and nodded, “I can. It’s a pyramid-shaped cigar, you only need to swiftly cut the head off at the shoulders. The cut should be very neat, not hesitant and uneven, otherwise, it will unravel the cigar and scatter the tobacco. After you cut, you use your fingers to brush off any loose tobacco, then suck on it a bit to see if the path is smooth…”

Zhou Yun Sheng used to hate the smell of smoke, but now he was used to it. He talked out his actions as he did them, but because he was too focused, he actually brought the unlit cigar to his mouth and sucked.

Sun Xi Mu’s eyes darkened and he stared at man’s pink lips.

Zhou Yun Sheng froze, cursing his own fast hands.