Wuxiaworld > Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil > Chapter 43
On the car ride, Zhou Yun Sheng covered his face, then burst into silent laughter. He had to say, three hundred thousand, whether you thought it was a lot or chump change, taking out a bundle of bills and smashing it in someone’s face was a really cool feeling. Especially, Ji Han Yu’s grief-stricken and regretful expression, it was the best entertainment.

Lin Chengze was made into a bitch, so Zhou Yun Sheng helped him avoid the pitfalls and elevated his status to a chaste height at the same time. Now, not only could Ji Han Yu never stay peacefully together with Fang Youran, he would never be able to forget him in his lifetime. When he inevitably faced the darkest sides of the world, he will recall the past and feel that only Lin Chengze’s love and dedication was the most selfless and precious love he’d ever received.

From now on, Lin Chengze will be his pure white moonlight, the sweetness in his heart, whenever he thought of what he did for him he’d wince in pain. What’s a reversal? This was the most thorough reversal.

Cao Mo Kun saw him clutching his face, shoulders trembling, and thought he was crying. He helplessly pulled him into his arms, and slowly said, “Baby don’t cry, that type of person is not worth your tears.”

Zhou Yun Sheng froze, but he didn’t say anything.

Cao Mo Kun continued, “Baby, you’re not my pet, and really, I’m not an old man, I’m not even thirty yet.”

Zhou Yun Sheng looked up at him, a few drops of tears were hanging on his eyelashes, freshly squeezed out.

Cao Mo Kun was a bit nervous at what he was going to say next, he wanted to take out a cigarette, but he knew that he hated the smell and held back, he continued, “Baby, that transaction…is void, we can start again, and have a healthy, equal and happy relationship, what do you think?”

Zhou Yun Sheng stared at him for a long while, then he buried his face in his arms and muffled, “I don’t think that’d work. Everybody knows you only keep people for three months, even your own nephew couldn’t stay, how could I have the confidence to be with you? I just want to study hard right now, get into a good university, and find a safe and stable job.

Cao Mo Kun knew that his heart was hurt by Ji Han Yu, at this time, he couldn’t trust anyone. He pushed his hair back, helpless, and sighed. “How about we start as friends? So, you can see how long I hold on. We didn’t have a good start, but we can have a good future.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was silent for a moment, finally, he nodded his head, then he quickly added, “Then you have to give my ad paycheck back to me first.” His financial situation was still in the pits, he was basically penniless.

Cao Mo Kun was relieved, he couldn’t help but laugh, he promised, then kissed the top of his soft hair.


Ji Han Yu squatted in front of Cao’s door for more than a month, he didn’t even leave during the New Year, he finally blocked off Zhou Yun Sheng when he came back with Cao Mo Kun after the holidays.

“Baby, go in first, I’ll talk to him.” Cao Mo Kun didn’t like the way Ji Han Yu looked at his lover with hot eyes.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, and only slightly glanced at Ji Han Yu as he walked past.

Ji Han Yu wanted to chase after him, but he was frozen by his uncle’s cold eyes.

“Sit down, how are you doing with your little boyfriend lately?”

“I’m not with him.”

“Why? Didn’t you say you loved him?” Cao Mo Kun mocked some shock.

After what happened, how could he feel comfortable together with Fang Youran? As long as he looked at him, he would immediately think of the fresh, scattered, red paper bills. He thought of Lin Chengze’s red eyes, his desperate, sad eyes. That scene repeatedly tortured Ji Han Yu and kept him awake all night.

His face slumped, he took a check out from his pocket, “Uncle, here’s one million, please let Lin Ze go.”

Cao Mo Kun smiled, then sighed, “Han Yu, you are so naïve. You thought you could buy him back? Besides, I don’t need this type of money. To tell you the truth, buying your love with 300,000, is the most successful investment I’ve ever made in my life. Every time I think about it, I want to pop open a bottle of champagne and celebrate.”

The man’s face, filled with happiness and pleasure, deeply stabbed into Ji Han Yu, but he was helpless. He stood still for a long time, then put away his check, and left Cao’s front step.


The new semester began, and it brought with it a huge sensational scandal. A group of rich second generations were captured in immoral positions and the photos were posted on the forums. The scale was huge, the scene was kinky, condoms, liquor bottle, and drugs were littering the floor.

At this time, the election was at a critical point, the Department of Justice paid great attention to the photographs and quickly investigated. Zhou Yun Sheng had already hacked into the club’s monitoring system and erased his and Cao Mo Kun’s figures, so this didn’t affect them.

Wang Jie was called away from the classroom, the charges were drug abuse and drug trafficking, the students had a hot new gossip.

Ji Han Yu also looked at the photos, he thought of how Lin Chengze would’ve also been forced into that pile of bodies if his uncle hadn’t gotten there in time. His whole body broke out in a layer of cold sweat. Now, he really couldn’t remember why he’d chosen to use such a vicious method to destroy Lin Chengze.

It was a bout of insanity!

He imagined Lin Chengze looking at him with mocking eyes, and his heart once again grew cold with regret. He finally worked up the courage to go into the classroom, hoping to apologize to Lin Chengze, but found his seat empty. He waited through the next few classes but he never appeared. After school, he asked around and found out that he’d applied to study abroad, the procedures were filed a few days ago.

Did he intend to never see him again? He stared up at the gray sky. Ji Han Yu finally understood the feeling of despair.


Five years later, C country, a five-star hotel.

Ji Han Yu, who had become a nouveau riche businessman, walked into the hall with his secretary, they greeted the banquet organizers. At 22 years, he’d grown into his height, he was 188 cm with a body like a magazine cover model, his baby fat had receded to reveal a more mature and handsome face.

He stood there with a glass of champagne, his melancholy eyes could make people feel intoxicated.

“Is my tie crooked?” He whispered to his secretary, he frequently glanced at the door.

“No, you are so handsome, I have the most handsome boss!” The secretary’s flattery skill was very strong, but it didn’t faze Ji Han Yu.

He looked at the door again and stared, his face slowly grew gloomy.

“I’m going over there.” He dropped his glass and strode over, pulling a waiter who was carrying a tray into the corner.

“Why are you here? What do you want to do?” He asked through his teeth.

“I, I heard that Lin Ze would come, I want to meet him and apologize to him. I want him to forgive me.” Fang Youran’s eyes glowed red, he looked very pitiful.

But Ji Han Yu was not touched by his sad look, he fiercely scolded “He doesn’t need your apology, you’ll just make him think of those unbearable memories. Don’t disturb him, okay? Don’t bother me either, I beg you!”

“If I’d make him think of bad memories, then how about you? What’s your image in his mind? You were the one who started that disaster!” Fang Yu was unwilling to give up.

Ji Han Yu didn’t reply, he slowly let go of his collar and left, his face ashen.

“Boss, are you alright?” The secretary worriedly held his arm, she was about to persuade him to go rest in the suite when she heard a loud clamoring behind her, she looked back when someone said, “Ah, Cao and Lin Chengze came.”

The secretary was not interested in Cao, but she was a fan of Lin Chengze, she immediately forgot about her boss’ troubles and craned her neck to look over the crowd, she fangirled, “Ah, it’s Lin Chengze! Top male model Lin Chengze ah, my god!”

The organizers gathered to scatter the crowd, revealing a young, handsome, extraordinary face. He and the taller men had the same style of suit and wore matching rings and watches, they looked at each other with such tenderness, it was difficult for others to intrude.

The secretary grabbed her heart, she gushed to her boss, “Boss, do you remember Lin Chengze’s debut ad? It was for that popular Extravagant perfume ah! God, that man’s beauty is simply unfair! After that ad broadcasted, Extravagant has always been out of stock, I regret not grabbing one when I had the chance!”

Remember it? How couldn’t he remember it? The reason he shot that ad was to help me. Ji Han Yu exposed a lost expression. Although the ad couldn’t broadcast locally, it had caused a market vibration in Europe and the U.S. Its popularity inevitably affected C country. Ever since Ji Han Yu saw it online, he’d have sleepless nights until he re-watches it, as if the only way he could sleep was with the man in his line of sight.

Lin Chengze hated green peppers in his food, the way he drank his milk caused him to always get a milk mustache, when he got home he’d always casually throw his shoes into a corner, he’d bite a pen whenever he was lost in his thoughts… … During the last two months they spent together, he’d thought he’d lost interest in Lin Chengze, but in reality, he had been deeply attracted to the boy, his every subtle expression and behavior was engraved in his heart.

He’d thought he didn’t care, so even thinking about him had brought contempt, but now his feelings were clear, but his regret could never be fixed. After losing him, he finally realized how lovely and ingenious the boy had been. If he’d cherished him when he’d had the chance, how happy could they’ve been by now?

While Ji Han Yu was caught up in his regretful memories, his secretary’s next words put the final nail in his heart.

“God, not only is his outside impeccable, even his heart is good. When Cao had a car accident and the doctors thought he would never walk again, he actually came out of the closet to the media and said he’d take care of Cao for the rest of his life, how romantic! I remember when Cao went on that one show, the host asked him how he got the courage to stand up again, and Cao said he’d accidentally seen his number in his lover’s phone, his contact was under ‘Immortal Lover’. He said he was so moved, he cheered up and did his best. I cried sooo hard at that. In such a difficult situation, Lin Ze never abandoned him, Cao is way too lucky to have him. Boss, don’t you think so?”

The secretary swooned and glanced at her boss, but was shocked to see his flushed eyes, filled with faint tears.

“I need the bathroom.” Ji Han Yu hurriedly left the hall to find an empty room, and cried his heart out. He finally knew the sincere and warm feelings he’d thrown away. The happiness was at his fingertips, but he’d mercilessly discarded it. From now on, no one would be able to compare to the love that boy had given him.

He was deeply regretful, but it was impossible to fix the past.