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Because Zhou Yun Sheng’s shots were excellent, the ad only took a day to complete shooting. Orlando was personally responsible for editing. When he walked out of the studio his face was flushed, his eyes in a trance, like he just drank a bottle of wine.

“Boss, this is a sample, take a look. I have a feeling that this perfume will be really popular in C country, no, even the world. I’ll use this for the European commercials too.”

“You can go about your business, I’ll watch it later.” Cao Mo Kun was reading a document, he didn’t even lift his head to talk.

Orlando had wanted to appreciate his amazed expression, but he looked indifferent, so he had to leave in disappointment.

After the others left, Cao Mo Kun immediately got up and locked his office door, took off his coat and pulled off his tie. He poured himself a glass of red wine, and inserted the disc into the computer.
A male singer’s ambiguous voice flowed out:

Close your eyes
Have no fear
The monster’s gone
He’s on the run and your daddy’s here

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Beautiful boy
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Beautiful boy

Before you go to sleep
Say a little prayer
Every day in every way, it’s getting better and better

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Beautiful boy
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Beautiful boy

(John Lennon’s Beautiful Boy. The story mentioned a female voice, so a cover’s probably playing)
Cao Mo Kun’s casual eyes gradually become more focused and hot.

When he was in the studio, he was sitting sideways, so his view was limited, but this commercial was taken from an overhead view, the perspective plus the visual effects were shocking.

The young man’s eyes were misty, cheeks red, because he was drunk, his lips were somewhat dry. He frowned, then he stretched out his tongue to lick at it, and it visibly softened. But this couldn’t solve his thirst, so he grabbed a few petals and squeezed, sucking on the bright red juice. Then he gave a satisfied sigh, and suddenly wiped his juicy hands on his white chest.
He was the most beautiful presence on the screen, even the colorful petals paled in his brilliance.
In the series of Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Boy, he slowly closed his eyes, a drop of tears hung on his curled, thick eyelashes, and quietly fell asleep.

The screen gradually blurred, gilded Gothic font surfaced on the screen – Extravagant, the taste of beauty.

The whole commercial did not show the bottle of perfume, but it could make people smell the flowers on the screen, an aroma of sweetness wrapped in erosion, it was a fascinating ad.

Cao Mo Kun had forgotten about his glass of wine, he stared fixatedly at the screen. 60 seconds was the longest allowed advertising time, but he felt it was too short. In only a blink of an eye, the young boy, full of magic charm, disappeared.

He hurriedly pressed the playback button, he imagined the young man’s red mouth was sucking himself, imagined the young man’s body was being caressed by himself, imagined the young man crying for mercy under his body, his eyelashes stained in crystal tears.

He used the boy on the ad to outline his own fantasies, even without real touch he felt the ultimate enjoyment of the senses.

When he remembered reality, he stared at his crotch, his face gloomy. He quickly walked into the lounge to take a cold shower, then put on bathrobe as he called Yu Meilian.


Zhou Yun Sheng had been waiting for AYA to send money to his account. He had never been short on money before. Now he had to calculate which meal to order to balance cheapness and nutrition, he really couldn’t stand it.

He waited for nearly seven or eight days, during this period he had to borrow money from Fang Youran. If Ji Han Yu gave him one more annoyingly cynical look, he wouldn’t survive it. He finally called Yu Meilian.

“I don’t know, call Mr. Cao about it.” Yu Meilian cleanly pushed the matter away.

Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t hold on, he had to call Cao Mo Kun’s phone.

Cao Mo Kun picked up the phone instantly, before he could speak, a man’s strong sexy voice came out, “Baby, did you think about it?”

Zhou Yun Sheng frowned, he went straight to the point, “My payment, when will I get it?”

“Baby, didn’t you read the contract? The terms states that the payment can only be given after the ad airs.”

“When is it airing?”

“The sample is still on trial, but I heard some whispers that it might be banned.”

“What do you mean it might get banned, then I can’t get paid? What kind of term is that?” Zhou Yun Sheng grinded his teeth in anger. He would not have been in this position if he had not mixed into the entertainment circle to play. If he knew this would happen earlier, he would’ve just sold some small software instead, regardless of how lazy for him and out-of-character for Lin Chengze it’d be.

“The contract is already signed.” Hearing the boy’s rising angry breaths, Cao Mo Kun felt his whole body heat up. He pulled at his tie and undid the first two buttons on his shirt, he licked his lips and comfortingly said, “Baby don’t be anxious, we intend to release the commercial in the European and American markets. When they air in Europe and the United States, we’ll pay you.”

“How long will it take to market it in Europe and the U.S?” Zhou Yun Sheng patiently questioned. This was, after all, his hard-earned money, how could he just let it go.

“I don’t know yet, wait and see. Honey, your account should be almost empty, right? I heard that every day in the school cafeteria, you only eat egg-drop soup and veggies. Baby, you have to take better care of yourself. Come to me, I’ll take you to dinner. After dinner, you can have a sweet silk lollipop.”

The man deliberately lowered his voice on the last sentence, leaving an ambiguous taste. It provoked Zhou Yun Sheng’s lust and anger.

“You can go to hell!” He hung up the phone and grinded his teeth.

“What a big temper.” Cao Mo Kun looked at his phone’s screensaver, it was a pic of the young man’s misty-eyed drunk look, he chuckled into the empty office.


When the teenager returned to his seat at the dinning table, his cheeks were flushed and his eyes were bright. His lips were pouting in anger, it was very cute. Ji Han Yu couldn’t help but repeatedly glance at him, he had to fight the urge not to ask him what’s wrong.

Because of his pretend bankruptcy, the past Lin Chengze’s attitude towards Ji Han Yu had had changed, although he never treated him badly, he had obviously lost interest in pleasing him. If it was someone else in his body, who also knew how the plot would unfold, they would certainly try to appease Ji Han Yu so they could reverse the situation. But Zhou Yun Sheng was not that type of person.

He never liked to pander to others, he only focused on improving himself.

While the two people were lost in their thoughts, Fang Youran finished dinner. Only God knew how that guy with 4 dozen jobs still found time to cook all the meals.
“The dishes will be a little scarce today, wait a few days for my paycheck to come in, I’ll buy a whole chicken to bake.” He smiled as he scoped the two some rice, his strong optimistic attitude endlessly touched Ji Han Yu. He was anxious to tell him that he didn’t need to work anymore, that he could support him.

But the plot against Lin Chengze had not yet reached its climax, he had to hold back.

The three people quietly ate their rice, Fang You took out a passbook from his pocket and handed it over, “Han Yu, this is the money I saved from work, you have to use it. Didn’t you say that someone else could take away the factory if you didn’t quickly invest in it?”

Ji Han Yu froze for a few seconds before reaching for the passbook. He looked at the lowly number, an amount he normally wouldn’t glance twice at, and his eyes quietly reddened. To meet someone who would stick with him through thick and thin, who would never abandon him when he was helpless- that was the type of love he always yearned for, and now, he finally found it.

Zhou Yun Sheng glanced at the passbook, he faintly opened, “What use could twenty thousand be? You should take it back, use it for yourself.”

The two’s deep atmosphere was interrupted by his cold words. Their diametrically opposed attitudes made Ji Han Yu’s deep anger at Lin Chengze grow deeper, while his love for Fang Youran concentrated. But he wouldn’t behave maliciously to Lin Chengze in front of Fang Youran, instead he echoed, “Ah, he’s right. This little amount wouldn’t be useful, take it back, I’ll find another way.”

Fang Youran firmly refused, the two pushed the book back and forth, until Ji Han Yu provocatively caressed his palm, then he compromised, face blushing. He kept his head down and didn’t dare look at Chengze.

Zhou Yun Sheng thought they had nothing more to say and was walking towards his room when he heard Fang Youran hesitantly open, “Lin Ze…. why don’t you put the house up for mortgage? This could certainly help Han Yu.”

Care to repeat that? Zhou Yun Sheng almost wanted to dig out his own ears. This house was Lin Chengze’s, Fang Youran was just his roommate, what qualifications did he have to say these words? Holy Mother of God, did you not tell anyone you gave birth to this fucking saint?!
Fang Youran couldn’t lift his head under his sharp look, Ji Han Yu immediately blocked his beloved person from his line of sight and echoed, “Yes ah, Lin Ze, you can mortgage the house to the bank to help me get a loan for my factory. I’ll immediately pay you back as soon as my factory goes into production.”

He knew that Lin Chengze would never agree, he just wanted to embarrass him. Playing with Lin Chengze had become the source of fun in his life.

“Sorry, this house can’t be mortgaged.” Zhou Yun Sheng looked back and forth between the two people, he enunciated each word, “You both know that this is the only relic my parents left me, so, I will not risk it. If you are short on money, I will think of a way, so don’t worry anymore. I’m tired, I’m going to sleep.”

He watched the two men till they nodded, then he slammed the door as he left. Ji Han Yu thought his ‘think of a way’ was just a bluff, he gave a mocking smile after he left.

In the final analysis, Lin Chengze and Ji Han Yu’s dispute was basically between a King and his concubine. One wanted wealth and prestige, one wanted sex. The exchange was consensual and equal. What right did Han Yu have to take revenge against Lin Chengze? They’d both known what the relationship was, what right did he have to destroy Lin Chengze’s life?

Since he didn’t have enough sense to stop, Zhou Yun Sheng would let him profoundly understand what ‘true selfless love’ looked like, he’d never be able to get over it.

After laying out his plans, his lips hooked as he picked up his phone.

“Baby, have you figured it out?” Cao Mo Kun answered the phone instantly again.

“Yes, I’ve figured it out, what do you want to …”

He didn’t have a chance to finished before the man interrupted, “Baby come on over, we’ll talk in private. How could we possibly make this deal clear over the phone?”

“Well, where do you want to meet?” Zhou Yun Sheng’s tone was decadent, but his expression was a bit wicked, his shifted a lock of stray hair away from his forehead.

“In my private club, I’ll let the driver pick you up.”


Zhou Yun Sheng was preparing to hang up when the other end made a tough request, “Baby, don’t I get a goodbye kiss?”

Kiss your sister ah! Zhou Yun Sheng felt an incoming migraine, but he still printed a kiss against the microphone, a man’s happy laughter sounded in his ear.

When he finally hung up, Zhou Yun Sheng casually picked out a white turtle neck sweater, covered with a down jacket, grabbed his phone and keys and headed out.

No one was in the living room, Fang Youran was in his bedroom and Ji Han Yu had followed him in, he didn’t know or care what they were doing inside.