Wuxiaworld > Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil > Chapter 38
Zhou Yun Sheng turned a deaf ear to Orlando’s loud rambling. He saw a perfume mist floating in the air and reached out to it, then brought his palm to his nose to sniff. He seemed to enjoy the smell and gave a lazy smile. Then he grabbed a handful of slightly wilting petals and squeezed, he opened his mouth and stuck out the tip of his tongue to lick and suck at the bright red juice on his fingers.

Whenever he was drunk he always felt thirsty.

The drunk elfin teenager and the perfume mist mixed together, with his body covered with bright red flowers and petals, it made a very beautiful yet sweetly corrupting, seductive scene.

The cameraman was sweating, his face flushed, he was barely able to withstand the young boy’s visual impact, but he had to stand tough and continue to shoot.

The director had forgotten to call the shots and the staff had forgotten their destinations. All of them were staring, stupefied, at the young man, but Orlando was still muttering, “This shot can’t be left out…OK, ah, close up on the juice as he licks…. ah but also take a close up on his face, close up on his eyes…. and feet, his feet must also be shown… ah! His round pink toes are too cute!”

“Orlando, shut up!” Cao Mo Kun snuffed out his cigarette and intolerably shouted, his voice sounded very uneven and hoarse.

Orlando immediately mined a zipper pulling action against his lips.

Zhou Yun Sheng rolled back and forth on the petals for several laps, his head was almost spinning when he heard the director finally call card, “Take a break, wait a moment as we adjust the equipment.”

He sighed in relief, then brushed his hair away from his red eyes.

“Lin Chengze.” A low, hoarse voice came from behind.

“Cao Shushu.” Zhou Yun Sheng respectfully greeted.

Cao Mo Kun apparently didn’t expect him to address him like this, his smile stagnated for a moment, but he didn’t say anything about it, he just helped rub off the flower juice on young man’s lips with a handkerchief and strolled away.

His assistant looked at Meilian and said “After the shooting ends there’s a dinner. Please make sure to attend. We’re leaving first, see you later.”

Yu Meilian nodded, her face pale. Now they were standing in the middle of his territory, and also working for him, even if they didn’t want to go to this dinner, they still had to.

“Lin Ze, be careful later, don’t drink too much.”

“I know sister, I have some common sense.” Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t mind. He had long known that he would encounter such a thing if he involved himself in the entertainment industry, but he had the ability to protect himself, so he didn’t worry about it too much.

“If you really cannot resist him, try to get some benefits out of it. You’ve heard of Cao Mo Kun, right? People call him the big white shark for a reason. But if you can please him, the benefits are obvious. He can guarantee your future in the shortest time. Zhang Yijia was only with him for less than a month, and now he’s on top of the world. I’m not trying to make you jump into the fire pit, but this situation is above us. Follow him and you only have to suffer for a few months, don’t, and you suffer for a lifetime.” Yu Meilian advised with a tangled look.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, he heard her concerns but they didn’t enter his heart.

After a few more close-ups, the hot shooting finally ended. The cameraman quickly took out a napkin to wipe his sweat, his eyes dodging the young man’s body. He could guarantee that, as long as the commercial was allowed to broadcast, everyone would clamor to indulge in this beautiful, gluttonous feast.

The whole film did not focus on the perfume, but you could still smell an irresistible scent. He had to admit that even though Orlando’s aesthetic seemed beyond the limits of mankind, it was worth the search.

Zhou Yun Sheng took a shower, put on his white shirt and down jacket, and walked with Yu Meilian to the elevator. When they arrived, they saw Cao Mo Kun’s expressionless assistant waiting.

The assistant took the two people to the top club, Cao Mo Kun and a few men were sitting around a table, there were accompanied by several popular stars.

“Baby, you’re here.” Cao Mo Kun stretched out his arm to pull the young man to the seat at his side.

Zhou Yun Sheng stared at a him with his peach eyes, as if to ask, “When did I become your baby?”

Cao Mo Kun loved the feeling of intimacy from talking with their eyes. He pointed to the men and introduced them one by one. Some of these people were high-level AYA directors, some were Cao’s group partners, there were a few of the top domestic production companies’ CEOs.

Yu Meilian’s fear and trepidation dissipated as he pulled Zhou Yun Sheng to greet the crowd, she’d gotten over her previous tangled feelings. She’d realized how Zhang Yijia shot through stardom like a rocket, he was under the care of these wealthy businessmen. The people here were business giants, the kinds that were hard to get noticed by even if you offered to sell yourself to them.

Zhou Yun Sheng knew that his life was not yet on the right track, he couldn’t fall in with Cao Mo Kun’s crowd even if he wanted to. He endured silently, greeted the crowd and drank a cup to show respect.

Cao Mo Kun was very satisfied with his mature reactions, he pulled him into his arms and kissed his forehead. Then he brought a bowl of soup to him and gently said, “You’re too thin, you should eat more nutritious stuff. What do you like? Just tell the waiter, don’t be nervous. I have some business to talk about, don’t worry about me.”

The past Lin Chengze was very attentive, as long as Cao Mo Kun liked a dish he would helpfully drop some into his bowl. Cao Mo’s last sentence was concerning his past behavior.

But the current Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t care if he starved to death in front of him. He quietly ate and thought of ways to deal with this self-righteous white shark.

Although it was called a dinner, Cao Mo didn’t even touch a grain of rice, he just talked about business and even made the men give their business cards to Yu Meilian as they left, his intention to hold onto and nurture Lin Chengze was very clear.

Networking was a broker’s largest capital. With these contacts, Wu Tao was outclassed, he wouldn’t even be worthy to clean her shoes! Yu Meilian’s face reddened in excitement, she carefully received the business cards, saw the big boss impatiently wave her away and quickly fled without a look back. Heartlessly selling her artist to his fate.

“Is the food good? I can have them prepare some more.” Cao Mo Kun had his arm around the boy, his tone intimate.

“No, I’m full.” Zhou Yun Sheng put down his chopsticks and was preparing to wipe his mouth, when Cao Mo Kun stretched over with a napkin and carefully wiped it for him.

“Okay, if you’re done we can go.” Cao Mo Kun matter of coursely pulled his hands to leave.

“Cao Shushu, what do you mean?” Zhou Yun Sheng sat still and refused to get up, he tried to break the other’s clamp, but actually found himself helpless against his grip.

That’s impossible! After he transformed his body, whether it was strength or speed, he was far beyond normal. He should be the strongest person in the world, how could this happen?

Because of this discovery, Zhou Yun Sheng finally felt some rising panic.

Cao Mo Kun hooked his lips and laughed, “I didn’t think you’d have such strength in that little body.” He wanted to hug the young man more and more, he sat back down and smiled, “Anyway, didn’t you come here to follow me? You want to seduce me, so I’ll let you seduce me. You want to be rich and famous, so I’ll make you rich and famous, what are you unhappy with?”

“I tried to seduce you because I needed money, but now I have the ad, I have funds again.” Since he couldn’t resist with force, Zhou Yun Sheng had to show some weakness, he blinked his pair of watery peach eyes and showed a pitiful expression.

Cao Mo Kun’s eyes deepened, he pulled him onto his lap, biting his ears as he whispered, “I know you got close to me for money, but can’t you still love me? You have to think ahead, 500,000 could buy you a few sets of clothes and bags at the most, where do you go from there? If you stay with me, I’ll get you whatever you want.” After speaking, he eagerly bit down on the young man’s earlobe, nibbling with his teeth, then he inched his tongue out to explore, licking around his ear.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s body felt soft, he gulped down big breaths of fresh air, trying to restore his sanity, but the strong masculine atmosphere was making him more and more addicted. These arms were too familiar, even if his soul couldn’t tell, his body was instinctually welcoming him.

However, under his panic, Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t notice the familiarity.

Cao Mo Kun had just wanted to tease him a bit, but when he started he actually couldn’t stop. The young man’s skin was too white, too soft, too bouncy, and textured like solid milk. He really wanted to lick his whole body to see if it would taste like sweet milk.

“Baby, look at you, you’re all red.” He unzipped the young man’s jeans, slipped his big palm in and squeezed lightly. He laughed, “Okay, no more tricks. How much do you want?”

“I don’t want money, I won’t go with you, I have a boyfriend!” Zhou Yun Sheng breathlessly refused.

“Boyfriend? Han Yu? Don’t be ridiculous, baby, aren’t you also with him for his money? Now that his family is bankrupt, he can’t give you anything. Don’t tell me that you love him more than money.” Cao Mo Kun laughed at this, to him, choosing love over money was ridiculous.

“Of course I love money, who can honestly say they don’t want money? I got close to you because I urgently needed money. If I didn’t need it, I wouldn’t have betrayed Han Yu. You’re right, I love him more than I love money.” Zhou Yun Sheng gasped out, almost crying, his tears were hanging on his eyelashes, refusing to fall, he looked extremely lovely.

Cao Mo Kun kissed away his crystal tears, he pressed his hips down against him and said, panting, “Right, you love him. I don’t want you to leave him. Stay with me for three months, then I’ll set you free, and give you a lot of money. I’ll ensure that Ji Han Yu never finds out. Are you satisfied?”

“No, that’s not the problem! I don’t want your money anymore! Cao Shushu please let me go, molesting minors is a serious felony, I’ll report you!” Zhou Yun Sheng struggled fiercely.

Cao Mo Kun lost his grip on him and had to let go. Although he had lots of ways to evade the law, forcing others to his bed was not his style, it was very disdainful.

“Okay you can leave, I’ll give you a few days to consider.” He finally combed his messy hair back, and lit a cigar. His deep eyes were full of mockery, “When you hang someone’s appetite you also have to know the limit, you can come after me again, but it’ll cost you.” Even after considering it, he still couldn’t believe the boy’s so-called true love speech.

Hang your sister’s appetite! Zhou Yun Sheng fiercely glared at him, then he picked up his down jacket and quickly left.

“You look even more beautiful when you’re angry.” Cao Mo Kun spit out a stream of smoke, the stiffness between his legs violently twitched a bit, stimulated by the young man’s bright angry eyes.