Wuxiaworld > Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil > Chapter 37
The door to the sitting room finally opened. Yu Meilian couldn’t wait to question him. Wu Tao and Boa also hadn’t left and were waiting not far away.

“How was it?”

“I got it, three days later I have to come to shoot the ad. Sister, help me negotiate a good price, I urgently need some funds.” Zhou Yun Sheng folded his flower juice stained handkerchief into his pocket.

“Don’t worry, even if you are new, AYA has deep pockets, you won’t be stiffed.” Yu Meilian assured.

Zhou Yun Sheng patted her shoulder, “Then I’ll leave all the details to elder sister. I have to go to class, laters.” He walked past the complex looking Wu Tao and the red eyed Boa, nodded slightly, then gave them a gorgeous smile.

Three days soon passed, during which Meilian called and told him that AYA’s advertising fee was five hundred thousand. For a newcomer, this was an astronomical price, so she agreed without telling him.

To a newcomer, an ad can pay up to hundreds of thousands in income and as little as tens of thousands. Only a real first-class superstar could do an ad that paid tens of millions. Zhou Yun Sheng knew the market, he expressed sincere thanks for Yu Meilian’s efforts.

It was early in the morning when he opened the door to the dining room, while putting on a shirt.

The young man’s skin was like milk, white and creamy. In the orange light, his hair shined a slight glow; His hair was uncombed, he’d only ruffled it with his fingers, it was messy but sexy; His pair of peach eyes had a layer of mist because he’d just woken up. His naïve-like look was pure and cute.

His body was very thin, so his unbuttoned shirt revealed a slice of a flexible and powerful waist, with a neat arrangement of abdominal muscles. The top of the shirt revealed a beautiful collarbone.

He yawned. His peach eyes squeezed out two drops of tears, but they didn’t fall down his cheeks, but hanged onto his thick eyelashes. When he arrived at the table, his right hand held his cheek, his left hand held his spoon. He absentmindedly stirred the hot porridge, the white steam blurred his facial features, but the lazy action was very moving.

A loud banging noise disturbed his leisure. He looked at the boy standing opposite him and raised his eyebrows. He saw Ji Han Yu’s face flushed while he avoided the spilled porridge.

“Don’t move around, how can such a big man drop his bowl? What’s wrong?” Fang Youran ran out from the kitchen with a rag.

“‘I, I just miss my family.” Ji Han Yu hesitated, at the same time he quickly glanced at Lin Chengze, who was focused on his porridge. Even if he hated Lin Chengze, he also had to admit that the boy’s appearance was perfect. While he hasn’t seen him the past few days, his facial features seemed to have opened up a little, his gestures were missing his past frivolous debauchery, but were replaced with a lazy elegance. Like a resting Persian cat lying in the sun, squinting at him. It made him feel an intolerable itchiness in his heart.

When Fang Youran heard him, his heart pinched. He quietly picked up the broken pieces of porcelain, while wiping up the spilled porridge, he gently spoke, “Try not to think about your home problems. You’re a third year, school will be more stressful.”
Ji Han Yu nodded, he looked towards Lin Chengze but heard no comforting words. His strange, abrupt, bout of obsession dissipated in dissatisfaction, replaced with contempt and anger.

Lin Chengze had dropped his gaze, deliberately ignoring the ambiguous atmosphere between the two protagonists, while finishing up his porridge, he slowly opened, “Please help me take a few days off, I have something to do.”

“You have something to do? What are you doing? Did you forget the college exams are in June next year?” Ji Han Yu unprecedentedly questioned.

“I said I have something to do, so I have something to do. Don’t pester so much.” Lin Chengze threw away the spoon and wiped his mouth. He left the dining room to pick up his ringing phone, then left the apartment.
Ji Han Yu went to the window and looked down. He couldn’t help but sneer when he saw him enter an Audi Q7: A slut is always a slut; the more beautiful they look, the cheaper they are. He looked back at the boy who was diligently cleaning up the breakfast plates and regained his mental balance. That twisted moment of attraction to Lin was pushed out of his mind.


Zhou Yun Sheng and Yu Meilian went to the AYA Division. The staff had set up a studio, lights and cameras in place, waiting for the shooting to begin.

“Mr. Orlando, did you forget to give us the script?” Yu jumped and tried to get the attention of the blonde foreigner.
“Oh, my little fairy has finally arrived, fast, fast get dressed.” Orlando automatically ignored Yu Meilian, and directed a sunny smile to the young man.

Your sister’s a fairy! Zhou Yun Sheng cursed in his heart, but his face wore a gorgeous smile. He nodded and followed the stylist.

Meilian tugged at Orlando’s shirt and politely asked “Mr. Orlando, you forgot the script. If there is no script, how can we shoot?”

“Ah, I forget to tell you, this advertisement has no script. When the little fairy comes back out, we’ll directly begin.” He raised a finger and stroked his facial hair. A tall figure appeared in the doorway, when he noticed him, he quickly paced over to greet him.

Yu Meilian also turned around to look, then her already tight heart finally shattered. Shockingly, the tall figure turned out to be Cao Mo Kun. The Cao Mo Kun known for eating people and not leaving any bones. The white shark Cao Mo Kun. The Cao Mo Kun that could crush a first-class family just by waving his hand ah!

What’s he doing here?!

Yes, the man was an infamous lover of beauty, men and women, he took them all. As long as he fancies them, not many people could afford to turn him down. What if he saw Lin Chengze?

Yu Meilian turned back, her expression somewhat ugly. Most brokers have more or less done some form of pimping. They weren’t always willing to commit such acts, but the environment dictates it. If they turned down some of the more powerful people with no one to protect them, the price would be unimaginable. But Lin Chengze was still underage, and also an orphan, she really didn’t have the heart to bear it.

Yu Meilian didn’t even that consider Cao Mo Kun wouldn’t notice Lin Chengze. If someone saw Lin Chengze, but didn’t look twice, they were blind.

The ‘blind’ Ji Han Yu: ……

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t know that Yu Meilian had been caught in a moral tangle, he was too busy trying to pull up his jean’s zipper.

“Isn’t this too tight? I can barely walk.” He took a deep breath and sucked in his belly.

“It’s not tight, it’s just right.” The stylist eyed the young man’s abdominal muscles, mermaid line, upturned buttocks, and slender legs. He tugged at his jeans. As he talked a bit of saliva slipped out.
Zhou Yun Sheng’s mouth twitched, he asked, “My top?”

“No top, your upper body will be bare.”

“……Shoes?” Zhou Yun Sheng shook his bare feet.

“No shoes either.” The stylist struggled to move his eyes away and pushed him out, “Okay, time’s up. I need to get you out there or I’ll face the wrath of Orlando.”

“Ohmygod! Baby, you’re like a piece of just baked bread covered in divine cheese. I really want to eat you up!” Orlando covered his mouth and shouted through his fingers.

All the staff eagerly walked over, mixed within the bunch was a sharp, prickling gaze.

Zhou Yun Sheng eyes flashed as he followed the line of sight. Next to the director stood a very tall man, at least 190 cm, his fit and expensive suit wrapped his strong physique. His hair was completely combed back, exposing a chiseled handsome face. His narrow eyes squinted, his beautiful thin lips slightly rose into a smile, he looked charmingly evil.

Cao Mo Kun?

Zhou Yun Sheng dug out the man’s identity from the original’s memory, then indifferently recovered his line of sight. He looked to Orlando, “How can I shoot the ad? Sister said you didn’t give her a script.”

“Ah, no script needed, we will only shoot you. Any angle, any action, any expression of yours. Then we’ll pick all the most beautiful and most sexy shots to synthesize a lively ad. Honey, you just have to play around freely.” Orlando pushed the boy into the studio filled with a variety of petals.

Zhou Yun Sheng looked at the thick layer of petals under his feet, quite stunned. Modeling really is just a career to sell your looks huh?

Cao Mo Kun thought that when the young man saw him he would expose his usual shy, coy look. He didn’t expect him to just glance at him then look away, as if he didn’t know him.

He wants to be chased? Cao Mo Kun guessed, as he took a cigarette out from his pocket and lit it, severely sucking down a mouthful.

Zhou Yun Sheng walked a few laps on the petals, then waved to Orlando, “Could I have a bottle of red wine? I want to use it for something.”

“A beauty, red wine, flowers, perfume… … This combination is wonderful!” Orlando clapped his hands, his face intoxicated, his assistant quickly brought over a bottle of red wine.

Zhou Yun Sheng took a big gulp, then took a few more mouthfuls, some bright red liquid dripped down his delicate jaw to his slender neck, then to his sexy collarbone, down his flat stomach … … He put down the bottle, his cheeks glowed with a flush, his peach blossom eyes glittered, he looked slightly drunk and extremely sultry.

There was a sound of swallowing saliva in the studio.

Orlando removed the bottle and waved, “Did you find the feeling for it? If you have, we can start the shooting.” He turned the bottle around and gave it an indirect kiss.

Cao Mo Kun’s face turned cold when he saw this scene.

His assistant coughed and reminded, “Boss, please take a sit and watch, now while everyone is paying attention to Lin Chengze.” Otherwise, if anyone noticed, you’d be disgraced!

He didn’t dare to say the last sentence, he only stared blankly at his boss’ uplifted crotch.

Cao Mo Kun didn’t find it embarrassing. He strolled to the director’s side and sat down in a soft chair. His sharp gaze was firmly locked on the young man’s body.

Zhou Yun Sheng felt a little drunk, he gave the camera a wobbly smile, then laid down in the petals and gave a lazy yawn. The wine was too good, he was a little sleepy.

His body felt a bit cold, so he spread the petals onto his chest, and closed his eyes to sleep. Then he remembered that he was now supposed to be filming, and reluctantly opened his eyes. He turned his body to face the camera, placed his cheek on his palm and gave a pure smile. His misty eyes were intoxicating.

“Ah, this smile is great, we have to keep it in!” Orlando excitedly shouted.