Wuxiaworld > Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil > Chapter 36
They went to AYA’s C country branch, the reception staff checked the list and took them into the sitting room.

“Yu Meilian, what are you doing here? Didn’t Anne lose the selection?” A man wandering in the corridor asked in astonishment.

“Anne lost but Chengze was picked. Chengze, this is Wu Tao. He is one of our company’s gold brokers.” Yu Meilian waved.

Wu Tao was still wondering who Chengze was, when he saw a young man appear out from behind Yu Meilian’s body. His slightly curved eyes flashed a moving look, his bright red lips had a tempting curvature. His appearance made all the people waiting in the corridor feel down. Everyone secretly looked at him, their hearts emerged the same idea – No doubt, AYA’s draft specs were simply tailored for him.

“What’s his full name? Where did you get him?” Wu Tao Qiang calmed down and quickly surveyed his own artist. He felt that her quality was ultra-high, but now she was suddenly not pleasing to the eye, like typical goods that can be thrown away, comparing them was redundant!

“He was Simon’s artist.” Yu Meilian found a position for the young man to sit down, then turned her head to give Wu Tao a proud smile.

“Impossible, how could I have not seen him!” Wu Tao’s face was somewhat ugly. Because he had the highest qualifications, he got first pick of all the most potential artists, the rest were turned over to Yu Meilian and the other brokers.

“I guess he was a killer, so Simon hid his data. When we picked the rest of the records, he was randomly assigned to my name. His luck was also good, while walking in the streets, an AYA high-level representative saw him and recommended the interview.” Yu Meilian chuckled, she happily appreciated Wu Tao’s sour face.

While the two brokers were one-upping each other, Zhou Yun Sheng was wearing headphones, quietly listening to music.

The artist Wu Tao brought was Boa, a member of an idol group. Because her looks very delicate, her popularity was high. She’d looked left and looked right, saw that quality of the crowd was less than her, then her face had showed a haughty look. But now, seeing Lin Chengze, her confidence dwindled. She quickly moved several positions away from him, afraid that siting near him would make her look like mud.

The candidates in the sitting room went in one by one, and one by one they were thrown out.

AYA’s chief designer, also this perfume’s designer, Orlando, waved them away with a look of despair, “Your skin is not smooth or delicate, get out!”

“You dare to come in with this kind of look? Confidence is a good thing, self-confidence is a bad thing, get out!”

“How old are you? 15? Are you sure you’re not 35? Those eye bags are hanging all the way to your nose, get out!”

“I said be mature and charming yet pure and tender, what is this? I can’t tell whether she’s an artist or a prostitute! Vulgar, too vulgar! Out, out, out … …”

Orlando threw dozens of them out in a row, leaning on his forehead, feeling that he was going crazy.

The staff who arranged for the draft also felt he was crazy. Mature and charming yet pure and tender. What kind of fairy was that? Even if my English level was at a primary school level, I’ll still know that the meaning of these words conflicted each other, right? Even if someone had such a diametrically opposed and contradictory temperament, what if they didn’t know about this draft? And what are the chances they’d meet the look requirement? Isn’t your aesthetic beyond the limits of mankind?

Orlando couldn’t hear the staff’s whispers, he still continued to inspect the people, then kick them out. Wu Tao’s artist finally brought some light into his eyes, his eyes slightly flashed with anticipation, he waved her over, “Let me take a closer look.”

Boa felt relieved, she walked up with elegant, but slightly nervous steps.

Orlando touched the back of her hand, looked over it slowly, then pinched her chin and rotated her face. He nodded after a few minutes. “Your conditions are good, start the audition.”

Boa looked blankly at the pot of roses in the middle of an empty sitting room, she asked, “How do I audition? Do you have a theme?”

Orlando replied with rare patience, “There is no theme, you just have to go and smell the roses in the pot.”

Smell? Yes, this was a perfume ad, so to show the unique fragrance, after smelling, you naturally had to look intoxicated, yet also show your most beautiful side, to make people feel like you belonged with the flowers.

Boa consciously found her inspiration, like a naive little girl she bounced around, as if she was in a magnificent garden enjoy playtime. Suddenly, she was attracted to a splendid rose, her face showed a marvelous expression. She slowly approached, her light footsteps were soothing, as if she was afraid the petals would fly away like butterflies. When she was finally in front of the flowers, she bent over in a stately bow, eyes closed, expression intoxicated. Her exquisite face flanked the fire red roses and complimented each other.

The staff showed a satisfactory smile, then they looked expectantly at Orlando.

“Out! You wasted my time!” Orlando breathtakingly opened.

Boa was shocked, she blinked her pair of apricot eyes pitifully at him.

“You didn’t hear? Get out!” Orlando didn’t know the meaning of tenderness, he rolled the list of candidates into a paper tube and slapped it against the tabletop, his eyes were about to spray out fire.

Boa was shamed to death, clutching her face, she ran out.

The director responsible for shooting the ad couldn’t stand it anymore, he tried to persuade, “Orlando, that little girl was actually very good, she fully expressed the feeling you wanted. I read her information, she has the best conditions, without her, you may not be able to shoot.”

“I’ll rather not have a model for this ad than have a fraud. This fragrance is called “Extravagant”, in your C country’s ancient history, extravagant and rotten had the same meaning. I want beautiful, beauty of luxury, beauty to the extreme, beauty till rot. Flowers exude the most attractive and most intense fragrance only in full bloom and rot. I want to find such a beauty, beautiful to the extreme, beautiful and rotten, but still like a bud -full of life. Only such a beauty is worthy of my perfume, understand?”

The Director and staff nodded again and again, suppressed by Orlando’s language attainments, but they invariably thought: Are you sure your description is of a person and not a fairy? You might as well find a special effects company to shoot a 3D animated version of the ad. It’d at least be more plausible and faster.

Orlando shouted, “Next one in!”

Zhou Yun Sheng’s shoulder was pushed by Meilian, he removed his headset and slowly walked in.

“Hello, I’m Huayu Company’s artist, Lin Chengze, 17 years old this year, height 176 cm, weight 53 kg … …”

Orlando couldn’t wait for his introduction to finish, he impatiently waved him over, “Come over, my God, I’ve been waiting for you!”

Zhou Yun Sheng walked over, his peach eyes flashing a clever light.

Orlando had wanted to grab his jaw. His fingertips had just touched his white and tender skin when he paused, then he carefully touched and pinched. His eyes were like a searchlight, he observed for several minutes.

“Your condition is good, start the audition.” He pointed to the rose pot.

The Director and other staff had to admit that the young man’s looks were far above Boa, he was even better than the popular C country star, Zhang Yijia. In a few years, when his facial features opened up, the child would definitely become a demon.

“Just smell the potted flowers?” Zhou Yun Sheng had long ago tapped into AYA’s monitoring system through his AI, he’d seen all of Boa’s audition and also heard Orlando’s fragrance speech.

Extravagant, this can be a sexual word … … Zhou Yun Sheng thought as he walked over.

His gait was very elegant, leisurely and casual, as if the garden wasn’t worth his attention. He stopped in front of the roses and slightly squinted his eyes. His white tender fingertips gently fiddled with the petals, fondling the flowers. But his eyes were cold and still, showing the others that he was not a naïve child.

When he was pleased with his fiddling he turned to leave, but the thorns on the stem pierced his fingertips, a bead of red blood slowly seeped out. He stared at the blood, then seemed to find it very interesting, his dark eyes finally showed a trace of a smile. Then his fingers suddenly closed into a fist, crushing the fire red blooming rose.

The red blood on his fingers and the red flower juice blended together. He smiled deeper and thicker, raised his hand, and brought it to his nose to sniff. His closed eye, intoxicated look revealed a bit of morbid madness. His cheeks were stained with drops of juice. He opened his eyes and stuck out the tip of his pink tongue, his peach eyes covered with a layer of ambiguous mist … …

The young man’s face was a bit pure, yet sexy, his gestures all exuded a tempting atmosphere. It was a burst of beauty, beauty of luxury. Even far away, you could smell a sweet yet rotten aroma.

Orlando swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The rest of the staff were also long drunk, cheeks red, expressions in a trance.

“I see, ah, Lin Chengze, Huayu Company’s artist. Ok, ok, three days later we’ll shoot the advertisement, remember to keep up your skin.” Orlando made a direct decision, then turned around to pat at his frenzied heart.

Lin Chengze smiled and nodded, threw the petals in the trash, then took out a handkerchief to slowly wipe at the flower juice on his hand. He felt a hot gaze rub over his body and frowned. He looked toward the door.

But there was no one there.


Cao Mo Kun was taking the elevator to the top floor. AYA was Cao’s industry, he happened to be visiting the office today.

“That man looks familiar?” His expression was lazy, tone leisurely, but his crotch was already an erected giant, betraying his real agitated mood.

“He is Ji Shao’s classmate, called Lin Chengze. We also ate several meals with him.” His assistant reminded.

Cao Mo Kun recalled him after a moment of pondering, his tone was a little stunned, “That kid who was trying to seduce me? Are you sure?” He would’ve never linked that vulgar teenager and the attractive fairy he just saw together.

“Definitely.” The assistant carefully thought, he was practically sure yet he still nodded with some hesitation.

Cao Mo Kun blinked for a moment, then smiled. “If he came to seduce me again, I’d gladly welcome it.”

The assistant was familiar with his boss’ integrity, or lack thereof. He was silent for a moment before saying, “Boss… he is Ji Shao’s boyfriend…aren’t you worried about the effect it’d have on your nephew?”

“That kind of person, how can Han Yu hold on to him for long? Sooner or later, wouldn’t he fly away? But fine, I’ll just play, they won’t have to break up. When I’m bored I’ll give him some money to seal things up, Ji Han Yu won’t know.” Cao Mo Kun, annoyed, waved away his concerns.