Wuxiaworld > Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil > Chapter 35
After dinner, Fang Youran went into the kitchen to wash dishes, Ji Han Yu was lying on the sofa watching TV.

Zhou Yun Sheng sat down beside him and whispered, “Why don’t you ask your uncle if you’re short on money? Cao has plenty of money.”

Ji Han Yu was obviously very disgusted hearing the word ‘money’ come out of his mouth, he looked a little impatient, “Money that’s not mine, it’s my uncle’s. Besides, don’t you know? Although my mother is surnamed Cao, she’s an illegitimate daughter. Visiting home always made my grandmother angry to the extreme, it’d be strange if my uncle helps us.”

“Ah really, but he seems to pity you, doesn’t he always ask you out to eat dinner?” Zhou Yun Sheng persistently asked.

“When did he look like he pitied me? Those dinners are just a chance to appreciate me and my mother’s miserable looks. The whole family is in his hand, he doesn’t care about our life and death. If I was not afraid of offending him, do you think I’ll go to his dinners? All right, stop asking, it’s annoying!” Ji Han Yu threw him a sharp look.

Zhou Yun Sheng was silent, then he went back to his room and locked the door.

Although Ji Han Yu was now Lin Chengze’s boyfriend in name, but because Lin Chengze was well versed in the art of seduction, they have not had sex yet. Ji Han Yu originally moved into his house to undermine him in bed, but he discovered his soul mate, Fang Youran, in Lin’s house. Since then, he always took the initiative to sleep on the sofa.

For Zhou Yun Sheng, this was a great fortune. Ji Han Yu, the no hair on his chest rebellious teen, was not his type.

With a bank account worth only two hundred, the current Lin Chengze and Ji Han Yu actually relied on Fang Youran’s paycheck to support them. As he was in Lin Chengze’s body, Zhou Yun Sheng was inevitably infected with the bad habit of enjoying luxury, it was simply unbearable to not have money to spend freely.

“All right, I have to hurry to find a quick and fast job.” Zhou Yun Sheng said while opening his computer, his fingertips flew over the keyboard, filtering useful information.

Lin Chengze had no diploma or experience, looking for a high-end job was out of the question. Fortunately, his face was extraordinary, so he could always sell a smile or something. Zhou Yun Sheng cracked his neck while invading some major entertainment companies’ official websites, when he found something that looked solid, his fingertips paused.

The screen fixed, on it was AYA Company’s official website draft information post. AYA was the world’s largest luxury goods sales company, including brand name bags, watches, custom-made clothes, perfume, luxury cars and other cutting-edge products.

Having an AYA luxury was a symbol of identity and status, every time it launched a new product, the whole fashion circle vibrated.

This time, AYA was launching a perfume to seize C country’s perfume market, so they needed to select a model from C country to shoot a series of ads. The requirements for the models were very unique: 1. Be beautiful, and a really great beauty at that, both men and women; 2. Be young, preferably between 15 to 18 years old; 3. Height of at least 175 cm or more, the skin must also be good and natural, no make-up; 4. Temperament must be unique, both pure and tender, but also charming and mature.

With these four conditions, you could simply screen out 80% or 90% of the entertainment circle.

Zhou Yun Sheng propped his head on his palm, his lips slowly rose. Lin Chengze was 176 cm, as for his skin, Zhou Yun Sheng can adjust his physical data to give his body the best skin. Lin Chengze was also 17 years old. The first and second were already done, and after adjustment both his looks and skin were flawless, so the third was also consistent.

As for the fourth, for others it was the weakest link, but for Zhou Yun Sheng, the thousands of reincarnations old immortal, it was a piece of cake. Mature, charming, pure, tender, gentle, violent, evil, decent … … If you could think of it, he could act it out.

Since all the conditions were met, this was the one he’d take. Zhou Yun Sheng stroked his jaw and planned how to get into the draft.

He hacked into an entertainment company’s official website, then used his superb skills to create an artist identity for himself and linked it to a broker’s name. As he had to participate in the college entrance examination in June next year, he signed a contract that expired in April. Then he hacked into AYA’s official website and added his name into the list of candidates.

After all this, he picked up the phone to contact his newly appointed agent.

“Hey, this is Yu Meilian, who are you?” The woman ignited a cigarette and slid it into her mouth while she lazily and casually asked.

“Yu sister hello, I’m Lin Chengze. I was originally Simon’s artist, but I’m now under your name. I was transferred a while ago but I’m only contacting you now. I’m so embarrassed.” Lin Chengze’s voice was clear and mild, it was enjoyable to hear.

Yu Meilian wrinkled her brow then loosened it, she recalled all the artists under Simon, how come she never heard of a Lin Chengze? Simon died a few months ago in a car accident, Yu Meilian and several other brokers carved up his most promising artists. Since Lin Chengze didn’t impress in her mind, he should not be that outstanding.

Thinking of this, Yu Meilian’s interest dimmed. A good voice was useful, but it was not enough to survive ah, in the entertainment circle, looks were the bread and butter.

She was ready to give a few perfunctory words and hang up the phone when the other end gave her explosive news.

“Elder sister, I was selected by AYA to attend tomorrow’s interview, could you come and pick me up?”

“Wait, wait, are you sure it was AYA?” Yu Meilian’s cigarette fell out of her mouth, it almost burned a hole in her skirt. She jumped to pat at herself while she hurriedly asked.

AYA was the most luxurious of luxury brands, every spokesman for their products were the largest and most influential international superstars. They were finally picking a new model, which entertainment company didn’t have their eye on the spots? Everyone wanted to squeeze into the interview list.

Yu Meilian had resorted to all the stops to bring one of her artists into the interview, but she was ultimately rejected and her rival was lucky enough to get a quota.

Yu Meilian was ecstatic, a meat pie had actually fell from the sky and landed in her lap.

She clenched the phone and tentatively asked, “How did you get this quota? Who managed you?”

“No one managed me. I was walking in the street when I met a foreigner named Bonnie. He stuffed me a business card and said for me to participate in the AYA interview. I didn’t believe it before, but I just saw the list of candidates AYA announced, that’s why I called you.”
Zhou Yun Sheng’s voice was very nervous, but his expression was lazy and leisurely, there was no one else in the room to give a full performance too.

“You wait there, I’ll take a look,” Yu Meilian endured her heart’s strong pumping to open AYA’s official website. Sure enough, Lin Chengze’s name was on the list, her heart stopped for a moment, then she quickly opened the company’s profiles to access his artist data.

Lin Chengze’s extravagant face vividly popped out, freezing her in her seat.

Wow, such a stunner, how did she miss him? Were her eyes blocked with feces? Fortunately, the leftover artists were randomly assigned throughout the company. To be assigned to her name really was a lucky break! If Lin Chengze cannot become popular, then God must have regretted giving him that face!

Yu Meilian took several deep breaths to make her voice sound calmer, “Ah, I see you on the list. Where do you live? I’ll pick you up at half past eight tomorrow.”

Zhou Yun Sheng reported an address, hung up the phone, rolled up in his quilt and settled down to sleep.


The next day, Zhou Yun Sheng was eating breakfast when he said to Ji Han Yu, “I won’t be in class for a while, help cover me for the holiday.”

Ji Han Yu didn’t ask him why, only nodded.

Zhou Yun Sheng looked at him and said in a gentle tone, “Don’t worry, although Ji Jia went bankrupt, we will certainly think of a way out.”

Ji Han Yu didn’t even look back at him, he just gave a perfunctory ‘ah’, but his heart ridiculed Lin Chengze. He obviously despised him to death, but still didn’t break up with him. Do you fancy my rich friends and want to climb on top? As long as you dare to step up, I will let you fall down to pieces!

Last night, Fang Youran was strongly kissed by Ji Han Yu, this morning he was absent-minded, he didn’t dare speak to Lin Chengze, so he also didn’t ask where he was going.

After breakfast, the two boys left for school, Zhou Yun Sheng went back to his room to change into a white shirt and light blue jeans. He was pushing his phone into his pocket when it rang, it was Yu Meilian.

“I’m here, come downstairs. It’s a black Audi car, license plate number xxxxx.”

Zhou Yun Sheng acknowledged her and leisurely took the elevator downstairs.

When he got in the car, Yu Meilian looked him up and down again, her eyes were proud, like she’d picked up a treasure.

“Stretch out your hand for me to feel, if your skin is not up to standard we might as well turn around now.” She blatantly whipped out her fingers to touch his delicate skin. She marveled.

“Bonnie also touched me, I mistook him for a pervert.” Zhou Yun Sheng’s cheeks slightly reddened, his extravagant beauty was more eye-catching.

Yu Meilian laughed, while driving she inquired, “What year are you in school?”

“High school Senior, in June I will take the college entrance examination.”

“Then what do you intend to do later? Your parents are dead, so you must have a job to feed yourself, right? I read your contract, it will expire at the end of April. God rewarded this face to you, if you don’t use it to eat, it is simply a waste. As long as you are willing to renew my contract, I promise to turn you into an international star. Look at you now, no diploma, no work experience, underaged, other companies will not want you ah! Not to mention, the money you can make will be less … …” Yu Meilian spared no effort to persuade him, for fear of losing the treasure that fell into her hands.

“My parents hoped that I’d go to a prestigious university, I always wanted to achieve their wishes.” Zhou Yun Sheng timely showed a sad look.

Yu Meilian was silent, after a moment she ridiculed, “So this is just a stepping stone? Do you think you will be able to succeed at it so easily?”

Zhou Yun Sheng gave her a sideways glance, his lips slightly raised.

Those confident eyes and his electric expression were too strong, Yu Meilian had to look away. She looked to the front in embarrassment, but her heart was satisfied.