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111 Jiang Ying Yue 7

"Your Highness, I implore you to not leave yet!" 

It was a gentle and melodious voice, which normally should have been drowned out by the countless people speaking simultaneously. But he could still hear it clearly.

"Your Highness, forgive my impudence. But please help us settle a dispute by being our witness!" 

Jiang Li turned his head to see a beautiful girl dressed in light blue squeezing through the crowd and going towards his direction. Because of her, people finally noticed his presence and started greeting him. The ones he assumed were on the side opposing hers also bowed. 

He nodded at them, however, deep inside he was cursing why he had to encounter someone troublesome just when he urgently needs to leave?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

It was the female lead, and there was an enchanting on her lips even though the drops of sweat on her forehead showed that she was currently feeling troubled. Behind her, her maids were battling their way to not be separated from their young miss.

Mao Hong, who was beside him, said, "Chen Wang, it's my fault. I just remember that Miss Sheng and the owner of the capital's biggest clothing business had a bet on which side could produce the best dress. They agreed to hold the contest at this place. It seems the two parties had the onlookers to vote. And now they're having a dispute about the result."

Jiang Li panted, "So this is why this place suddenly has so many people? And at this time even?"

A key memory flashed in his mind, surfacing late again.

Actually, at this point, the female lead was still deciding who to take as her male lead. Lu Ling, his current identity was one of the damn capturable targets. This was how he first encountered her. She probably staged this event so that no deviation would happen in the game plot. After all, in the original plot, the woman's first choice for her husband was him, Chen Wang. She fell for Hai Wang much later, when the villainess started attacking the empire with her witchcraft.

'Here I am, led here by the damn fate,' The man felt anger rising in his heart because this situation always happened whenever he was in a new world. 

Jiang Li glanced at the woman and her entourage. Sheng Lingxin's way of looking at him was quite odd. With longing... and desire. It seemed she really was the kind of woman who liked the general or martial artist prince type more than the scheming prince type. However, in his eyes, she was crazy since she was already engaged yet still daydreaming of a man not her betrothed. What the heck was with her?

Unnerved by her stare, he frowned then turned to Mao Hong, "You stay here."

"Eh?" The man accidentally pulled back on his horse's rein and dumbfoundedly blurted out. "Why do I stay here?"

Jiang Li replied with slight annoyance in his tone. "To deal with this issue, why else? Treat this as a small punishment for leading me to a clogged road when you know I'm in a hurry."

The matter about the bet entered Mao Hong's ears three days ago when he casually strolled the city with his brothers after returning from the frontiers. While it was his fault for treating it as a minor thing, plus staying here to act as a witness in behalf of the prince was not a big deal, why does he feel like Chen Wang had still changed and became a petty person?

"Your Highness?"

To the deputy general's surprise, his boss really left just like that, jumping off his horse all of the sudden and flying towards the roof. Not long after, he completely disappeared from everyone's sight. Mao Hong looked stunned for a while, not knowing what to do.

Sheng Lingxin, the female lead, was also just as dumbfounded.

'Wait... Did my future husband... leave just like that? Even if he is busy or has an urgent matter to attend to, this is our first event. He should still help me since that's what he did in the cut scene...'

In the game, he was the male consort she had poured so many resources and money into. Since she came to this world three months ago, she had always been looking forward to his return from the battlefield, enduring the pestering of Hai Wang and Rui Wang while also transforming herself into a girl the handsome and dreamy general would take interest in. But when she finally met him, this is how he treated her?

'How I do request for him to help me disentangle myself with that annoying Hai Wang?'

Questions flooded her short-circuited brain, deafening her and causing her not to hear the shouts from the surroundings and the ones she challenged.

The one who fled from the supposed intimacy raising event between him and the female lead snorted as he ran towards his destination. What a joke. If he stayed there, it meant the villainess would really fall to the plot's machinations. There was no way he would trade the time he could use to save Jiang Ying Yue with bonding with a person he neither knew nor had no significance to his mission.

As for how Mao Hong would resolve whatever their issue was, he could not be bothered to care.

Jiang Li arrived in front of the Jiang clan's huge gate a few minutes before the sun sets. His heart dropped seeing the place had no trace of that woman's figure, only some idle commoners and passersby gossiping loudly about the commotion earlier.

While clenching his knuckles, he resumed jumping from building to building. A few people noticed his red-clad figure running along the roofs but since all they could do was point fingers at him, he ignored them.

He went to the dark and usually deserted alley where Jiang Ying Yue was supposed to be kidnapped, but she was not there. He next stopped at the red light district, yet she was also not there. There was also no sign of her in the slums, not even her shadows. She was also nowhere near the city gate.

'... I'll seriously work on my information sources and channels after this.' With gritted teeth, he vowed. He looked for her at all the places she should be according to the memories but it seemed she was already not in the city.

He wondered how the heck did the woman, who was supposed to be dragged away from the gate on nightfall, disappear before the sun completely set. Which god manipulated the plot and had it speed up so he could not intervene on time?

He took a deep breath... Then realized not in all cases would doing this be effective in calming someone down.

Jiang was mad, so he almost emptied the gate of soldiers who were supposed to man or defend the eastern part of the city. Now, there were many people helping him locate the girl in the mountain. 

Yet even with that, since he had yet to see his mission target, he still could not calm down. After a couple of minutes spent on searching yet not finding her, he murmured to himself, "Fine. I'll go with the flow, let the fate win. As long as she's safe and not harmed, I won't care anymore if she ends up being an old hag's disciple."

He looked at the overturned carriage in front placidly, his mind no longer speculating how the hell the plot pushed forward an event that should have only happened twelve hours later. 

Jiang Li jumped down the small cliff on the left hidden by lush greeneries.

'In any case, who said I have to make a villainess turned into a good leaf to save her?'

While enjoying the freefall and the occasional sharp thistles and twigs cutting his skin, he added in his heart, 'Anyway, since I'm already here, then I shall just gladly take this chance to check if she's my Na Yu, and at the same time, learn witchcraft with her! The world better not stop me again, or else, I'll just intentionally fail my mission and have it be destroyed! Let's see who's crazier then!'