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Elder Zhong wasn't suspicious when the two brothers became talkative at a time like this and asked him questions out of the blue. Like how he had known them from they were little, Xiao Tianyao and Xiao Jun had known him for the same amount of time as well.

Elder Zhong was the chatter one among the four elders. They used it for their advantage.

As for the elder, no matter what he divulged, Xiao Tianyao and Xiao Jun would be dead in the end. So, it was a compromise from him.

Also, he didn't mind to have a little chit- chat with them. There was a time when he thought about Xiao Jun and Xiao Tianyao as his own, it was a pity that it was him who took their live.

"They are near…" Senja whispered again, only enough to be heard by the two of them. "They are almost here…"

"So, it is only you Elder Zhong? Or the two elder also betray me?" Xiao Jun once again glanced at Senja. Her expression was one who was waiting of something.

"You still don't know that I had killed them…" The elder shook his head regretfully while Xiao Jun's expression became hardened. "I poisoned them."

"They are here…" Senja said again, this time a little bit louder.

Like on cue, one of the soldiers rushed inside the palace hall and made a bee line toward the elder. Once he was in front of him, he was kneeling and bowed his head as he conveyed his report.

"There are many people barged into the city and kill our people, now they are already in the palace yard, your majesty please be ready for evacuation."

Upon hearing this report, Xiao Tianyao and Xiao Jun glanced at Senja with questioning look.

"How do you know?" It was Xiao Tianyao who voiced out what Xiao Jun wanted to ask as well.

Naturally, Senja felt the emotion around her when he caught another faint vigorous emotion, they were far, but they were moving toward them.

"I feel them." Senja said in the matter of fact tone.
"Who are they?"

Like answering Xiao Tianyao's question, suddenly a commotion broke at the outside of the palace hall as the clashing sword and shouting soldiers could be heard.

"Our reinforcement. Yun." Senja grinned at him.

Xiao Tianyao knew, he always could trust her. "I think this time you save us…" He said nonchalantly before he reciprocated her grin.

"Don't worry, I always got your back." Senja said smugly.
"What a snob…"

In spite of their bantered sounded pleasant, but Senja knew Xiao Tianyao was barely standing because of the blood loss that he suffered. His face as white as a sheet.

Xiao Tianyao and Xiao Jun had been through a battle for these past months and that was intensified when they lockdown the Capital City, their energy must have drained a lot the moment both of them fighting Modama, the elder and Xiao Zi.

Senja took a step forward, out of her hiding spot from behind Xiao Tianyao. But, he kept pushing her back. His protectiveness toward her was still there despite his condition.

In the end Senja swatted his hand which kept holding her back. "Stop doing that. I can protect myself!" She said frustratedly and took a spot beside him firmly.

He had injured like this, but still wanted to protect her. It was a thoughtful gestured and also stupid when he was barely could hold on only by his will.

"Kill them! Kill both of them! And get the girl!" The elder shouted frantically at the soldier behind him.

With that order, all of the people replied with unison and rushed toward the three of them.

"I will open the path." Xiao Jun was the first who greeted their attack, bear the brunt.

It was their last chance to get away from this predicament. If they managed to push forward toward their reinforcement then their chance to survive would increase.

They knew this was their last chance to survive.

In no time, the three of them fought their way to go out from the palace hall. Fortunately, Modama and the elder had gone. Seemingly, both of them didn't think with their condition they could survive. So they didn't bother to stay and let their soldier to finish them off.

It was true though, there were too many of them, added to the fact that Xiao Tianyao and Xiao Jun wasn't in their best condition. It's overwhelmed them.

They hardly fought when Senja saw Yun, riding a horse with spear in his hand, killed all the people who dare to block his way.

Behind him was Ju Long with many other people, fighting to reach them.

It was a total chaos inside the palace hall with carcasses scattered on the floor and the smell of blood wafted in the air.

"Jun! Tianyao!" Yun called out when he finally reached them. "Qi Xunyi and Moon Dew Clan are waiting for you outside of the city's gate. You need to lead them!" He raised his voice to suppress the noise around him.

Without waiting for another minute, Xiao Tianyao helped Senja to get on the horse that Yun had brought with him, along with the assistance of Julong and Yun, they managed to go out from the palace hall.

On the palace yard, a fierce battle still continued. Arrows covered the night sky as the tip of them glimmer in the darkness.

On the horse, Xiao Tianyao protected Senja by securing her between his large arms.

There was a moment when Senja felt Xiao Tianyao tensed behind her, however her focus was too occupied with the scene before her eyes.

Death bodies were at every corner of the city and the road was covered with blood while people still fighting around them.

And then, when they finally reached the opened gates of the capital city, Senja caught a sight of Yang Yu's dead body on the city's wall with a sword stuck on his chest.

Before, Xiao Tianyao had ordered him to guard the gate and he had done the best he could until his last breath to fulfill his duty…