Pure Love X Insult Complex
Chapter 556. Houun Takashi Castle (Part 2)
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Pure Love X Insult Complex
Author :銀三〇(ゆだ)
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Chapter 556. Houun Takashi Castle (Part 2)

Chapter 556. Houun Takashi Castle (Part 2)

「 My lord, you never disavow someone, do you? You always look on how do we live and think on how we could advance forward for the better together 」

Rei-chan looks at me.

「 Therefore, we feel better when you’re with us 」


The door’s knocked.

「 Reika, standby 」

It’s Shou-neechan’s voice.

「 Yes, Onee-sama 」

Rei-chan uses the window glass as a mirror and fixes her uniform and hat.

Then, she carried her beat-up cane and smiled at me.

「 What do you think? My lord 」


「 You look beautiful, dignified, and cool. Rei-chan 」

「 Then, I will fight with all my best to meet your expectations 」

Then she opens the door.

Shou-neechan and chief Yazawa are waiting.

We head out to the corridor together.

「 What now Fujimiya. You got some flashy clothing again 」

Chief Yazawa says while looking at Rei-chan’s black uniform.

「 You look like someone from a hero show 」


「 Yes, I’ll become a hero 」

「 Does that mean you’re ready to become the clown for the sake of the company? 」

Chief Yazawa said while showing a bitter smile.

「 When I employed Fujimiya, I thought that it was for the sake of doing various works like this. If you do it seriously, then you’re a talent that can be a bodyguard orthodox 」

Rei-chan has quite the achievement as someone who did Kendo.

「 You put on male clothing before but, why did you go to the clown route instead? 」

Rei-chan smiles at her boss.

「 Dressing up as a male is my hobby. However, this black uniform is different. This is a sign of resolve 」

「 What resolve? 」

「 A resolve to respond to those who expect from me. So I’ll never betray them 」

Rei-chan looks at Shou-neechan and me.

「 Chief Yazawa, heroes and clowns are different. I’ll be a hero. No, I must become a hero 」

「 I don’t know the difference between the two 」

Chief Yazawa said.

「 That’s because Yazawa’s job is behind the scenes, the role of the unsung hero 」

I said.

「 I think that supporting everyone from places where people can’t see is amazing. But Rei-chan shines where everyone is watching. 」

「 Rei-chan? 」

Chief Yazawa’s surprised.

「 Yeah, Misuzu-sama and others call her Rei-chan now. Reika has become totally popular with everyone 」

Shou-neechan follows up.

「 Oh right, she’s been close to Misuzu-sama and the others lately 」

Chief Yazawa’s convinced.

「 Yes, to us, Rei-chan is a hero. She’s a strong Onee-san who protects us from the bad guys with her cane 」

「 I cannot betray My lord and everyone’s expectations after all 」

Rei-chan said happily.

「 My lord? 」

Chief Yazawa’s surprised again.

「 She’s Misuzu-sama’s partner, so he’s “my lord” just as Misuzu-sama is our master. It’s the same as our allegiance to Kouzuki house 」

Rei-chan said herself.

「 I get that one but. Still, you don’t know what happens next when it comes to the young ones. Misuzu might get bored of him soon enough 」

Chief Yazawa has seen the romantic relationship of the people in Kouzuki house as their bodyguard.

「 Well, Kakka has accepted him so he should be doing some kind of work in Kouzuki group soon, but 」

He thinks of me as a talent who will join the rising faction among Jii-chan’s students instead of Misuzu’s fiance.

「 No, Misuzu-sama will stay with him for the rest of her life 」

Shou-neechan said with a smile.

「 I know 」

「 I think so too 」

Rei-chan also tells chief Yazawa.

「 You girls 」

「 We’re women, so we know. Isn’t that right, Reika? 」

「 Yes, Shou-oneesama 」

Chief Yazawa looks at the two laughing together.

「 Well fine. You can head to the site, Fujimiya. Why don’t you show us how you look like a hero 」

「 Fujimiya, heading out! 」

Rei-chan salutes.

She’s so dignified that it made me shiver.

「 I’m going 」

She tells me, and she heads to the exit.

She walks with her chest puffed in pride, vigorously.

「 Do your best. Rei-chan 」

Rei-chan didn’t turn around, she raised her hand in response.

「 You should bring the lunch box and head to the operation room. The operation will start once Reika is on standby 」

Shou-neechan tells me.

「 Yeah got it 」

I return to the staff room and look for the lunch box and tea.

Ah, it’s in this cardboard box?

This is a 700 yen bento you can find in the city. There’s also hamburger included.

「 Would you like some too Yazawa-san? 」

Shou-neechan asked. Chief Yazawa.

「 Yeah, I guess I’ll take one 」

I grabbed chief Yazawa’s lunch box and tea share and handed it to him.

「 Hmm, weren’t you supposed to eat at the hotel? 」

「 Aren’t you the same, Yazawa-san? 」

「 Don’t be ridiculous, do you think bodyguards can eat while working? 」

Yazawa snorts his nose.

「 Even there, I would be eating the same lunch box on the waiting room of the hotel 」

「 Yazawa-san eats the same food as the regular guards on the field after all 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 I have no choice you know? I need to check what the regular guards are eating 」

Chief Yazawa said.

「 Eating is essential to keep the morale on the scene. When I was young, the meals from the company was so bad that I lost motivation 」

「 Eh, does Kouzuki security service always serve a meal on the scene? 」

I asked. Yazawa-san.

「 Obviously. We’re a VIP protection company. If we go to a convenience store wearing our uniforms, then the image of the company will get worse. We eat and drink only on the designated location or waiting room 」

I guess.

Indeed, if a bodyguard eats bread or something in front of a convenience store, then their luxurious look will go away.

「 Especially if when the regular troops eat bad food and only the higher-ranked bodyguards eat delicious food, the relationship of trust collapses. Seki too, try to eat lunch together with the regular members as much as possible from now on. Eating the same thing is essential 」

「 I’ll keep it in mind. By the way, chief 」

「 What? 」

「 Can I change our caterer? 」

「 What? 」

「 I think I could find a more delicious yet cheaper maker than the company we’re using now 」

「 What do you mean? 」

「 No, I just heard from the accounting earlier that the company we’re using now is paying Yamaoka-san a rebate 」

「 That guy 」

Chief Yazawa’s amazed.

「 I think that it’s better for the company to have a bit more healthy and varied menu everyday 」

「 I mean, this is the same bento everyday 」

Chief Yazawa looks at the lunchbox.

「 I’ll leave it to Seki, I’m already old, so I won’t mind eating the same meal for 365 days, but the young ones now are different 」

「 Yes, I will have some estimates in the company 」

We head to the operation room while having that kind of conversation.


There are several people in a row on the stairway.

They’re wearing the Kouzuki security service uniforms.

Yukino’s wearing a black gown.

Yukino and I are about ten meters away.

「 Hey! Yukino! 」

Yukino’s surprised from my voice she stopped in the middle of stairs.

「 Do your best! 」

I can’t get close to Yukino.

Yukino who’s surrounded by bodyguards can’t come to me either.

「 You don’t have to tell me that! 」

Yukino shouts at me.

「 I mean! Why did you come here?! 」


「 I’m supporting Rei-chan! 」

I replied honestly.

「 What about me? 」


「 Rei-chan works harder when people are supporting her. What about you Yukino? You’ll work hard even alone, right? 」

That’s why there’s no need for me to cheer on her.

「 Wherever you are, whoever you face, no matter what, you’re still Yukino! 」

Yukino looks at me surprised.

「 You’re right! It’s not like I needed your support anyway! 」

For some reason, we shout at each other in the corridor.

What a strange spectacle.

「 But well, sure, do your best. Work hard! 」

I tell Yukino. I thought that I should say it at least.

I’m the only one who would tell Yukino here to do her best.

「 Seriously. You always speak so selfishly! 」

A female bodyguard speaks to Yukino.

「 We don’t have time, let’s go 」

「 I know! See you! 」

「 Yeah, see you later. Yukino 」

「 Later? 」

「 Either way, we’ll meet each other again somewhere. Maybe 」

Yukino looks at me.

「 Yeah 」

「 Well then, later, Yukino 」

「 Shut up you idiot! 」

Making a fool of me as usual. Yukino went off the passageway.

「 That was Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter, right? What’s your relationship with her? 」

Chief Yazawa somehow knows the revenge of Kuromori to Shirasaka Sousuke.

But, he doesn’t know the details of my relationship with Yukino.

「 We’re just classmates from the same high school 」

I tell chief Yazawa.

「 Friends 」

But still, I want to be friends with Yukino.

◇ ◇ ◇

We took a five-minute meal in the operation room.

No, Yazawa-san was eating so fast in front of me that I had to catch up.

「 It’s an ironclad rule among bodyguards to eat meals within five minutes 」

Chief Yazawa says while drinking tea.

「 Shirasaka Yukino is in standby 」

「 Fujimiya-san and the units are all in standby 」

Shou-neechan’s subordinates report to her.

Each monitor in the operation room shows an image of the concrete castle outdoor studios from various angles.

「 Where’s the media? 」

Shou-neechan asks.

「 Done guiding 」

「 We banned the cameras from all companies. They’re supposed to broadcast only from our camera. We can also operate the camera’s switches from this room. This is to make sure nothing odd appears 」

Shou-neechan reports to chief Yazawa.

I see, if various media sources bring in their camera, then they might capture something that may cause a disadvantage for us.

Especially the invasion later, we can’t let our connection with Kyouko-san be exposed.

Therefore, they take all the cameras and have Kouzuki security service manage all.

「 The broadcast will be distributed through Shirasaka house’s internet and television, it will be live, uncut broadcast with no commercial breaks 」

Shiraska house is now indebted to Jii-chan due to Shirasaka Sousuke’s case.

They accepted all the requests of Kouzuki security service.

「 Yeah, looking good. Are we broadcasting soon? 」

Chief Yazawa looks at the clock on the wall.

「 Yes, in a minute 」

「 One minute, standby! 」

「 Hold your stations! 」

「 Fourth platoon, pay attention to the east side, if anyone is coming they’ll be coming from that side 」

Shou-neechan says in the intercom.

「 Sixth platoon, monitor the south side. Okay? 」

「 Thirty seconds! 」

「 Thirty seconds! 」

The hand of the clock progressively ticks.

「 Fifteen seconds! 」

「 10、9、8、7、6、5、4,3、2、1! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

『 Err, we’re in an outdoor studio located at the suburb area of Tokyo 』

The monitor shows;

An elderly announcer is talking to the camera on Shriasaka house’s television station.

It’s the famous announcer on a nightly news show.

If I recall, his name is Okata.

『 There’s a change in schedule for today’s broadcast, we will be starting our emergency press conference by Shirasaka Yukino 』

The camera switches.

It’s a spacious outdoor studio in a vast concrete castle.

The announcer stands on topmost with the light illuminating his surroundings.

Oh, speaking of which, I heard of rumors of this announcer having a wig.

I just remembered.

The image of the concrete fortress and the large titles covering the giant white wall.

Chararararara chararara! The BGM sounds creepy.

『 Emergency news program!! Shirasaka Yukino’s here!! 』

「 What’s with the title? I mean, isn’t this music used on the old “UFO special” days? 」

Chief Yazawa mutters

「 I wonder, it must be the flair of the TV station 」

Shou-neechan stays silent.

Following, another superimpose.

『 Shirasaka Yukino will talk a lot!! A confession of tears! A monopoly of 45 minutes! 』

Yeah, it’s Kyouko-san.

This style is definitely Kyouko Messer.

『 Err, the former president of our company, a relative of Shirasaka Sousuke has shown some one-sided bias during the broadcast. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the viewers. We’re very sorry 』

The announcer bows his head deeply.

His wig falls to the ground.

『 We’ve shown you something unsightly 』

The announcer who raised his face has his hair gone.

Oh, the part where Shirasaka house will listen to any request of Kouzuki house is this?

Chief Yazawa is also dumbfounded.

『 For today, we would hear the side of Shirasaka Yukino, the daughter of Shirasaka Sousuke who was abducted by a criminal organization and had gone missing 』

Then, the announcer turns behind without picking up his wig.

The backside of the concrete castle was once used for variety shows.

Several steps make a staircase pattern.

From the top f the second row, the special press conference is made on the broadest step.

A lot of chairs lined up, and reporters from each press are already lined up.

Oh, looking at it closely, there are cars from each press parked in a narrow and cluttered manner.

『 Oh, what’s going on!? 』

『 Hurry up and begin! 』

『 We’ve been waiting for so long! 』

『 I mean, what do you mean by exclusive broadcasting?! 』

With the night wind blowing on the concrete castles, a lot of reporters are getting moody.

『 Err, I think everyone has a lot of problems but please forgive us 』

The announcer bows his hairless head.

『 It’s also painful for me! 』

The announcer pushes some odd tension, and the reporters shut up.

『 Well then, Shirasaka Yukino-san will enter 』

The announcer points at the top of the castle.

『 This lady is 16. She starts out from tea ceremony, and flowers bloom in the field and a tearful blossom! Now, she’s shining brightly on the spotlight! Yes! It’s Shirasaka Yukino! Shirasaka Yukino, you’re a woman! 』

A shout as if it’s from an Enka program or a pro wrestling introduction.

『 Shirasaka Yukino! Lift up! 』

Then, the siren blares.

A red lamp lights up.

Yukino comes up to the concrete castle with a hydraulic jack clattering?!?!?!?!?!?

Yukino looks really displeased.

Yukino’s wearing a tiny bikini.

She’s practically naked.

I mean.

The swimsuit’s material is see through.

The swimsuit hardly covers anything other than her genitals, but her nipple’s seen though.

There’s no meaning at hiding anything at all.

I mean, on the contrary, it looks lewd.


The lift stops.

Then, Yukino.

『 What the hell! What the hell! What the hell is this?! 』

She shouts to the whole world.

『 Seriously, you all are making a fool of me! Are you all idiots!?!?! 』

The reporters are entirely speechless.

Even the whole nation watching the broadcast now.

『 Err, Shirasaka Yukino-san, please come out 』

The announcer tells Yukino.

『 I know! I just have to go right?! 』

Yukino comes down the stairs.

Yukino’s chest sways.

If you move too much, then the cover will come off.

That’s how small the swimsuit digging to Yukino’s body is.

『 Where’s my seat? 』

Well, it’s your press conference.

There’s only one chair on the other side of the media.

『 Here, please take a seat 』

The announcer said. Yukino sits down.


There’s no desk in front, unlike the regular press conference.

Yukino’s body is fully exposed.

『 I’m Shirasaka Yukino. I mean, everyone knows about me already, right?

Yukino glares at the reporters.

『 It seems like the videos and photos of me raped are already spreading through the internet. You saw that too, right? 』

The reporters didn’t answer.

『 Either way, you watched it, right?! Anyone who hasn’t seen it raise your hand! Right now! 』

The reporters are stiff, nobody raised their hands.

『 Look, everyone watched it already! You pervert! You’re the worst! 』

『 Uhm, Shirasaka Yukino-san 』

The announcer tries to talk her out but:

『 What now!? You also saw my naked body too, right?! 』

The announcer’s face is troubled.

『 I knew it, everyone’s the worst. You all should bang your heads with the corner of tofu and die 』

Yukino’s raging.

『 I was a virgin you know! VIRGIN! I was still 16 years old! I had someone I like! And yet! I was kidnapped and raped just because my father was a bad guy! Furthermore, I was filmed, and it was released to the public! Don’t screw with me! 』

『 U-Uhm, Shirasaka-san 』

One of the reporters calls Yukino, doing all or nothing.

『 What!? You watched it out of curiosity, didn’t you?! You perverted old man!! I mean, everyone in this press conference is all men! 』

『 T-That’s because they didn’t let us participate unless we send in a male reporter 』

『 I don’t know about that! 』

Yukino’s anger doesn’t stop.

『 I mean, weren’t you from entertainment?! And you’re from Sanja*Family right?! I know it! 』

『 Thanks for watching us all the time! 』

『 That’s not what I’m talking about! Why is it only entertainment reporters here at my press conference?! Are you all stupid or something? 』

Yukino said. One of the reporters:

『 Well, Shirasaka house dominates the media company, your father is in the advertising agency too 』

『 It was my great-granduncle who was managing the television station and the newspaper! Do you get it?! It’s the sibling of my Grandfather! My house has nothing to do with them! Even Papa who was working for an advertising agency, what about it?! I’ve got nothing to do with the entertainment industry 』

『 However, Shirasaka Sousuke-san’s harm has reached a lot of celebrities 』

『 Idiot! Go jump off the building and die you, idiot!! 』


『 Papa committed a sin so now I have to carry that sin too?! You people are the same as those who kidnapped me, raped me, and uploaded all those videos. You aren’t different! 』

『 No, we’re doing this because the people have the right to know 』

『 You mean that the whole country has the right to watch me get raped? 』

Yukino said.

『 I was just a high school student! A high school girl! 』

Her angry face glares at the camera.

『 Why do I have to get through all this! 』


『 That’s what we would like to know 』

『 Isn’t that why we were gathered here?! 』

『 That’s right, this is your press conference! 』

『 You said that you want to talk 』

『 Yeah, we came here to listen to your story! 』

『 Why do you have to call curses on us suddenly 』

『 That’s right! That’s right!! 』

The reporters are firing up too.

『 I want to talk, you said? 』

Yukino shows a wry smile.

『 Of course not 』

She glares.

『 Even now, I was forced to come here wearing this stupid outfit 』


『 Do you not even think that gathering in this stupid place, surrounded by idiots is strange? This situation? You don’t even understand the abnormalities? 』

The announcer;

『 Err, this is all instructed by our boss. We’re very sorry to show you something so unsightly. We’re very sorry 』

The reporters get noisy.

『 We’re all under their control you know! 』

Yukino said.


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