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580 Everyone in the company knows that I am your woman.

"How is that possible?"

Ji Ziming unhesitatingly denied it.

Noting his calm demeanor, the suspicion in Pei Ge's heart diminished slightly.

Still, it was only by a bit.

After all, she understood the two women very well. They would not leave with no rhyme or reason, much less not inform her about it.

As she regarded him with suspicion, the man lightly coughed and reached his hands out.

His well-defined hands held onto the soup ladle, and he… very caringly served her a bowl of soup.

"Red grouper fish soup. It's very fresh; try it."

He placed the bowl of soup before her gently.

She was still mulling over the two ladies' sudden disappearance when his series of actions stunned her.

Wha-What is this annoying fellow doing?!

Her eyes widened in disbelief as she looked at the bowl of fish soup in front of her. From her expression, it was as if she had seen a ghost.

At this, she completely threw the issue she had been pondering on at the back of her mind.

"Let's dig in," he softly reiterated, noting the rounding of her eyes.

Everyone in the canteen was clamoring at this time.

Women, especially, swept her with their intense gazes. They could totally not wrap their heads around this.

Why would their number-one bachelor, CEO Ji, take a fancy to her, a woman with no redeeming qualities whatsoever?

Still, what was more unfathomable to them was why their cold and aloof CEO treat her so gently when she lacked sophistication and appeal!

Practically being unheard of as it overturned common sense, it was of course frightening to them!

Meanwhile, with his gentle urging, Pei Ge almost hypnotically drank the fish soup.

Only after she had downed that the soup did she realize that she seemed to have fallen into a honey trap!

She glared at the man right away, but after studying him carefully, it turned into a deep frown.

This annoying fellow must have some ulterior motive for doing this!

"What?" Seeing suspicion on her face again, the man could not help but feel a little sheepish inside.

"You…" With a deep frown, she stared directly into his eyes.

This annoying fellow is behaving oddly today… Strange. Very strange.

"Don't tell me that you did this on purpose?!" She swept her gaze on the female population in the canteen that were glaring daggers at her and instantly felt that she had gotten a glimpse of the truth!

This a*shole truly did it on purpose!

It must be because I brewed him an extremely sweet coffee this morning that he's taking his revenge on me now!

That must also be why he sent me on a fool's errand, even chasing Qitong and Sister Xinlei away, while he had this table arranged to mimic a romantic dinner date at a high-class restaurant!

He did all these for show and to make me… the public enemy!

That should be the truth!

Thinking up to this, she felt certain of her conjecture and now fully believed that she had seen through his ploy!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"On purpose? What on purpose?" Meanwhile, the man sitting opposite her only felt perplexed. He failed to fathom what this little woman was talking about.

"Hmph! Stop pretending! Of course, it's you purposely acting like my boyfriend to make me these women's common enemy! You're so petty!" She indignantly glared at him.

"And here I was wondering why you're suddenly being nice to me…" The volume of her voice got smaller as gloominess engulfed her heart.

No wonder. That's why I was thinking how this annoying fellow could be nice and caring toward me.

The man, who was made exasperated by her claim, currently did not know what to say at all.

"… Indeed a dumb woman." He eventually summed up all that he wanted to say in this simple statement.

Is it that unbelievable for me to treat her well?

He suddenly started to cast doubt on himself. Have my methods of doing things wrong all along?

A certain Mr. CEO, who had never been in a relationship before, currently felt a little lost inside.

"You're scolding me again! How am I stupid?!" She pouted.

I clearly got it right! How could he still call me stupid?! That's just unforgivable! she spat inwardly.

After a fulfilling yet stifling lunch, Pei Ge became the most famous and legendary person in the company!

She used to be an unknown 'foot soldier', yet in just one afternoon, she rose in ranks to become a famous 'VIP'.

Cough, cough, cough! As she had correctly guessed, she indeed successfully, and unluckily, became the public enemy of the company's female population.

"Have you heard? Our boss's girlfriend is that secretary called Pei Ge, the one who often takes leave from work."

"Ah? Who is that?"

"Pei Ge is…"`

"Oh! That plump woman?! She's so ugly, yet our big boss can stomach it?"

"CEO Ji's girlfriend is a fatty! She's also hideous!"

"CEO Ji's girlfriend is a fatso who weighs nearly a hundred kilograms."

"CEO Ji's girlfriend is a fatso who is incomparably ugly!"

Just this one afternoon, Pei Ge's name had made its round in the company and had been thoroughly defamed.

Every time someone mentioned the man, her name would be mentioned as well. When her name surfaced, they would all mock her as fat or ugly or both – she would be described in the ugliest way possible.

Luckily, the CEO Secretariat she was in only had three people in it excluding her.

Among them, two had great personalities and were not hostile toward her.

As for the one hostile toward her, she, of course, had long resolved to ignore her.

Still, once rumors of her being the boss's girlfriend abounded, Lu Huiya no longer dared to talk bad about her when she was around.

On the bright side, this is one benefit of being that man's girlfriend. She could not help but comment this inside her wryly.

After their relationship was made public by that lunch they had shared, she felt uneasy for the rest of the afternoon.

Having survived until quitting time, she hurried to pack her things in hopes of leaving the company's premises before the man appeared.

Alas, he seemed to have a CCTV installed in her vicinity as he walked out of his office just as she was done gathering her things and stood up from her workstation.

"Pei Ge, if you're done packing, then let's be on our way."