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568 Why is this d*mn woman not answering the call?!

"Pei Ge, who are you talking to?!"

She turned off her computer the instant she heard this low and clear voice.

The moment she did so, a tall and lean figure appeared at the door to her room.

"… Who are you talking to?"

Holding her breath in trepidation, she stared at the man standing at the doorway.

She had totally forgotten about this annoying fellow!

That was right. This was none other than the man who owned the other key to this house.

It was Ji Ziming.

Her heart inevitably accelerated at the sight of him in a navy suit. He was looking at her expressionlessly at the moment.

This annoying fellow is really back. He seems to be a little fatigued, though.

She could not help mumbling this inside when she noted the tiredness at the corner of his eyes.

"Pei Ge."

He frowned in resignation when the woman just stared at him blankly. She had not spoken a word ever since his appearance. In fact, she seemed not to recognize him.

"Ah!" Noting his frown, she blinked at him and frantically asked, "W-Why are you back already?"

"…" Displeasure rose in the man's heart.

This d*mn woman! Is she unhappy that I'm back early?!

"You don't want me back?" He narrowed his eyes threateningly at her.

"O-Of course not!" She felt a little guilty at this.

All right. She was guilty, of course. That was because, in this past week, she had been totally engrossed in the sea of knowledge and totally forgotten about this annoying fellow.

"Really?" He regarded her with suspicion when he noted the way her eyeballs frantically turned in their sockets.

"That's for sure!" She solemnly nodded and quickly turned the arrow to the man.

"Why didn't you tell me that you'd be gone for a week?!"

Her grumbling instantly made the fire of anger in him dissipate.

This stupid woman actually still cares for me.

"It's too abrupt." His frosty tone softened.

"Hur hur. Abrupt, is it… That doesn't excuse you for leaving without a word!"

She was too engrossed in acting she totally forgot that she was just this man's fake girlfriend. From the way she was yelling at him and pressing him for an answer, she totally resembled an actual girlfriend of his.

This was his first time being spoken to in such a way; hence, caught by surprise, he failed to realize that her attitude to him was a little too impudent.

"Now, you act fierce with me upon your return. What right do you have to be fierce at me?!"

The man's stillness made her more animated in her speech.

Alas, one fact escaped her mind; how could this man let her get the better of him?

As such, in the next instant, she had a first-hand experience of the true meaning of 'extreme joy begets sorrow'.

"Also, for this past week, you didn't even give me a call! You—"

"… Pei Ge! How dare you even mention phone calls to me?!"

Th man, who was caught off guard by her 'tyrannical outburst', was instantly enraged at her mention of that.

"Huh?" She blinked at him sillily, frightened by his sudden bellow.

What? Why can't I mention about that?

"Why didn't you answer all my calls?!" He felt his anger burn at her silly look.

The moment he landed overseas, he phoned this stupid woman, yet it did not even go through!

It was not his phone's problem! It was also not her phone's issue!

It was just this dumb woman not answering his call!

"Hah?" His confrontational attitude only made her even more confused. "What phone? Did you call me?"

"…" Her response really gave the man an urge to strangle her!

Of course, he had called her! He had just gotten off the plane and was en route to the hotel inside a car when he made his first call to her to explain his sudden departure.

Unfortunately, the call did not even go through then.

Fine. Forget it if the first call did not go through. However, for this entire week, he had called her two more times, yet the call had not gone through even once!

Hence, while overseas, he worried that something bad had happened to her.

Still, being the prideful man that he was, he could not be reconciled with calling his cousin to check up on this woman for not answering his calls.

At most, he could only call his cousin on the pretext that he wanted to give her a present upon his return, all the while conveniently asking about this woman.

He totally did not expect, though, to receive news from his cousin that this woman was acting very strange these few days. Seemingly on a date with someone every day, she did not even accept any of his cousin's invitation to hang out.

The moment he learned of this, he did not bother to inquire further and just had his assistant book him the earliest flight back in China.

He was back to catch the affair—cough, cough, cough! No, I'm just back to check on what's up with her.

"Hand your phone!" He sucked in a deep breath and glared fiercely at her.

"Ah? Oh!" She obediently reached out and passed her phone to the man under his fierce gaze.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Receiving her phone, the man quickly tapped on its screen.

He first checked her messages and then her call log history.

Noting that her recent contacts only included his cousin and the woman's mother, he finally nodded in satisfaction.

He flipped to the missed calls page again to settle their debts!

"Take a look at it yourself."

She blinked and studied her phone screen, not understanding what was happening. Suddenly, she realized that there were three missed calls from him in her call log history!

"W-When did you call me?!"