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564 Ge Ge, how is Mr. Ji in that area?

In the end, she still ended up taking her driver's car to Bauhinia Court to shake off the man.

Even then, her mind remained adrift the whole day.

Luckily, though, she was almost done learning everything in these lessons. Hence, even with her mind elsewhere, she did not commit any major mistakes. Still, her inattentiveness incurred the ire of some of her teachers.

"Sigh! Hey, Ge Ge, where has your soul flown to? I've been here for so long, yet it feels that you haven't noticed me at all," Lily grumbled unhappily.

"Plus, what's with your outfit today? Haven't I told you many times that it's better to just have a maximum of three colors in your whole outfit! Look at you, how many colors does your attire have today?! Also, also! What kind of nonsense are you doing by matching purple and green together?!"

The stylist sat beside her, poking her outfit as he nitpicked at it.

The stylist's poke brought her out of her dazedness.

She lowered her head to look at her outfit. Only then did she truly take note of her current outfit. Vaguely, she recalled being in such a haste to leave home she just put any random clothes on without checking her overall appearance in the mirror.

As such, she was quite taken aback by her mismatched attire.

No wonder that doctor thought that I am incompatible with Ji Ziming and don't look like his girlfriend at all.

As she recalled this, her lips pursed in depression.

"I was in a rush this morning."

"No matter how much of a rush you are in, a girl like you should still look at yourself in the mirror!" He shook his head exasperatedly at her.

When he caught sight of her frown, though, his eyes glinted, and he raised her chin to ask, "Is there something bothering you?"

"Me? Nope, nope!" She shook her head on reflex and quickly denied.

Her reaction made Lily more suspicious, though.

"Tsk! Stop lying to me. Tell me; did something happen between you and Mr. Ji?"

He of course was just making a wild guess here, yet she surprisingly started blushing the moment he mentioned that man.

"Ohhh!" Evidently, he knew that he had nailed it at such a big reaction from her!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Hurry and 'fess up. What happened between you two?" He had a gossipy look on his face as he asked this question.

With such a face, she naturally would never dare to tell him the truth.

"Nothing. I realized that I have gained weight recently and was just a little frustrated."

Although she was brushing him off with that, how could the meticulous stylist be easily tricked?

"Ge Ge, it's not that I want to say this about you, but Mr. Ji is really a rare specimen of a man. You should take him more to heart and not let such a good man slip your grasp! In the current age, mistresses one, two and three are everywhere. Hordes of beauties will send themselves to the doorstep for a high-quality man like your Mr. Ji…" The stylist started getting off-topic.

The topic slowly drifted into the issue of a man's figure.

"For men, looks are secondary. The most important thing is still his figure, as well as his ability in that area."

Taking in his brightly lit eyes and excited look, she did not quickly catch on to what he was talking about.

"A man like our Mr. Ji who has both looks and figure is definitely the crème de la crème!"

At this point, his expression changed, and he nudged her with his elbow amorously.

"Hey, Ge Ge. Seeing how close we are, tell me how Mr. Ji is in that area!"

She looked at his amorous face perplexedly and asked back, "What area? Lily, what are you talking about?"

Why don't I understand a word of it? Did I miss a word? If not, why is it that I don't understand at all?

He could not help rolling his eyes at her innocent and ignorant face.

"Pei Ge, I say, there's really no point in doing that. We are all adults, so there's nothing we can't talk about regarding this matter."

She was only made more confused by his words.

"What is this about? Lily, I really don't understand what you are saying—"

Before she finished speaking, he pointed at his groin and openly revealed the answer. "I'm talking about his prowess in bed! My gosh, Ge Ge. I'm really made speechless by you."


Her face turned scalding red, as if it had been baked in fire, the moment she heard that.

"Y-You're shameless!"

She shyly glared at him on reflex, giving him a scolding.

Her huge reaction only made him more amused, though.

"Aye, Pei Ge. Don't tell me that you haven't done it with Mr. Ji yet?"

Her cheeks burned even more. It was so red it was as if blood could be drawn from it.

With the light buzzing in her mind, she did not know how to answer the stylist at all.

After all, what had happened last night and this morning at the hospital were all too unforgettable for her.

"Gosh! Ge Ge, you have a nosebleed!"

After a few moments of panic, her nosebleed finally stopped with some tissue. With her settled down, the stylist renewed his teasing of her.

"I say, Ge Ge, looks like your body is a little too heaty recently."

"Yes. I ate some hot stuff recently," she helplessly replied.

Raising a brow, he teased, "I think it's more like your body temperature has been rising because of our Mr. Ji. Otherwise, there's no way to explain why you had a nosebleed the moment I mentioned him!"

"…" Her lips twitched at that, and she glared at him exasperatedly.

Hur hur hur! Was my reaction that obvious?

Don't tell me that that annoying fellow thinks this way, too?!

No way! That's way too embarrassing! How am I supposed to face that annoying fellow from here on?! Don't tell me that he thinks of me as a perverted girl now?!