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554 Pei Ge, you purposely locked me outside the door!

Pei Ge felt very refreshed when she woke up the next day.

She went to wash up after getting out of bed before she made her way downstairs. Passing by the living room on her way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, she hummed a tune under her breath.

"En…" With a wide smile on her face, she continued humming a tune as she used the leftover soup from last night to cook noodles.

Sunlight streamed in through the open kitchen windows and bathed her with its glow, making her feel warm throughout.

Under this cozy atmosphere, the doorbell suddenly rang.


The relentless ringing of the doorbell made her nudge her lips. Although she clearly heard it, she seemed not to want to bother with it as she ignored it and continued cooking her seafood noodles, instead.


As though it were going against her on purpose, the doorbell did not stop ringing. It appeared that, if no one were to open the door, it would ring nonstop.

"Tsk!" Noting that her noodles were about to be done cooking, she put down the chopsticks she was holding and made her way out of the kitchen.

Just as she reached the living room and was about to open the door for a certain someone, who kept pressing the doorbell, suddenly…Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The ringing of the doorbell changed into a series of knocking on the door.

Dong, dong, dong!

She was stunned at the banging at the door and revealed this on her face.

Could it be that the person outside isn't Ji Ziming?

Would that annoying fellow really bang the door like this?

The confused Pei Ge quickened her pace to the door.

"Coming, coming. Stop knocking!"

She announced as she unlocked the door, which she had locked last night.

The moment she opened the heavy and thick door, a handsome face appeared before her. It seemed a little… fatigued and … haggard.

It actually… is the annoying fellow banging at the door then?!

Still… why does he look a little unkempt?

His face, which was usually ice-cold, actually had a tired and haggard look today. It was as though… he had not slept well.

"Pei Ge, how dare you?!" With a cold glint in his eyes, he spoke this harshly to her.

"Hm? Ziming, what did I do?" She grinned at him, as though not the least bit fazed by his harsh words.

He looked at her bright smile and felt choked inside.

"You—" He was about to lash out at her, but she turned around and walked back into the house.

She spoke as she walked. "Ziming, Li Qi is almost here to bring me to Bauhinia Court for today's lessons, so I'll be leaving immediately after breakfast."

He followed with a black face the woman who was making her way to the kitchen.

This d*mn woman, is she treating me as a chauffeur now?

"Mmm! How fragrant!" She totally ignored a certain Mr. CEO behind her as she quickly entered the kitchen. A fresh seafood smell permeating the air drifted into her nostrils.

She stopped in front of the stove, and when she saw that the noodles were ready, the smile on her face grew wider.

"What did you make?" Having followed her into the kitchen, he got a whiff of the fresh seafood smell in the air, too.

"Seafood noodles!" She transferred the pot's content into a bowl.

As he watched her do this, he sniffed the fresh fragrant in the kitchen and inadvertently gulped.


Maybe he was famished or perhaps the noodles smelled great, but his stomach involuntarily growled.

The growling sound made his face, which had just returned to normal, darkened again.

"Pfft!" She burst into laughter at the rumbling of his stomach. "Ha ha!" This annoying fellow is still human, huh; his stomach just growled!

"You're not allowed to laugh!" he warned, feeling embarrassed.

She cocked a brow and turned to look at him.

"Ziming, do you want to eat?" She temptingly pointed to him the noodles she had just transferred into a bowl.

Eyeing the bowl of heady seafood noodles, he easily gave in to temptation.

Noting his expectant and eager gaze, her lips curled up and, in a great mood, told him wickedly, "I won't give you even if you want; this is my breakfast alone!"

She then carried the bowl full of noodles out of the kitchen.

He froze with wide eyes, seemingly not expecting her to treat him like that.

Did this stupid woman just trick me?!

A moment passed, and he moved again to chase after her.

By the time he reached the dining area, she was already seated and slurping her noodles.

A certain pitiful Mr. CEO, who lacked sleep last night, had yet to have a sip of water or a drop food, and had to bang on the door early this morning, watched the woman, who clearly had enough sleep, eat the heady seafood noodles, and his anger reached its boiling point.

"Why didn't you answer my call last night?!"

She calmly took another mouthful of noodles before answering, "Huh? Of course, I switched off my phone and went to sleep early."

"You should've seen my calls when you switched on your phone this morning!" He narrowed his eyes at her, feeling perplexed when she remained nonchalant.

This woman… She's clearly smiling, but why do I feel that she's actually angry?

"Excuse me. I slept very well last night and totally forgot about my phone this morning!" She shrugged offhandedly.

"…" He choked at her gutsy admittance of her actions.

He sucked in a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves.

"Pei Ge, did you purposely lock me outside the door last night?"

"Yes, of course. I did it on purpose."