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541 What is the great CEO Ji“s necessity?

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Her cheeks promptly heated up at Qin Qitong's question.

"What are you saying…"

"He he! Sister Pei Ge, you're so shy!" The girl teased her.

"What do I have to be shy about…" While she looked abashed, her tone did not reveal it.

"Tsk!" The girl snorted and then asked him curiously. "Oh, right. Sister Pei Ge, where are you two staying now? I'll go visit you next time!"

She was still a little embarrassed, but when she heard this, she only felt shocked.

"You don't know where I'm staying?" she asked hesitantly.

Shouldn't Qitong know of it? Auntie Ji wouldn't hide it from her, would she?

"Ah? Why would I know? Cousin didn't tell me!" the girl complained, feeling depressed. "My cousin is so petty. I asked him about it yesterday, but he refused to tell me where you two are staying!"

"You could've just asked Auntie Ji," she replied, feeling slightly perplexed.

That's just strange. Didn't Auntie Ji arrange for this house?

How is it possible for Qitong not to know?

"My aunt? Why would she know?" The girl clearly did not understand her words.

"This place is arranged by your—" The man appeared at this point.

"Are you done unpacking?"

The man walked in while staring at her who was on the phone.

With his sudden intrusion, she hurried to end the call with his cousin.

"Qitong, I can't continue chatting. Your cousin is here, so I'll hang up now."

Once she disconnected the phone call, she nodded at the man and softly answered, "Yes, I'm done."

"Good," the man said lightly. "Now, go to my room and help me to unpack."

"Huh?" She froze at his words. "Help you unpack?"

She pointed at herself sillily and repeated after him.

Nodding at her, he agreed casually, "Mhm."

"… Don't you have hands and feet? Why should I help you unpack?!" She rolled her eyes exasperatedly at him.

"You're my girlfriend," he pointed out expressionlessly.

"A fake one." She stabbed him with her words and then rolled her eyes again.

"… You drove away those housekeepers, saying that you'll do the cleaning and maintenance of the house." He coldly regarded her.

"…" The hell! I clearly didn't mean this at all! Can't we just clean up our respective rooms?!

"So, you need to help me unpack," he continued lightly.

"…" She remained noncommittal.

"I'll dock your pay if you don't do it."

"…" He he! This is the one thing you know how to do.

As though reading her thoughts, he added, "If you don't do it, then forget about raising that fat cat."

"…" F*ck! Despicable! Shameless!

She raised her middle finger at him inwardly and said through gritted her teeth, "I'll do it! Young Master, I'll give in and help you unpack your luggage!"

"It's Ziming," he corrected with a stoic expression.

"… Fine, Young Master Ziming. I'll go help you unpack your luggage now!" she answered stuffily.

Hence, before she could rest a little after unpacking her luggage, she was dragged by the man to the master's bedroom, which was one wall away.

His room, which was the master's bedroom, used to be where her parents slept.

It was merely a master's bedroom in name, though.

That was because, while it was supposed to be the master's bedroom, its floor space was not as big as her room's. When the house was renovated in the past, the wall between her bedroom and the study room was knocked down, making it the largest room in the house.

From this alone, one could see how much her parents doted on her.

She entered the master's bedroom with the man and finally felt reassured.

The furnishings of the master's bedroom largely differed from those in her memories.

This bedroom was totally unlike her parents' sleeping space and was clearly designed based on this man's style.

With distinct black and white color schemes, the room looked simple yet modern. Clearly, it was not the European-style room that her parents used to sleep.

Her lips curled up into a light smile at the sight of this unfamiliar bedroom.

It finally looks more realistic!

"Why are you spacing out?" He noted her light smile, which was akin to blooming daisies, and just like a loser, his heart accelerated.

"Nothing; where's your luggage?" She shook her head to dislodge her wayward thoughts.

"Over there." The man peered at her and pointed at one corner of the room with his slender finger.

Following the direction of his finger with her eyes, she finally spotted several glossy black luggage.

"Th-This much?!" She stared with dumbfounded eyes at the sight.

Don't men usually have very little luggage?

Why does this annoying fellow have more luggage than I do?

How much did he actually bring over?!

"It's not much," he answered coolly with a slight frown. "These are all my necessities."

"Necessities?" She blinked and inadvertently felt curious at how few the contents of this several luggage were.

What are the necessities he is talking about?

What to do? I'm so curious!

She suddenly did not mind unpacking his luggage for him. Instead, a flame of curiosity regarding his luggage ignited in her heart.

"Can I start unpacking now?" She rubbed her palms together.

"Mhm." He uncaringly nodded. "Be careful when you unpack."

Aiya! What in the world is in this annoying fellow's luggage?! I'm really very curious now!