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540 The great CEO is defeated by a fat cat.

"No, no! I love it!" She quickly corrected him. "I… am just curious how you knew that I've lived here for over ten years and why you arranged for me to stay in this bedroom, which used to be mine."

She had only realized then that the man actually knew that her family used to live here for more than ten years before moving out.

Otherwise, he would not have easily pointed out that Pudding was not her original cat.

She had not noticed it earlier because she was emotionally charged.

The man froze at her curious and suspicious gaze.


D*mn it! When did this dumb woman become this sharp?!

He was still thinking of how he could gloss over the issue when she spoke up again.

"Ah, I know! Auntie Ji must've told you about it as well, right?" She clapped her hands with a look of comprehension. "I totally forgot. She informed you that this used to be my family's house, and she found me a cat similar cat to my past Pudding while she was at it, too."

"…" For some reason, although his crisis was averted, he felt an unexplainable rage.

"I'm good now. Thanks for carrying my luggage up. I'll unpack the stuff in it myself." Completely missing the anger on his face, she retrieved her luggage from his hand with a smile.

He sucked in a deep breath at her smile.

"You pack up first; there are no classes at Bauhinia Court today."

"Oh! Okay, I got it." She grinned and nodded at him before she dragged her luggage into her much-anticipated bedroom.

Noting that she did not even give him a backward glance as she walked inside, the man pursed his lips into a straight line.

How dare this d*mn woman treat me like air?!

Just as he thought this, she stuck her head out from her room.

His eyes lit up instantly. He was just happily thinking that she had not totally slighted him when he heard—

"Pudding, hurry here!" She happily called out to Pudding, which was sitting inconspicuously at one corner of the wall.

"Meow!" Hearing its new owner's call, the cat happily sprinted toward her bedroom.

He felt his chest constrict as the intimate pair of woman and cat disappeared from his sight.


This d*mn stupid woman, how dare she treat me like air?! D*mn that fat cat, too! I'll definitely throw it out one day!

Of course, she did not know even a shred of a certain CEO's mood. Her heart and mind were on the bedroom that gave her a familiar, warm feeling.

Seeing that everything in the bedroom was the same as in the past, the corner of her lips involuntarily curled up.

I really didn't expect to be able to return here one day…

This is… the piano I played in the past. This is… the study desk where I did countless homework. This window ledge… is my favorite place to read.

Also, this huge and comfortable princess bed…

Everything here reminded her of the love and care her parents gave her.

Her eyes moistened. She seemed to see her younger self learning, playing, and resting in this bedroom.


A soft meowing interrupted her recollection.

"Meow, meow, meow!"

She lowered her head to see the fat cat hugging her leg, craving for attention.

"Pudding!" Her lips curled up and she lowered herself to the ground to carry Pudding up.

"Meow!" Pudding cutely nudged its small head into her palm.

She beamed upon feeling Pudding's soft fur in her hand and seeing it act cutesy to her.

"This brat is, perhaps, really my Pudding!" She grinned and tapped its head.

"It won't be this close to me since our first meeting if not! Plus, it's acting like how my Pudding used to be when he's craving for some attention and love."

It might be because the cat understood her words or simply found her muttering to be annoying as it meowed a few times in response while in her embrace.

"Anyway, I need to unpack my luggage first. I won't be playing with you in the meantime. Go play by yourself; I'll come play with you later." She looked at the obedient and nice-smelling cat in her arms and affectionately kissed its head.

"Meow!" The cat affectionately rubbed itself against her chin.

With a smile, she released it to the ground. The little creature seemed to understand her words as it quieted down.

The cat did not go to a corner to play by itself, though. Instead, it continued to follow her. The adorable, fat cat followed her wherever she went.

Just as she opened her luggage and moved to start unpacking, she realized that she actually did not even need to bring any essentials over!

That was because the whole wardrobe, drawer, and even the dressing table were filled with all the necessities she needed.

Even her undergarments were prepared! They were even in her size!

Seeing these drawers filled with every possible color and pattern of undergarments, the corner of her lips twitched.

She raised her head and glanced at the dressing table. There, a variety of skincare and makeup products were neatly arranged, resembling a scene in soap operas.

Auntie Ji prepared a little too completely!

Even then, she still unpacked her personal belongings and started arranging them.

After half a day's work, she finally removed everything from her luggage.

Bang! She exhaled a deep breath and smacked her palms together with a grin. "Okay. All done!"

However, before she could pick up Pudding for them to rest, her phone suddenly rang.

Who is calling me at this time?

She looked toward her study desk and took out her phone from her handbag.

Her lips curled up when she saw the caller.

"Hello, Qitong…"

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