539 Start of Cohabitation!

And just like that, the two's life of cohabitation started.

"Miss Pei, you can just leave all your luggage to us…"

Once the issue about Pudding was settled, she realized that, beside the man and her, there were also… housekeepers in this garden house?!

With the cat in her arms, she surveyed the housekeeper that had suddenly appeared before her and were about to move her luggage upstairs. Her eyes instantly widened at the sight.

"I can do it myself!" She proceeded to put the cat down and tried to snatch her luggage from one of the housekeepers.

"Miss Pei?" The housekeeper clearly did not expect her actions.

"I don't want to trouble you guys; I will unpack this stuff myself." She smiled at the lady who seemed to be very experienced despite looking young.

"Miss Pei, this is our—" The man walked back into the room at this point, interrupting the housekeeper's words.

"Pei Ge, what's the issue this time?" The man frowned and shot her a displeased look.

Why does she have so many issues?

"What do you mean by that? I merely wanted to do the unpacking of my luggage myself," she answered, peering at him with a pout.

How can I let someone unpack my luggage for me?! These rich people are really too much!

"Also, why do we need housekeepers in our house? This place isn't even that big," she muttered.

Even when her family was still well-off, they never hired housekeepers!

Their family of three lived blissfully in this small, garden house!

"Without these housekeepers, who will clean dirt, cook food, and maintain this house?" he stated blandly.

Unexpectedly, she gave him an immediate reply.

"Of course, it will be us doing the household chores together! I thought we've already agreed that it will be just the two of us staying here?" She blabbered these words out without running them through her head.

He paused for a moment. Her words immediately put him in a good mood, and his usually icy-cold lips involuntarily curled upward.

"All of you, return now." He turned to address the housekeeper who was trying to reduce her presence behind him.

"But…" The housekeeper looked hesitantly at him.

"Return. Tell the others not to come anymore as well." He shot the unwilling housekeeper a cold look.

The housekeeper trembled a little and quickly fled from the house without another word.

He walked to her after the housekeeper had left.

"What?" Noting him approaching her, she could not help but take a gulp.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The man did not answer her question and only raised his hand to lift her luggage.

"Huh?" She looked at the man in shock, not understanding his series of actions. "Why are you taking my luggage?"

"What do you think?" As if he were looking at an idiot, he faced the stairs and started making his way up with her luggage in hand.

It was only then that she understood what the annoying fellow intended to do. The man probably thought that she did not have the strength to carry her luggage up, so he was lending her a helping hand.

A faint blush colored her cheeks at the thought.

"W-Wait for me…" She quickly trailed after him.

"Meow!" Pudding meowed when she ran after the man and followed suit.

Following the man, she got a good view of his broad shoulders and wide back. This made her heart accelerate again.

This man always causes my heart to flutter unintentionally. He's making me fall more and more for his charms.

One step after another, she carefully put her feet on the places he had put his while trailing him from behind. A small smile crept into her lips.

She transferred her gaze on to the floor in a daze, only to end up slamming her face into a sturdy back.

"Ah!" she exclaimed, covering her nose.

Ouch, ouch, ouch!

"Stupid woman, you can even collide into something while walking." He felt someone ramming his back and quickly turned around with an exasperated look.

This dumb woman can't even walk properly.

Still covering her nose, she lowered her head and pouted sheepishly. "Who told you to stop walking suddenly?!"

He exasperatedly smirked at that.

This dumb woman actually dares to blame me for it.

"Your back is so hard my nose bridge almost broke from the impact," she muttered indignantly while rubbing her nose.

Unbeknown to himself, a smile slowly wormed its way into his eyes as he regarded this woman who was acting petulant like a kid.

"Let me take a look." His voice was tinged with gentleness.

Before she could protest, the man was already leaning forward and inspecting her nose.

His well-defined palm gently caressed her nose bridge, and as though playing a prank, he squeezed it.

After he did that, he casually evaluated with a serious look, "It's not broken."

She was totally flabbergasted by his actions. W-What is this annoying fellow doing?

"Y-Y-You—" The man did not wait for her to recover from her shock and just quickly retracted his hand.

He lightly coughed and continued speaking as if that scene had never happened. "All right. This will be your room from now on."

She turned to look at the room and was shocked when she recognized it for her past room!

"This…" She forgot everything that had just happened as her attention completely drawn to this bedroom.

"Why? You don't like it?" Mistaking her shocked expression for dislike, the man's forehead creased slightly.

"No, no! I love it!" She quickly corrected him. "I… am just curious how you knew that I've lived here for over ten years and why you arranged for me to stay in this bedroom, which used to be mine."