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520 Ji Ziming, I am in pain.

"I don't—"

She was forced to swallow the rest of her words by the man's gaze.

Seeing the hidden threat in his icy gaze, for some reason, she was unable to continue speaking.

He peered at her lightly and then said, "Pei Ge also agrees."

"Really?" Mother Ji smiled brightly as she turned to look at her.

When she did not show any signs of rejection, his mother's smile grew even wider.

"That's great, then. Since you guys agree to my idea, let's have you two try it out." Mother Ji was so happy she cupped her mouth with her hands.

"Mhm." He lightly peered at the slightly dazed Pei Ge and hummed in reply.

"Mom, we have something on, so we'll be taking our leave now."

By the time Pei Ge returned to her senses, the man had already bid his mother goodbye for the both of them.

"Huh? This early?" Mother Ji was a little taken aback.

"Yes. We have something on this afternoon." He nodded.

She could only nod in return at that as she shot Pei Ge a look full of unwillingness to part before she returned her gaze on to him and reminded, "Remember to bring Ge Ge along to our house whenever she's free, okay?"

"Mhm-kay." He nodded again.

Only then did Pei Ge realize that she seemed to have been sold off by the man!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Ge Ge, although our Ming Ming looks pretty cold, he is actually not that at all. You will know that once you two start living together."

Looking at the woman clasping her hands affectionately, Pei Ge's mind went blank once more.

Come again? When did I say yes to living together with Ziming?

How come I didn't remember agreeing to that?

"Auntie, did you—" Misunderstand something? A well-defined hand quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her up from her seat before she could complete her question.

"Ah!" A little surprised, she widened her eyes at the man who had pulled her up from the sofa.

Of course, this man could only be Ji Ziming.

"What are you doing?" She glared at him fiercely.

That almost gave me a heart attack. Can't this annoying fellow just speak if he's got something to say and not get physical on me all the time?

"You should go back to 'work'," he reminded with a nonchalant look.

As this couple did not tell anyone about her studies at Bauhinia Court, the two other women were unaware that this supposed 'work' was not actual work per se.

"Huh? Where is Sister Pei Ge working now? Why does she have to work on a weekend?" Qin Qitong asked.

The man did not spare his cousin a glance, though, and just pulled Pei Ge out of the place.

"Ji-Ji Ziming, what are you doing?! I can walk by myself; don't pull me! I said not to pull me!" She was forced to follow the man out of the door as he was pulling her hand tightly.

Mother Ji's eyes almost turned into slits from smiling so happily as she watched her son and her future daughter-in-law leave 'sweetly' and 'hand in hand'.

She was so happy she even failed to register the girl's words from next to her.

"Auntie, look, look! Cousin is going overboard…"

The girl's words were automatically filtered out by her as she continued to watch the receding backs of the couple.

"Ge Ge, remember! We agreed to go shopping tomorrow!" she shouted after them. Even when she did not receive a reply, she still murmured happily, "Look at that little couple; how sweet…"

The two, thus, left the place in this way.

Even after they were out of the building, the man still did not let go of her wrist.

As such, they quickly attracted the attention of many outside the building.

She was incensed when she felt the pointed looks of those around them.

"Ji Ziming, let go of my hand now!" She struggled to pull her hand from his, but the man's grip was so tight it was as if he were holding a treasure, so she was unable to break free.

This aggravated her immensely.

"Ji Ziming, let go of me now! I'm in pain!"

Once she said that, he promptly let go of her hand that she could not free no matter how much she tried.

The anger on his face also eased somewhat.

"Pain?" He frowned at the wrist he was holding just then and quickly saw that it had turned red.

The furrow in his brows deepened and hurt flashed past his eyes.

Unfortunately, she, whose attention was all on her wrist, did not notice it at all.

Truthfully, when she complained of pain just then, she felt no such thing.

Hence… she was also shocked to see his hand imprint on hers.

Why is it so red?!

"Look at this!" She pouted indignantly at him, feeling wronged. "I told you to let go of my hand, but you didn't listen! Look at what you've done to my wrist!"

She lifted her wrist to his eye level.

He clenched his hand tightly at the sight of the red imprint on her tender and fair wrist, which was clearly the result of him grabbing her too tightly.

D*mn it! Why did I hold her wrist with so much force…

"Also! Why did you tell auntie that we are going to live together?! There's clearly nothing about that in the contract!"