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519 The annoying fellow wants to cohabit with me?!

"All right. I understand. We will live together from today onward."

A certain Mr. CEO stared right at Pei Ge.

"After all, we are dating with marriage in mind."

Huh?! Aye, aye, aye?!

She gawked at Ji Ziming's expressionless face.

What did this annoying fellow just say? Our relationship is fake! What does he mean by 'dating with marriage in mind'?

What do you mean by 'we will live together'?

You must be kidding me!

"Is that so? That's great!" A smile blossomed on Mother Ji's face when her son easily agreed to her suggestion.

"You are truly my son!" She grinned at him and then shifted her gaze on to the lady gawking at them.

"Ge Ge, you must be really happy," she remarked gently.

Hur hur… I'm happy, all right… I'm so happy that I want to cry!

Pei Ge felt helpless when faced with her smiling face.

Fine. I'm guilty of gloating over Ziming's situation, and now it's my turn to be gloated at. Gosh. Why did he say that?

He only agreed to auntie to placate her, right?

She was just thinking of that when her guess was quickly debunked by the mother-son pair's next exchange.

"Son, where do you guys plan to live? Don't try to placate me because I will really go over to check on you two." She chuckled warningly at him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Mhm-kay. I will quickly choose a place for us to stay." He nodded. While his expression remained nonchalant, his tone was very serious.

Hey, hey, hey! CEO Ji, what has gotten into you?! Don't tell me that you really want to 'cohabit' with me, your bogus girlfriend?!

Her shock continued to stack up high as the pair's conversation ensued.

"He he! Good. I'll really come over as soon as you two settle in." Mother Ji's eyes shone with scheme.

Knowing her son well, she could tell that his words were the truth and not merely for placating her.

Pei Ge's mouth twitched at sunshine smile of the man's mother.

She turned to look at him quizzically.

This guy… can't really be intending to cohabit with me, right?!

This must be unreal!

Noting her shock, for some reason, his lips curled upward.

She spotted his lips curling and was instantly enraged.

This annoying fellow! Our contract mentioned nothing about cohabiting!

Also, why is no one asking me for my opinion about this cohabitation plan?! I'm clearly the most important party involved!

"Wait, auntie. I don't think you've asked me for my opinion yet." She glared hatefully at him before she quickly retracted her gaze.

"Mhm?" Mother Ji turned to look at her with puzzled eyes before she had the time to retract her smile.

"What opinion?"

She could not help but sputter inside when she saw the woman's innocent look again. Don't tell me that, other than being a tease, auntie is also a sly fox?!

"Cough, cough! That is… I don't agree to this cohabitation plan." She coughed while facing the middle-aged woman's expectant gaze.

"Hm? Ge Ge, why?" Mother Ji was so surprised by her words.

"Is it because our Ziming is not good enough, or do you think that he's not handsome enough, so you don't want to live with him?"

… You can't decide to cohabit with a man simply based on whether he is handsome or not!

Her lips gave a violent twitch as her eyes drifted on to him.

Still… This annoying fellow is really handsome, so even if he's not rich, there should be countless women wanting to cohabit with him…

As her gaze drifted on to him, she realized that he was staring at her.

In his smoldering eyes, she seemed to spot… anticipation? Hm?! Anticipation?!

She blinked and took a closer look at him.

There really was a significant dose of anticipation in his eyes.

What is this annoying fellow looking forward to? Don't tell me…

She widened her eyes in shock at the man.

Don't tell me that this annoying fellow is anticipating my reply?!

She involuntarily gulped.

"Ha ha ha! It must be that my Sister Pei Ge finds living with my cousin to be like living with a big block of ice – cold and boring – so she doesn't want to live with him," Qin Qitong joked.

Although she was clearly saying that in jest, Mother Ji still nodded took her words seriously.

That's true. Living with my son seems to be a little boring…

Mother Ji thought for a while and realized that she did not take Pei Ge's feelings into consideration just then. She was such a good lady and was her Love's 'benefactor', so she could not 'repay kindness with ungratefulness'!

"Ge Ge, if you—" Don't want to, then forget it.

Her words were cut short by her son, though.

"Mom, Ge Ge will live with me. After all, we are a couple dating with marriage in mind," he coldly stated, stopping her words in their tracks.

His gaze slowly turned onto Pei Ge. He cocked a brow at her as he gazed at her slightly round and tender-looking face.

"What do you think, Pei Ge?"

She was so dumbfounded by his action she gawked at him. Inwardly, she asked, Is this annoying fellow crazy?

I don't want to live with this annoying fellow. I unknowingly fell in love with him, so if we live together, that will be the worst for me!

After all, we will separate one day. Since that's the case, I want to lessen our interaction as much as possible.

"I don't—"