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518 You two should cohabit!

"Ge Ge, Ziming, have you two cohabited?"

Everyone in the living room froze.

"Psst!" Mother Ji's words surprised Pei Ge so much she spewed out the water in her mouth before she could swallow it.

Luckily, there was no one opposite her or it would definitely be a disaster.

"Auntie, what are you saying…"

If even the usually vivacious Qin Qitong felt a little embarrassed, what more of the actual couple involved: Pei Ge and Ji Ziming?

Pei Ge stared wide-eyed at her, thinking in shock, She's joking, right?

"Mom…" Ji Ziming frowned at his mother.

At their agitated reaction, she just blinked innocently. "What? Did I say something wrong?"

"…" Pei Ge's mouth twitched at her innocent look. Isn't that really something wrong?

Who mentioned 'cohabitation', then?

Inexplicably, an ominous feeling rose from her heart when she saw her smiling at the two of them.

"Haven't you guys heard that it is the way of a gangster to date without marriage in mind?" Mother Ji grinned seriously.

The entire living room fell silent again at this.

'It is the way of a gangster to date without marriage in mind'?

Auntie, you must be kidding me! What has that got to do with cohabiting?

If Pei Ge had water in her mouth right now, she would likely spew it out again.

She thought that this topic was already explosive and stimulating enough, but who knew that his mother's next words would be like a lightning bolt striking her?

"So, Ziming, Ge Ge, you two… should cohabit."

"…" Pei Ge: Auntie, what did you just say? I must be hallucinating!

"…" Qin Qitong: Auntie, you're a little too farsighted!

"…" Ji Ziming: I don't know what to say.

"Don't tell me that you guys are not dating with marriage in mind?" She blinked at the two innocently when she noticed their blank looks.

Help! Auntie, please tell me what dating and cohabitation have to do with each other?!

Who dictated that dating with marriage in mind requires cohabitation? That's an exaggeration!

"Mom—" Ji Ziming frowned, seemingly wanting to say something.

However, his mother did not give him a chance to do so.

"Ziming, tell me honestly; do you want a relationship where you split up with just a word? Are you playing with Ge Ge?" She gave him a stern look.

"…" Pei Ge was again stunned by what she had heard.

Auntie! I'm still here, so please consider my feelings! What do you mean by 'playing with me'?

Ah. That's not right. I am just his shield. I don't have to be so invested in this show.

Pei Ge, whose mind suddenly cleared up, turned to look gloatingly at the man.

There was a deep frown on his flawless forehead and a sense of helplessness in his obsidian eyes.

"Mom—" He did not expect his mother to say such things; hence, he did not know how to respond momentarily.

"Don't call me 'mom'. Quickly tell me what your plans are." She was giving an expression that said, 'If you don't answer me now, don't call me 'mom' anymore!' as she looked at him.

"… I am serious about this." He took a deep breath.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Really? You're dating with marriage in mind truly?" She quickly pressed on.

"Mhm," he hummed in response.

Mother Ji's eyes promptly lit up at his response, her eyeballs seemingly turning in their sockets.

"Great, then. You guys will start cohabiting from today onward to cultivate the feeling of living together after marriage." She smiled triumphantly at him as she made this declaration in a voice that brooked no argument.


Pei Ge was shocked by her words. Still…

She raised her head and stole a peek at the man. When she saw that he was about to lose his calm, she suddenly felt like laughing.

I really didn't expect him to have such a mother!

Why do I feel that his mother is here to jinx him?

"I…" He frowned and then paused. He moved to speak again, but when he spotted Pei Ge's gloating look, he swallowed his words.

"Mhm?" Mother Ji turned her brightly lit eyes on her son when she perceived that he was about to speak.

She had no choice but to bring this up today as she knew her son very well.

Awkward, low EQ, and extremely proud.

Although her dumb son was dating Pei Ge now, she could still see that something was off between the two.

The two were supposed to be lovers, but they did not give off the aura of lovers. Still, if one were to say that they were not dating, that would not be right, too, as the two clearly had feelings for each other.

By rights, she was supposed to turn a blind eye to the situation at hand and see through his girlfriend's true characters first before she decided on whether to support her dumb son or not.

However, after knowing that this young woman was actually the benefactor who had saved her Love without wanting anything in return, she decided that there was no need for that anymore!

She is definitely a good woman!

It will be terrible if such a good lady is scared off by my low EQ son.

"Son, the Ji family doesn't have an unfilial son who plays with a woman's heart." She continued to pressure her son.

Pfft! Auntie, are you kidding me? What does 'playing around with a woman's heart' have anything to do with being an unfilial son?

Also, you are really going too far! Our relationship is fake, so he definitely won't be able to play around with me.

After thinking this through, Pei Ge continued watching the man get roasted by his mother.

What she did not notice, though, was that the man was also watching her!

He cocked a brow at her when he saw that she was trying to contain her laughter.

"All right. I understand. We will live together from today onward."