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511 Our Story that Has to Be Told

"Auntie, don't think about this anymore. You didn't intend for that to happen, so don't feel down like this."

She smiled warmly at her.

Mother Ji sighed in relief upon hearing that, and the eyes she used to look at her turned gentler.

"That's right; that's right. Sister Pei Ge is such a good person. She's not the type to hold a grudge against others. Don't blame yourself about it anymore!" When Qin Qitong noticed their clasped hands, she covered her mouth and giggled.

"Are you sure you're not angry with me?" Mother Ji asked again.

"Mhm. Very sure. That incident doesn't have a direct correlation to auntie," she affirmed while smiling.

"Then, can you tell me what occurred at that time, which resulted into this picture?" Mother Ji's eyes were shining once more. Gone was her guilty feeling just then.

At her abrupt change in expression, the corner of Pei Ge's mouth twitched.

Fine. I finally know now what Ji Ziming inherited from his mother. It's their ability to change face and temperament in the blink of an eye.

"You can't circumvent this. I was truthful to you about my fault moments before; it's your turn to be honest now!" Staring at her earnestly, Mother Ji gripped her hands more tightly. She seemed intent on not letting her go if she did not come clean about the picture.

"You're forbidden from lying! You can't say something like our Ziming brought you there out of kindness! I know you guys visited the gynecologist department, and you checked for pregnancy!"

Pei Ge was, in all honesty, intending to say something along that line, but she had to rest that idea at Mother Ji's words.

Helpless, she could only nod and reveal the truth.

"Actually, that's just a huge misunderstanding. We're still not in a relationship back then."

"Misunderstanding? What exactly happened between you two?"

The two's curiosity increased by a fold at her words, and they stared at her expectant eyes.

"Sister Pei Ge, continue speaking. Hurry!"

Pei Ge pursed her lips at the two. "Can I not say it? There's really not much to be said about it."

"No way!" The two shouted this at the same time.

Pei Ge looked at them exasperatedly, feeling shy.

Must I really tell them of my first meeting with that annoying fellow at that club?

She had even treated him as a gigolo and tried to buy his service for the night.

Also, she had dragged him into a couple suite to sleep the night.

All right. Even though nothing had actually happened between them, with the wild imaginations of these two women, they would probably think that something had happened between them!

"Sister Pei Ge?"

"Ge Ge?"

She regained her senses and met the eyes of the two who wanted to know the 'truth'. She then sucked in a deep breath and decided to give an abridged version of it to them!

"I didn't meet Ziming at the company. Rather, it's at Bar Vista."

Qin Qitong immediately exclaimed in shock when she finished speaking.

"My gosh! How unexpected!"

"What, what? Where is this Vista located?" Compared to the real youngster and owing to Father Ji's shielding, the fake youngster was totally clueless on what and where Bar Vista was.

"Oh. It's the number one club in the capital! Many single individuals and couples patronize that place to exchange interests!" The girl casually explained it to her.

Hey, hey, hey! Student Qin Qitong, is it really good for you to say this out so plainly?! No matter what, you are still speaking to an elder!

As she was spitting this inside her, she spotted Mother Ji perking up at her niece's words.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"It sounds like a great place! Qitong, when do you plan to bring auntie there for a look? Let's bring Ge Ge along, too." She beamed at Pei Ge after saying that.

Her look seemed to be saying, 'Look, I'm a good companion!'

"…" Her mouth twitched really speechlessly at this.

"That can't do! Uncle will beat me to death if he finds out! Also, also! Suggesting for us to bring Sister Pei Ge there, are you sure you're not trying to harm me?" The girl snorted.

"Your uncle doesn't dare to." She shrugged her shoulders in nonchalance.

Hearing this made the girl roll her eyes, and she muttered inwardly, Uncle doesn't dare to do anything to you, but he won't be as nice to me.

Pei Ge noted the aunt-niece pair's distraction as they 'happily' chatted about another topic and heaved a sigh of relief. This time, these two should've forgotten about my existence and wouldn't remember to make me talk about this photo's conception, right?

However, just as she thought this inwardly, the girl brought the talk back on track again.

"All right, all right. Auntie, we should continue listening to Sister Pei Ge's story! If you don't want to anymore, then don't disturb me from doing so!"

Once the girl reminded her of that, this madam turned all her attention to Pei Ge again.

"Right, Ge Ge. Hurry up and continue! I definitely won't interrupt you this time!" She grinned affectionately at her.

However, Pei Ge, who had seen through her real disposition, was certainly not fooled by her acting.

She had no choice but to continue her 'story' under their urging.

"I drank too much back then and misunderstood Ziming. Coincidentally, when I reported for work at my new company, in a few days' time, he became my superior…"

"Aiya! Ge Ge, looks like you are a match made in heaven with our Ming Ming! This is totally a scene out of a drama! How romantic!" Mother Ji could not help butting in with her exclamation

"… Er… it's not that exaggerated." Pei Ge's lips twitched again when she noticed Mother Ji's drunken expression and heard her words.

What do mean 'a match made in heaven'?! I and that annoying fellow are more like archenemies!

"What happened next? What happened next? Aiya, Auntie, stop interrupting!" the girl complained.

"When did I interrupt? I was just voicing my thoughts."

She shook her head in exasperation at the pair of aunt niece bickering before her again. It looks like this aunt-niece pair is treating me as a storyteller now!