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478 Could it be that you lost your most precious virginity?

"Tang Xiaoyu, you a*shole, who values a lover more than a friend!" she choked out. "Do you have any idea how worried I was about you these few days…"

"Ge Ge, sorry. I'm so sorry… I'm an a*shole; it's all my fault. Don't cry."

Her best friend sounded contrite as she incessantly asked for her forgiveness over the phone.

"Who's crying?! Who's crying?!" She sniffed angrily. "I'm certainly not."

"Yes, yes, yes; you're not crying. I'm the one in tears," her best friend quickly agreed.

Pei Ge was usually easygoing, but as her best friend, Tang Xiaoyu naturally knew what the other was really like deep down.

Oftentimes, she was a tolerant girl, but at heart, she was a princess.

This princess was sensitive and was especially hard to please.

Her princess-like personality did not usually appear, unless she was feeling very upset or another party was at fault.

Right now, she was in her full-blown princess version.

Hence, she could only agree to whatever this princess say without a complaint. If she did not do that, this princess would probably… torture her until she went crazy.

Under her patient coaxing and cajoling, the princess finally calmed down.

"You jerk who values a lover over a friend! Although something happened to your boyfriend, you should at least give me a call. Do you know how worried I was when I couldn't contact you?" Pei Ge hugged her phone while sitting on a wooden bench in her neighborhood's park.

"Sigh… The moment I got off the plane, I received news of Zhengrong being in a coma at a hospital after a car crash. Shocked, I panicked and…" Her best friend trailed off.

"And you forgot about your phone, as well as my existence, right?" Pei Ge rolled her eyes unhappily.

"… I'm sorry, Ge Ge. I was really panicking then. You don't know; Zhengrong's condition was pretty bad at that time. In fact, he just woke up—"

"Stop! Are you honestly saying that you only remembered me because he woke up?!"

She cut off her best friend's words and angrily asked that. What happened to being friends forever?! Now that she's in a relationship, I'm no longer her top priority?!

"Ugh…" Perceiving her anger over the phone, her best friend softly denied her allegation. "It's not like that."

In fact, this lady who was in New York felt a little sheepish the moment these words left her mouth.

This was because she had actually only remembered her best friend when that pretty woman at the elevator had mentioned a certain 'Brother Ziming'.

"Hmph!" she coldly harrumphed, clearly not buying her lie.

"Ge Ge, don't be angry anymore. Next time… There won't be a next time for this because I will spend my every waking moment thinking of you!" she declared with much conviction.

The soft-hearted Pei Ge had actually long forgiven Tang Xiaoyu's act of prioritizing a lover over a friend.

In fact, she was even heaving a sigh of relief inwardly.

Her best friend was okay, after all. Truthfully speaking, she just wanted to vent some of her anger, or it would be a waste of her insomnia these past few days!

"Right, Ge Ge. I saw your messages and asked auntie about that incident earlier on the phone. Seriously though, which incompetent hospital is that?! Let's sue them! How aggravating!"

She nudged her mouth at that.

"How much time has passed since that incident?! Sue, sue, sue! I want to sue you the most, all right?!" She pouted.

"He he… Luckily, auntie is fine." Her best friend tried appeasing her with that.

"Of course!" She snorted.

"Then… Ge Ge, who lent you the money at that time?" her best friend asked curiously.

"You have the nerve to ask?! If you weren't out of reach, would I be borrowing money from Ji Ziming, that annoying fellow?!" Just recalling that event agitated her.

If her best friend had been available at that time, she would not have borrowed money from that annoying fellow.

"What?! You borrowed from your superior?!" Tang Xiaoyu cried out in shock. From what she knew of her friend, it was totally unlike her to borrow money from her superior.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"That's right. Who else can I borrow from if not him?!" she mumbled gloomily.

"Ge Ge, I say that your boss must like you." Tang Xiaoyu grinned.

Pei Ge jumped up from her seat when she heard that.

"Pui! Xiaoyu, I won't ever answer your call if you speak such nonsense again."

"Yes, yes, yes. It's fine if he doesn't like you. Why the big reaction? I was just joking with you." Her best friend felt exasperated. "Ge Ge, you have suffered a lot recently."

"It's okay now. Everything is over, anyway." Pei Ge stretched her back and contentedly looked up at the night sky, which was dotted with the occasional stars. She suddenly missed Old He's Eastern Fence Abode.

"Actually, this farce isn't so bad. After all, you and auntie now know the true colors of your relatives."


As she was feeling very calm, she easily agreed to her friend's assessment, only to process what the latter had said.

"Isn't so bad, my foot!" she swore – something she rarely did.

"Huh?" Tang Xiaoyu was taken aback by her cursing. Clearly, she was clueless on which of her spoken word had angered the princess. "What's wrong, Ge Ge?"

She sucked in a deep breath at her friend's careful probing.

"Sigh… Xiaoyu, you don't know what I lost because of that incident." Just thinking of that contract made her feel very depressed.

"Huh? What did you lose? Don't tell me you lost your 20-odd-year virginity?" Tang Xiaoyu was amused when she heard her sigh.

"… Scram! The thing I lost is my most precious freedom, all right?! Freedom!"