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470 I will see how you earn your girlfriend’s affection.

Despite Ji Ziming's grumpy look, he was still dragged into the kitchen by Old He.

Anyway, his reason for agreeing to enter the kitchen with the elderly man remained a secret to Pei Ge.

The middle-aged woman, who also seemed to have something to do, left the room quickly.

Hence, Pei Ge was left in the spacious room by herself.

Once she finished her tea, she stretched lazily and then left her seat.

She was too absorbed in chatting with Old He just then so she only noticed now that the sky outside was already dark.

Seeing the night sky glittering with stars, she felt as though she were in a dream.

She had not seen these many stars in so long.

She saw the surrounding greenery being gently caressed by a passing breeze and heard the soothing sound of flowing water, and her heart felt at ease and at peace.

Taking in the beautiful scenery around her, she slowly sat cross-legged on the floor.

"So beautiful…" she involuntarily murmured.

This place is really beautiful.

It would've been great if mom could come here, too.

"Ziming, you rascal. Since you want to learn cooking from a stupid old man like me, you are not allowed to give up halfway!" Old He warned sternly once they were inside the kitchen.

Peering lightly at him, Ji Ziming coldly said, "The term 'give up' doesn't exist in my dictionary."

"He he! Good. From here on, you, lad, are now considered as partly my disciple." His smiling face turned serious in an instant. "Come, lad, let me hear you call me 'master'."

"Old He…" Ji Ziming's expression turned a little awkward as his brows furrowed together.

"Rascal, if you don't call me 'master', I won't teach you how to cook! If I don't teach you how to cook, let's see how you earn your girlfriend's affection." Old He teased the young man further upon noting the latter's unwillingness to call him 'master'.

An awkward silence ensued for a moment before Ji Ziming finally gave in and said resignedly, "… Master."

"Great! Since you can't be deemed as my proper disciple, we shall do away with the ceremonial tea." Old He grinned at him, feeling gleeful inside.

Among my disciples, this lad probably has the greatest background!

He is also the grandson of my best friend, Old Ji!

Ha ha ha! I bet Old Ji has never even thought that his grandson whom he is the proudest of would actually neglect his work to come over and learn cooking from me!

"I will call you 'master' only when I'm learning cooking from you; otherwise, I'll just address you as 'Old He'. I don't want others to know that I'm taking cooking instructions from you, after all." Ji Ziming regarded the elderly chef helplessly.

Old He did not make things hard for him; he knew that the lad was a prideful person. If others were to find out that he was taking cooking lessons for a woman, he would probably turn livid from embarrassment!

"Yes, yes, yes. No problem. I'll definitely keep this a secret." He beamed at him in amusement before saying, "You can't blame me if the secret gets leaked due to carelessness on your part, though."

"That's okay; I'll take responsibility if that happens." Ji Ziming nodded his assent.

"Is Pei Ge, that lass, that important to you?" Old He could not repress himself from asking this upon seeing his unemotional face.

"…" Important? Is Pei Ge really that important to me?

He fell into a trance at his question.

He himself did not know why he had placed that call to Old He.

By the time logic returned to him, the agreement was already in place.

In any case, he did not have the word 'regret' in his vocabulary!

Moreover, the idea of learning how to cook for that woman did not repulse him, so he just let things proceed as they were.

"Alright, lad, let's stop talking about this and get down to business. I'll teach you the basics first." Noting his complex look, the old man did not press him for answer anymore.

"Okay…" Ji Ziming nodded calmly.

Hence, the pair of young man and old man, both exuding extraordinary aura, stood side by side before the stove and took advantage of preparing dinner to begin their first cooking lesson.

"Lad, from now on, the moment we step into the kitchen, you're not allowed to bring your handphone in."

Old He warned sternly when he heard his phone ring while they were preparing dinner.

Ji Ziming nodded. He was about to hang up when he caught a glimpse of the caller ID. Frowning slightly, he decided to pick up the call.

"Master, I'll take this call outside for a moment," he notified.

"Go on; go on. I'm almost done cooking dinner, anyway. Don't bother returning here after you take the call. Just accompany that lass." The smile returned on Old He's face the instant he mentioned her.

"Okay." With that, Ji Ziming proceeded to leave the kitchen with the phone in his hand.

Once he was outside the kitchen, he walked some distance away before answering the call.


"Brother Ziming!"

"It's so beautiful…"

Pei Ge was sitting comfortably on the grass, her ears ringing with the sound of nature and her eyes being filled with the twinkling of the stars above, when she heard a whisper.

The voice sounded a distance away from her, so she was unable to see who had spoken.

This 'noise' somewhat peeved her as it destroyed the tranquility around her.

She felt even more peeved when she identified the speaker to be her employer.

"Didn't this annoying fellow go to the kitchen to assist Grandpa He? Are they done cooking?" she muttered under her breath. She remained sitting on the grass, however, and merely tilted her head upward once more to gaze at the night sky.

Ji Ziming seemed to be done with his phone conversation as the sound of grass getting shuffled sounded softly. This disturbance grew nearer to the spot she was sitting.

Unfortunately, she was now very immersed in her stargazing that she did not notice Ji Ziming's arrival at her side.

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