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437 The dumb woman actually had the guts to hang up on him.

After making sure that the 500,000-yuan compensation would go to that gastric-cancer patient who shared her mother's name, she subsequently left the hospital.

Her footsteps felt much lighter once she exited the place; it was as though all the accumulated negative energy in her body had been thoroughly purged.

She lifted her head to look at the pale blue sky and moving clouds, and a resplendent smile blossomed on her face involuntarily.

"How great!"

Dad, mom and I are very healthy, so don't worry about us anymore up there!

She silently prayed to her father with a smile on her face.

She was about to zone out from watching the sky, but the phone in her bag rang at this moment.

She pulled her thoughts back and retrieved her phone.

Seeing that the caller was that annoying fellow, her mood instantly plummeted.

What is that annoying fellow calling me for?

She picked up the call, feeling confused.

"Hello, CEO Ji."

"… Ziming." The man's low and cold voice came through the phone.

"Ah, Ziming. Is something the matter?" Correcting herself, she inquired about the reason for the call.

"Go to Lily's now," he merely ordered.

"Huh? Lily's? Why?" she asked, perplexed.

"Did you forget about the dinner banquet we are scheduled to attend tonight?" The man was obviously displeased.

"I didn't forget…" At this point, she finally figured what the man was getting at.

This annoying fellow wants me to drop by Lily's place to get a makeover, huh. He should've just been direct about it from the start, she mumbled inwardly.

"I understand, Ziming. I'll go to Lily's for a makeover," she said.

"Mhm. Where are you now? I'll have someone pick you up," he asked in his ever-apathetic voice.

"No need; no need. I know where the salon is. I'll go there on my own." She hung up quickly after saying this and boarded a taxi.

Meanwhile, the man on the other end heard his phone's busy tone and his face immediately crumpled.

Toot, toot, toot! The man's forehead scrunched up tightly at the series of beeping sounds coming from his phone.

That d*mn, stupid woman! I'm not done speaking yet! She actually had the nerve to hang up on me first!

"Miss, we are here."

She hopped out of the cab after paying the fare.

She peered at the high-end salon and walked in with a smile.

As this was not her first time coming into this salon and, in both times, she had been accompanied by Ji Ziming, the two beautiful receptionists immediately recognized her.

"Miss Pei, is CEO Ji not with you today?"

"Miss Pei, Sister Lily has been waiting for you!"

Pei Ge was a little overwhelmed by their attention, especially when the two receptionists looped their arms around her to guide her in.

Following them in, she quickly reached the room she had her makeover done by Lily twice before.

The room's layout was still the same as ever. Nothing changed, except for the clothes and shoes inside.

"Ge Ge, you're here." Lily was inside a contemporary studio. When he saw her walk in, he promptly got up from his chair, but seeing the clothes she was wearing, he frowned disapprovingly.

"What are you wearing?! What did I tell you in my texts every day?!" He stopped in front of her with an exasperated look.

Pursing her lips, she met his furious glare with diffident eyes.

"Sorry about that, Lily."

Lily seemed quite fond of her, as no matter how busy he was, he made it a point to send her messages every day about some fashion tips.

But ever since her mother was misdiagnosed, she had been too occupied to read his messages.

"Pei Ge, if you just told me that you are not interested in fashion, I wouldn't send you all that boring stuff every day." Lily unhappily tut-tutted.

He was a highly acclaimed stylist in the fashion industry. Anyone that was in the field would have to call him 'teacher'.

There were many who wanted to be his disciple – to learn the craft from him – yet she was on a whole new level. He put all his heart into teaching her, but she apparently did not appreciate it. How could he not be disappointed?!

Noting his disappointment, she explained apologetically, "Lily, I'm so sorry. You misunderstood. It's not that I'm not interested; I was just quite preoccupied with my mom's condition, so I didn't get the chance to study the learning materials you had sent over…"

Lily's mood considerably improved at her explanation.

"Hng!" he grudgingly acknowledged.

"Sorry, Lily. I'm in the wrong, so don't be angry anymore. I'll definitely properly study the stuff you sent me from here on!" She appealed to his kinder side by tugging at his sleeve.

She was not a thankless person, and knowing that he had been teaching her sincerely, she honestly wanted him to forgive her.

"Alright. Since you are apologizing this sincerely, I will forgive you this one time." He poked her forehead lightly with his lotus finger.

A joyful smile spread across her lips at his forgiveness, but before it could linger for a bit longer, he continued.

"I'll forgive you… but only under one condition!" He winked at her cunningly.

"Huh? Co-Condition? What condition?" A sense of foreboding gripped her heart.

"About that… Of course, it will be…" He chuckled sinisterly.

Noting his scheming smile, she carefully retreated a few steps.

"Today, you'll follow my instructions obediently! You must accept whatever style I give you without complaints!"