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435 It is all this quack“s fault!

"So what do you plan to do?"

The two women looked at her in resignation. Just like how they understood Qin Qitong's character, they pretty much knew Bi Zheng's personality, too.

Although he might look as if he did not care for anything else, as long as it was related to something he cherished, he would always insist on his stance no matter what others said.

A good example was his girlfriend. Bi Zheng really cared a lot for her.

Whose girlfriend would make her boyfriend eat only her packed rice box for lunch on work days? It was awfully plain, too.

A big man like him was eating white rice and preserved vegetables, with the occasional improvement of egg toppings, at every lunchtime at work, yet he never did make a peep about it and, in fact, ate it with much gusto.

The man likely invested a lot into that relationship based on how he put his girlfriend on a pedestal.

"I must tear that vicious woman's mask off in front of him!" Qin Qitong balled up her fists and said this with much conviction.

The other two ladies in the room could only shake their heads in resignation at her sudden recovery from her seemingly maudlin mood moments ago.

The two exchanged worried glances.

If Qin Qitong's claim were true, then Bi Zheng's girlfriend was unlikely to be a simple person, or she would not have him tightly wrapped around her finger.

"Qitong, don't be rash. Tell us, your two sisters here, first if anything happens again," Pei Ge wisely advised, giving her a look of concern.

Pan Xinlei nodded in agreement, a light glinting in her eyes. "You lass, if you catch our friend's girlfriend in the act again, definitely let us know before you expose her."

Qin Qitong nodded in all seriousness at their advice and then happily exclaimed, "Mhm! I know my two sisters. Relax; I'm not that stupid!"

Sigh… You are indeed not stupid. Rather, you are too naïve for your own good! Pei Ge commented inside.

Once they were done with lunch, Pei Ge did not return to the office with them but hailed a cab to go home, instead.

Her mother was having a siesta in her bedroom when she reached home.

She tiptoed around the room, careful not to disturb her mother's rest. Secretly taking both of Zhang Manhua's medical reports, she left home again.

She once more flagged down a taxi toward the hospital that had first conducted her mother's checkup.

The only reason her mother had had her checkup there was that it was the closest hospital to their neighborhood.

Hence, she reached the hospital quickly.

She paid the fare, then alighted from the taxi, and strode to the hospital.

She did not waste her time registering this time and just made a beeline for the office of Doctor Wu, who had conducted her mother's checkup last time.

Knock, knock, knock! Taking a deep breath, she rapped her knuckles on the wooden door to his office.

"Come in." Doctor Wu quickly called out from the inside.

Pak! She slapped his door open and walked in impassively.

"You-You…" Doctor Wu, who was in a white gown, stuttered in his shock. "What are you doing here?"

Smirking, she coldly remarked, "How unexpected; Doctor Wu actually still remembers me."

"Ugh…" He could see that she was not here with good intention, so he stealthily dialed the hospital security's number.

Her expression turned colder when she noticed his actions. Having been spending plenty of time with Ji Ziming, even her frosty look was now starting to resemble the man's.

Indeed, it had scared this doctor.

"Doctor Wu, even if you call for help now, I'm still the reasonable one here." She glared at him fiercely. She had not been this angry before.

However, for some reason, ever since she stepped into his office and noted his look of shock, the anger inside her had been boiling.

In fact, she could not help but mutter inside, If not for this quack, I wouldn't need to be this deeply entangled with Ji Ziming and even sign that 'slave contract'!

"Miss Pei, what are you doing?" Perceiving the anger in her eyes, the doctor's hand, which was holding the telephone, trembled.

"Is-Is it because your mother's condition worsened?" he asked hesitantly.

Everything would have been better if he had not mentioned that. Alas, he unintentionally fueled her anger.

"'Condition worsened'?" She glared daggers at him and screeched, "You quack! How is it possible for my mom's condition to worsen?! You guys clearly made a wrong diagnosis!"

The doctor froze in shock.

"Wr-Wrong diagnosis? How's that possible?!" He shook his head in denial, quickly reasoning, "Miss Pei, maybe you made a mistake. I know you don't want your mother to contract such a terrible disease, but she regrettably does indeed have gastric cancer.

"It's better to seek treatment immediately with her condition." As though he were not done adding oil to the fire, he added this last part carefully.

"Sick, your brother!" she swore on reflex, finally exploding from his last words.

This quack caused my family a few sleepless nights and loss of appetite from all our worries, yet he is still actually claiming that my mom is sick!

She really wanted to hit this quack a few times to release her anger.

"Miss Pei, please be more respectful," the doctor remarked unhappily, unwilling to continue listening to her.

She rolled her eyes speechlessly at him.

This time, she decided to stop being cordial. Retrieving the medical records from her bag, she slammed them both on to his desk.

She probably used too much strength as, when she slapped the reports on the table, they ended up landing on the face of Doctor Wu, whose head was lowered.

"Aiyo!" he exclaimed in shock. While the slap of the reports on his face did not hurt, he was still angered because he felt that he had lost face.

"How can you hit people?! You don't even respect our uniform!" He glared angrily at her.

She, who slightly felt apologetic when the reports landed on the doctor's face, took back her decision to apologize at his censuring words.

"It's you who have no respect for your uniform!"