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393 Fine, I marry! I will marry you!

"'This contract will only take effect once Mr. Ji Ziming and Ms. Pei Ge receive their marriage certificate'?!"

Her mouth hung agape the moment she read this line enclosed by brackets in the contract.

In her rush to settle her mother's situation, she just skimmed through the content of the contract earlier without bothering to read the words in the brackets, thinking that they would not matter much.

And since the font for the words within the brackets was a size smaller than the main text, it was really easy to overlook them.

Now, she stared open-mouthed at this fine print and, after recovering from the shock, came to the realization that she had fallen for this man's scheme hook, line, and sinker.

"You-You…" She lifted her head and, shifting her focus away from the contact, stared crossly at him.

This annoying person probably did it on purpose! She initially thought that the man had changed for the better, but who knew that he would actually be up to something again?!

All his concerns for her mother were fake! He was probably holding a grudge against her for that last stunt she had pulled on him, so he decided to lay this trap.

This annoying person was most likely thinking that she would not marry him and was, therefore, deliberately torturing her!

"You are doing this on purpose!" She fumed at the thought of this man still being in the mood to prank her despite her mother's worrisome illness.

He frowned at her abrupt outburst.

Why was this d*mn woman suddenly so angry?

Yes, he had indeed planned this, but he had also not harmed her.

"Mhm, I did it on purpose." His eyes narrowed as anger brewed in them.

His admittance to this fact made her shuffle her feet in discomfort. And to think she was about to make excuses for him – that he would not do such a thing.

"You! You are so wicked!" She clasped her fists tightly together as she tried to control her surging emotions and not let tears spill from her eyes.

Her earlier gratitude for what he had done vanished entirely, and all she had now was resentment toward him.

"I am wicked?" He pursed his lips into a thin line and then regarded her coldly; his mood was not any better than hers.

Although he had plotted against her, it was not with ill intention. He was just… He was just…

He was also a little upset now.

His somber mood did not last long, however, and he quickly recovered from it.

Regarding her with an unreadable look, he spoke solemnly, "The choice is in your hands; if you—"

He was about to say that, if she was unwilling to have any relations with him, he would not force her into having one and would still help her with her mother's surgery, but she loudly interrupted his words before he could say them all.

"Fine! I marry! I will marry you!" She glared at him with fiery eyes and spoke through gnashed her teeth.

While she liked the man in front of her, his actions showed that he clearly had no feelings for her; that was also why he could use her mother's illness so unscrupulously against her.

When he heard her agree to marrying him, his heart beat violently and a deep sense of joy welled up within him.

However, noting the fire of anger in her eyes, his heart sank almost at once.

She seems to be very angry. Why is she so angry?

At his numb look, she sneered and sarcastically asked, "I suppose CEO Ji didn't expect me to agree, right? Is it fun to prank me?"

"What are you even saying?!" Tightly knitting his brows, he spoke in a voice teeming with unhappiness.

"CEO Ji, since I have already agreed, let us go to the Civil Affairs Bureau." She met his gaze with indifference.

His heart weighed heavily from sadness upon seeing her expression.

The present situation was far from how he had imagined this would pan out.

He could not fathom why this woman was so angry. Did she dislike and detest him that much?

"Don't regret it," he said deeply, his fists tightening.

"I won't regret this. I hope CEO Ji won't regret it, too." She curled her lips sardonically.

He had always been a proud person. When this woman, whom he cared about, treated him in such a way, his heart felt really uncomfortable.

"Well, since you have agreed, let's make it clear that in future, your every word and every move must be in accordance with the contract." He fixed her with a cold gaze.

"Fine," she agreed without hesitation.

"In the future, no matter what opinion you have, you must still obey me unconditionally, " he added upon seeing her unfazed look.

"… Fine." She nodded after a short silence.

"No more blind dates next time." His eyebrows moved as he coldly issued this order.

"…" Hearing his command, her lips involuntarily twitched.

"Mhm?" When he saw her hesitate to follow this order after being unfazed by his previous commands, he glared at her while sounding his displeasure.

"I am about to 'marry' you; how can I still go looking for blind dates? I don't want others to think that I am a loose woman," she spoke with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

I really don't know what goes on in this annoying person's mind. Though he is smart, he can be so stupid at times. Ke ke!

At her contemptuous look, he, who had always been proud, was not at all angered but felt blissful, instead.

This was because… all his focus was on what she had just said.

Though he felt happy inside, his face was devoid of it.

"Since you have agreed, let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau."