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363 If you lack money, you can call me anytime.

Pei Ge did not know what was wrong with her. She had clearly fought with Ji Ziming just this afternoon after work and had even resigned so resolutely, yet she was now sitting in his car!

"Ke!" she coughed lightly and, pursing her lips together, awkwardly sat in the passenger seat.

When he stated his intention just then, instead of rejecting it, she obediently got into his car.

Indeed, a woman's brain is fuzzy at her weakest, she muttered depressingly inside.

"Are you hungry?" he asked, as though he did not notice her discomfort.

"No," she quickly replied.

Her stomach chose to protest at this moment.

Gu lu lu! In the silent night, where only their breathing was permeating the air in the car, the rumbling of her stomach was especially loud.

"Uh…" She hung her head low in shame as her cheeks flushed.

With her head lowered, she did not notice that a particular CEO, who was driving the car, was smiling happily.

"What do you want to eat?" he asked plainly.

"I'm really not hungry…" she mumbled.

Who knew that her stomach would be so unruly today?

Gu lu lu! Her stomach once more belied her reply to his question.

She was really made speechless by this. It was the first time her stomach had rumbled so much.

Admittedly, with how chaotic her day had panned out, food was the last thing in her mind, and adding her recent bout of crying to the mix, it was really normal for her to feel hungry now.

"What do you want to eat?" he asked in a voice filled with happiness.

He seemed to find enjoyment in her hunger.

"… Desserts!" She was silent for a while and then, as if in revenge, blurted out his most-hated type of food.

Hmph! Who told you to keep asking me what I want to eat?

He arched an eyebrow at her reply.

"If you can't, you can just send me home." She shrugged in relief when she saw his arch an eyebrow.

She had just said it casually to dissuade him. Besides, she had no plan to have dinner with him.

Who knew that he would not back down, though?

"Which shop do you want to go?" Turning to face her, he asked this softly.

She blinked skeptically over his easy acquiescence to bring her to a dessert shop and found his behavior today to be very strange.

What was wrong with this annoying person today?

She had clearly thrown a fit at him earlier, and given how proud he was, he could not have been over that by now enough to treat her this nicely.

Why would he treat her this nicely now? It made her uneasy.

"Which shop do you like to go?" he gently asked again when she only looked at him in a daze.

"CEO Ji, are you alright?" she asked.

"…" His mouth twitched at her question.

"What do you think?!" With narrowed eyes, his expression grew somber.

Was he not even allowed to treat this foolish woman gently?! Seriously!

She heaved in relief at his dark expression.

This was the annoying person she knew!

"CEO Ji, you can just send me home…" She trailed off when he veered off from the road home.

"Ji Ziming! I already said I'm not eating! What is wrong with you?! Don't you understand human language?!" she yelled. Even if she was hungry, what mood did she have to eat?

Her mother was still waiting for her to return home!

"…" He frowned coldly and turned to face her again. "But you are hungry."

"Yes, I'm hungry, but I don't have the appetite to eat, alright?! My mom is sick! She's waiting for me at home right now! Where will I find the mood to have dinner with you, a respectable CEO?!" she spat, unable to withhold her mother's sickness from him.

He was stunned by her revelation and quickly understood why she was sad and why she cried.

"What sickness does Auntie have?" he asked softly.

"… None of your business." She hung her head low as she felt tears threatening to form in her eyes again.

"Are you in need of financial help?" he parked the car by the roadside and addressed her seriously.

"No," she denied without looking at him.

"…" His frown grew deeper at her pretense.

"If you need financial help, you can tell me anytime," he said slowly after a long silence.

How could she not need financial aid?

If she did not need monetary support, she would not have rushed to her relatives' house and run out in tears afterward.

He looked at her intently and knew inside that he had guessed the situation correctly.

This woman probably failed to borrow money from Pei Zhenghui.

For some reason, the thought infuriated him.

It seemed that he had to teach Pei Family Real Estate a lesson some more.

However, what made him more infuriated was this woman's stubborn refusal to accept his help.

"Oh, I know," she acknowledged, her eyes trained on the car's flooring.

She was not so thick-skinned to ask help from him. After all, she had just treated this man rudely and resigned from his company so resolutely earlier.

Furthermore, although she failed to borrow money from her relatives, she still had her best friend.

She could just ask for a loan from her without needing to trouble this annoying person whom she would not have any further relations to in the future.

Besides… She did not want to meet this man again.

Ever since she met him, nothing good had ever happened to her.

First was Liu Yue, then her cousin… and now her second uncle…

Thus, they should no longer meet in the future.