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319 The annoying fellow is childish enough to abuse public power for personal gains.


Pei Ge and He Yan flinched at the angry bark from the CEO's office.

Pei Ge especially spat inside, Fine. It looks like I have angered CEO Ji a lot this time, so I should probably give that annoying fellow a wide berth today.

The two, who were quietly sitting at their desks, soon saw Lu Huiya run out of the office with puffy red eyes. Her face was full of hurt and fear.

Pei Ge gave the frightened Lu Huiya a sympathetic look, but the latter took it in a negative way and flared up at her.

"You! What are you being smug about?! You still dared to laugh even after showing up late?! You are too shameless!" With red eyes, she hatefully glared at her.

She was momentarily made speechless by her hateful words and thought indignantly inside, I didn't even do anything to you.

"Hey, be careful of what you say. You were just scolded by CEO Ji; another time and you might end up like Li Wen," she calmly reminded with a smile.

"You!" Although Lu Huiya was truly mad at her, she did not dare start a fight with Pei Ge.

When she left in a frazzled state, Pei Ge merely harrumphed and powered up her computer to start her day's work.

Meanwhile, a certain CEO, who was only a wall away from her, was not in such a good mood.

"That damn woman!" He, who was sitting in his leather chair, coldly narrowed his eyes.

To actually dare describe me as a stray dog – and a cute and obedient one at that – that damn woman is certainly not putting me in her eye!

Bang! In his rage, he heavily slammed his palms on his work desk again.

He was originally in a bad mood because she was not discerning enough to ask him for help in the elevator, so after hearing her describe him as such, how could his mood not plummet further?

He, whose heart was burning with rage because of her, looked at the glass shards on the floor and narrowed his eyes.


He pressed the button connected to one of his secretaries' internal phone.

"Pei Ge, come into my office!"

She was stunned by his summon of her through the internal phone.

She put down the phone in a daze as her heart was gripped by anxiety.

That stingy and annoying fellow can't be thinking of taking revenge on me, right? We are still in the office, so he won't be that petty, right?

Knock, knock, knock! She nervously knocked on the door to the CEO's office.

"Come in!" She could almost hear the barely suppressed fury from the cold and low voice that came from inside the room.

She nervously gulped, opened the door tremblingly, and stepped into his office hesitantly. She looked as if she were preparing to face death.

Pak! Reluctantly closing the door behind her, she stopped at the doorstep.

"CEO Ji, is there anything I can help you with?" she asked softly.

"Why? Am I that scary? You are standing so far away." He sat straight up in the real leather chair. Noticing her wariness, he felt his anger burn further.

Am I a raging flood or a savage beast that you should hide far away from?!

"Er…" She blinked her eyes, not knowing how to answer him.

"Come over," he ordered with a cold look.

"Oh." She lowered her head and unwillingly strutted toward him upon noticing his angry expression.

Seeing her slow-paced walk, as if she were a little wife, he felt angry and amused.

She looked like a timid and meek wife so much he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"CEO Ji, do you need something from me?" She felt his hot gaze on her. Gulping, she carefully raised her head and softly asked him this question.

"Don't you see the glass shards on the floor?" he icily answered with a question, quickly retracting his gentle expression the moment she lifted her head.

Only when she heard this did the nervous Pei Ge, whose entire focus was on him, realize that a pile of glass shards was on the floor not far from his desk.

"Oh, alright. CEO Ji, I will clear these glass shards right away." She sighed in relief.

Whew! Fortunately, his only purpose for calling me in is to do some housekeeping. Nice! I was almost scared to death by the thought that he had summoned me over to take revenge on me even to the extent of abusing his power!

At her relieved look, he could not help but nudge his mouth, Do you think I'm that lame?

"Mhm, hurry," he lightly hummed and then impassively flipped open the files on his desk.

It was as if he did not notice her existence as he focused on the files before him.

Noticing his act of treating her like air, she finally felt at ease. She hurriedly fetched a broom and a dustpan from outside the CEO's office and then proceeded to sweep all the glass shards on the floor.

Swa, swa, swa! While she tried to quietly sweep the floor with the broom, the glass shards bumping into one another as they were transferred into the dustpan still produced some noise.

She reflexively raised her head to look at him, and when she saw that he did not seem to be bothered by the noise, she put more force into her actions to quicken her pace.

Soon, she was almost done sweeping all the glass shards on the floor. However, afraid that a certain CEO would blow his top if he discovered a mote, she squatted down to look for any wayward glass shards she might have missed during the sweeping.

Sure enough, she found a small piece of glass shard on the floor, which had not been swept into the dustpan.

As it was just a tiny piece, she decisively picked it up with her bare hand.

She was about to throw the piece of glass shard into the dustpan when she heard—

"What are you doing?" His low and clear voice startled her.

"Ah!" Her hand shook, and the glass shard pierced her finger.

Ouch! A look of pain momentarily flashed across her face.

It was just for an instant, but he still caught her pained expression.