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284 The Sulking CEO Who Cannot Be Bothered to Talk

The night sky was a sight to behold with the moon hanging up high and the stars dotting it.

With this banquet venue being far from the bustling town, no other sound could be heard except for the elegant waltz the musicians were playing.

Pei Ge carefully looked at Ji Ziming then shifted her gaze on the pairs of women and men gracing the dance floor.

This must be something I also need to learn… she muttered depressingly to herself.

"Let's go." Lowering his head, he suddenly said this to her.

"Ah, now?" she asked with puzzlement. They seemed to have just arrived.

"Why? Don't tell me you want to stay and dance?" he asked with a frown.

She hastily shook her head and denied, "Of course, not. I can't dance."

Seeing the flustered manner in which she shook her head, he faintly smiled. He then turned around and walked in the direction of the exit.

When she saw him truly leave, she hurriedly chased after him.

While their leaving did not attract the attention of many, it did catch the attention of a few.

The few pairs of eyes remained fixed on them until they were out of sight.

"Tha - That, CEO Ji…" Getting into the car, Pei Ge's eyes shifted from the fast-moving scenery outside to Ji Ziming's side profile and stammered this.

He turned to look at her and slightly lifted his chin upon seeing her forlorn appearance. "Speak."

"Ca - Can you drop me off somewhere else?" She averted her gaze and requested this in a flustered manner.

"You're going somewhere at this time? Where do you want to go?" he asked frostily.

She inexplicably sensed danger from his tone of voice.

"I - I met my second uncle at the banquet earlier, and he asked me to make a trip to their house tonight." She cautiously glanced at him and mumbled this.

"Oh." He nodded lightly.

"CEO Ji, if not… You can just drop me off at any station in the city; I can just take a taxi to my second uncle's place." She now regretted asking him for a ride.

She should have just gone straight home and then took a taxi to her second uncle's house from there. That way, she would not have to face this annoying person's ire.

"I'll send you there," he said after casting her a look.

She smiled at his words. "Thank you, CEO Ji."

Okay. This annoying person occasionally pulls a grumpy face, but he is actually a softy inside.

After successfully hitching a ride from him, she happily called her mother.

She first dialed the home's landline but no one answered.

Suspicious, she made a call to her mother's hand phone.

The phone connected after a few rings this time.


She smiled when she heard her mother's voice. "Mom, are you not home? I called our home's landline and nobody picked up."

"Oh, I am not at home now; I'm at your second uncle's place," Zhang Manhua replied.

She was surprised to hear this.

"Mom, why are you at second uncle's house?"

"Ke Ke, your second auntie invited me over. Since I don't have something on, I went over to catch up with her and Shishi." Her mother sounded as if she were in a good mood.

In contrast, Pei Ge's mood was a bit heavy.

If this matter happened in the past, she would not put any thoughts to it, but now…

She could not help but feel that things were not as simple as they seemed, and that her mother could have been deceived by Pei Shishi as well…

"Ge Ge, what's wrong?" her mother asked curiously when she did not speak for a long while.

"Nothing. I called to inform you that I'm on my way to second uncle's house and will be home late, but you are unexpectedly there," she answered.

"Oh, what a coincidence! We can go back together, then." Zhang Manhua laughed happily upon hearing her words.

"Mhm," she hummed in response. This was when Zhang Manhua thought of something.

"Something is off, Ge Ge. Why are you going at your second uncle's house at this time of the night?" she asked skeptically.

"Oh. I happened to meet second uncle when I was attending a banquet with my boss. He asked me meet him at his house tonight as he has something to discuss with me," she explained plainly.

"What matter?"

"Alright, Mom. Let's talk later; I'll hang up first."

She then cut the call.

Once the call ended, the joy on her face vanished, and her thoughts became chaotic.

She could sense that something was off, but then again, she could be overthinking things.

"What happened?" Ji Ziming asked when he saw her odd expression.

His voice calmed her frustrated heart like spring water.

Forget it, forget it. Why am I thinking too much?! All is good.

"Nothing." She slightly shook her head and did not elaborate.

He could tell something was troubling her, but her unwillingness to confide in him caused him to sulk.

He looked deeply at her and then coldly turned away, his whole being exuding a suffocating chill.

Du Wen, who was sitting in the driver seat, felt the change in the atmosphere from behind.

He gulped his saliva and did not dare to think of what was up with his big boss and this amazing woman.

He focused on driving in hopes of quickly bringing Pei Ge to her destination.

It was in this manner, with Pei Ge not being in the mood to chat and the sulking Ji Ziming not wanting to be bothered to talk, that the car reached Pei Zhenghui's villa.

The car reached her destination, yet she was still unsure of what she was going to face next.