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235 The birth of a stunning woman is to be beautiful!

"Yes, perfect!" Lily excitedly waved his hand to signal the people around Pei Ge to disperse.

Finally! After three hours of hard work! This woman's face is really suited for makeup!

Her facial features were exquisite, and whatever makeup he applied on her, her face would be able to display the look he was going for, which gave him a pleasant surprise.

Fascinated by the woman sitting in the chair with her eyes closed like a sleeping beauty, Lily reveled in his handiwork.

"Eh… Sister Lily, that - that lady seems to have fallen asleep…" the small assistant whispered as she eyed the woman reclining in the chair with her eyes closed and breathing evenly.

"…" The room descended into silence with this statement and countless pairs of eyes turned to regard the obedient woman in the chair.

Never mind if one did not observe carefully, those who looked closely were rendered speechless.

I'll be damned! She really fell asleep! Many people are fussing over her, yet she still managed to sleep like a dead pig! Awesome! all the stylists serving her muttered inwardly.

The initially captivated Lily immediately returned to his senses.

"Asleep?" He looked at Pei Ge with wide eyes.

This was his first time encountering a client who could sleep through their frenzied work!

"Hey, hey! Wake up, wake up!" Lily poked her ribs with amusement.

Pei Ge immediately woke up from her sweet dreams with that poke.

"Oh?" She dazedly opened her slightly moist eyes.

With her current makeup and hairstyle, as well as her natural seductiveness, all the stylists around her received a shock.

"What's wrong?" Pei Ge, who was in the middle of orienting herself with her surroundings, spoke with a hoarse voice.

Lily and the rest returned from their dazed state when they heard her voice.

"God, I didn't think she'd be this pretty."

"Yes! Who knows she would have such an air when she opened her eyes?"

"Take a photo! This is probably our best work this year!"

While she could not wrap her head around on what was causing them to be excited, she could feel their concentrated gazes on her.

These people seem to be talking about me… As she was pondering on this, a mirror suddenly appeared before her face.

"AHHH! Ghost!" Her sharp scream rang about and shocked the room full of fashion experts.

She was frightened by the woman who had suddenly appeared before her. Her scream only grew in intensity when she saw the frightened look of the lady in the mirror.


"… What are you screaming about?! You really scared me!" Lily patted his chest and rolled his eyes at her.

"Tha - That…" Only then did she realize that before her was just a mirror.

"Don't tell me you were frightened by your reflection?" Lily rolled his eyes when he saw her point at the mirror. "Oh, please. The woman in the mirror is you. That reflection also looks beautiful, so from what angle does it resemble a ghost? Seriously!"

"Th - That's me?!" She widened her eyes in disbelief at Lily's words.

"Who else?! Little Fish, give her the mirror." Lily pouted at how silly Pei Ge's reaction was.

"Oh!" The small assistant, who was holding up the mirror before Pei Ge, quickly gave it to her.

Holding the cold mirror, Pei Ge was stunned for quite some time by her reflection in it.

Was the pretty woman in the mirror really her?

The smooth mirror clearly reflected her current image.

The initially dyed yellow hair was now dyed into a very natural brown, and she did not know how this salon had dyed it, but the gloss level was really pretty.

Her originally straight hair went from a soft perm into a very natural-looking wavy hair.

Silky smooth linen brown curly hair cascaded on her shoulders. She always had voluminous hair, and after getting a perm, it looked even more abundant.

It was just as many novels had described – hair like seaweed looked lively from behind.

Most importantly, this hairstyle made her face look small. The initially round, pearl-like, fleshy face of hers was transformed by this hairstyle into a goose-egg face.

Of course, her face appeared to be slimmer due to the makeup.

The woman in the mirror had fair skin that was white and tender, as though water could be drawn from it.

The makeup was also very appropriate for her face. It was neither too light nor too heavy, giving her a clean and refreshing look.

This was especially the case for her pair of doe eyes. After being embellished with faux eyelashes and eyeliner, her eyes looked more active and attractive.

She blinked at her reflection, and her reflection blinked at her as well.

"Gosh…" Is that really me? I am too beautiful I can't even recognize myself!

Seeing the shock on her face, Lily chuckled and said, "Do you think that you are very beautiful?"

"Mhm! Very beautiful!" She nodded as she continued to gaze at herself in the mirror.

"My skillful hands are of course incomparable!" Lily boasted as he once more laughed at her silly look.

She reluctantly shifted her eyes away from the mirror to regard the smug-looking Lily. He may have a… weird way of dressing himself, but he is honestly skillful!

This was like a makeup miracle! It was very, very, very beautiful!

"Alright, stop sitting there in a daze and hurry up! Go into the dressing room to change! Time is running out." Lily smiled at her with pride.

"Oh!" She nodded and was about to take the clothes into the dressing room when she found out—

"This, this, this, this outfit can be worn?!"