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217 Light the spark and run away? Not a chance!

Inside a certain hospital ward, a man and a woman were embracing each other on the floor face to face, with their noses touching each other. It was such a romantic and beautiful scene that should not be disturbed.

It was just a pity that there was this type of disappointing people who would appear at such romantic moments.

Just as Pei Ge's and Ji Ziming's lips were about to have an intimate contact again—

"Ah!" An excited cry rang about, effectively disrupting the spell that the two were in.

Qin Qitong walked into the ward and saw the practically naked Ji Ziming lying on the carpeted floor with the shy and dazed Pei Ge on top of him.

Furthermore… The two seemed as if they were about to share a kiss?!

Qin Qitong's eyes widened in surprise as she blushed profusely. In her excitement, she exclaimed, "Er, er, er! Sorry to interrupt you guys. Please continue and pretend that I'm not here! I'll be leaving now!"

She then rushed out of the ward, slamming the door on her way out.

Ha ha ha! I knew it! My cousin and Sister Pei Ge are in a relationship! Ha ha ha! I am really amazing!

Peng! The slamming sound of the door woke Pei Ge from her infatuation to the man.

"Ah!" She hurried to separate herself from him.

In her haste, she accidentally pressed on the man and caused him to groan in discomfort.

"Wu!" This woman! Can't she calm down a little?!

"Ah!" Knowing that her actions had hurt him, she hurriedly apologized, "Sorry! Sorry! I was too anxious!"

"Hmph!" he coldly harrumphed upon seeing her get up from his chest. He then sat on the carpeted floor as though nothing had happened.

Although she was now clear-headed, her face was still flushed from the earlier event. Her cheeks grew redder at his nonchalant action of walking to the hospital bed and putting on his clothes.

AHHHHHH! Pei Ge! Pei Ge, what you did just then is embarrassing! You're infatuated again! You're usually not a lovestruck fool, but every time you meet this annoying person, you somehow end up losing yourself to his face! Ke, ke, ke! That body, too! It's really tempting me!

"I - I will leave now." She presently did not dare to look directly at his body, despite knowing that he was already fully clothed, as it reminded her of his perfectly sculpted torso.

Hearing her desire to leave, the fully clothed Ji Ziming glanced sharply at the fidgety Pei Ge and ordered, "Don't move."

She did not move at his order.

"CEO Ji, is there anything else?" she asked softly. She was so embarrassed that she could not wait to leave the room.

"My breakfast?" He continued to look sharply at her as his voice revealed a hint of displeasure.

"Ah? Breakfast…" She blanked out for a moment before realizing why she there. Oh, yes! I am here to deliver his breakfast!

She promptly looked around for the food container she had brought with her.

Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes at Pei Ge who kept on avoiding looking at him by lowering her head.

This woman clearly seduced him earlier, but now that the spark was lit, she wanted to shirk her responsibility for it by avoiding him.

How infuriating!

Nothing was on the floor except for the food container that she had dropped earlier, so she immediately spotted it.

Seeing that it had rolled to the side, she hurriedly walked over to pick it up.

Once she picked up the food container, she anxiously gulped and muttered inside, I luckily cooked noodles today, but… they fell to the ground in such a manner. The food inside is still edible, yet… Would this annoying person eat it?

Deep in her thoughts, she mechanically put the food container on the square table and maintained her gaze away from his direction.

When she opened the container, the aroma of seafood escaped. It smelled nice, but it was not presentable.

The few simple small dishes were still passable, but the noodles, which were placed at the bottom, were… too horrible to look at!

"Uh…" She looked at the messy food and gulped. This fussy and annoying person would surely find fault with her again, right?

She carefully lifted her head to look at the man, hoping to see his current state of mind.

When she furtively looked at him, her eyes unexpectedly collided with his. She realized with a start that he had actually been looking at her all this while.

Startled by his stare, her mind promptly conjured the image of his muscular chest….

"CEO Ji, this breakfast can't be eaten. Why don't I go out and buy another set for you?" She was blushing while she was asking this. She kept her head down to avoid making eye-contact with him.

The corners of his mouth curled at the sight of her acting like a blushing little wife.

"Why can't it be eaten?" he countered, his tone of voice seemingly suggesting that he found her words ridiculous.

"Because…" She was about to give a reason, but she widened her eyes, instead.

"Yi?! CEO Ji, you mean to say that this food can still be eaten despite looking like this?!" She was surprised by his words and asked this wonderingly.

This fussy and annoying person is actually willing to eat the food that has rolled all over the place and… Yuck! It looks like a pig's food. Why do I find the thought scary?!

"Why can't it be eaten?" Ji Ziming asked coolly and arched an eyebrow at Pei Ge who had finally lifted her head.

"Can - Can! Of course, it can be eaten!" I just didn't expect a picky person like you to actually eat such a messy food.

Ze, I really wish Sister Yun can see this. Look at the master whom she claims to only eat high-class cuisines.

At that thought, she could not help but smile happily. She had completely forgotten about that awkward incident earlier as she smiled like a little fox that had caught its prey.

Seeing her heartfelt smile, he began to smile as well.