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216 Intimate Contact that Can Make One“s Heart Beat Fas

Peng! The pair of Ji Ziming and Pei Ge fell to the ground with a resounding thud.

Fortunately, she was standing on a carpeted floor.

Still, such a fall was definitely not comfortable.

She shut her eyes firmly as she anticipated a lot of pain from the fall with the additional weight of Ji Ziming.

However, not only did she not feel any pain from the fall, she even felt that something soft and comfortable to the touch cushioned her fall.

Yi?! Why did it not hurt?

It was then that she realized that she was in someone's embrace.

"Wuuu!" The nearby groan jolted her out of her contemplation.

She opened her eyes and saw a face a hair's breadth away from hers.

This face was currently contorted with frustration.

"CEO J - Ji?!" She widened her eyes in shock, realizing that he had actually broken her fall. "Why are you below?!"

At a loss for words, he merely looked helplessly at the dumb woman on top of him.

Should he say that he was worried of her getting injured, so he pulled her into his embrace and became her landing pad?

"CEO Ji, are yo - you alright?" she stuttered. As she moved to get up, she noticed that her whole body was in his embrace. Their position, no matter how one looked at it, was rather ambiguous.

Her cheeks instantly reddened from embarrassment.

She did not know where to put her hands. It seemed that wherever she placed them would be scorching.

"I - I…" In such a situation, her mind was a blur.

Feeling the woman's touches everywhere, he inhaled sharply and, with a deep look and a rather hoarse voice, said, "Stop touching me!"

"Ah, so - sorry! Sorry! It's not on purpose!" Her cheeks reddened further.

His order frightened her into not moving in his embrace. She was afraid that she would touch somewhere she should not.

His recent shower probably heightened the fresh minty smell on his body, as she promptly caught a whiff of this smell that was uniquely his.

Pu dong, pu dong! Unknown whose heartbeat it was, the intense thumping was felt by the both of them.

She lowered her eyes to avoid looking at his face that was mere inches away from hers. She could feel her cheeks getting redder with every passing moment. Her parched throat and dry tongue caused her to be speechless.

He looked at her flushed cheeks and shy countenance – the way she lowered her eyes and how charming it was.

He temporarily forgot the pain he was in as his eyes soaked in her beautifully flushed face that seemed capable of bleeding at any given moment.

"Have you lain down enough?" The man's voice was cold; the hoarseness of it added a layer of sexiness to his person.

She could feel her ears warming at the man's hoarse voice as her head lowered even further.

She almost fainted from embarrassment at their ambiguous position.

The shy her, however, did not expect that the man's most private part would directly be in her line of sight the moment she lowered her head.

Below the abdominal muscles, the grey briefs seemed to be wrapping a dragon and the huge bulge underneath it gave a strong sense of aggression.

She did not know if she were seeing things, but the bulge seemed to get bigger the more she looked at it; her heart beat faster.

Her mind was a complete blur. A ringing sound in her ears caused her not to hear anything else besides the loud thumping of the heart. Pu dong, pu dong!

While he could not see her face with her head down, he could tell from her red ears that she was currently feeling very shy.

"Heh!" he involuntarily chuckled at that.

At her red ears, a doting look appeared in his eyes that even he was unaware of.

"Are you done looking?" He used his palm to lift her chin, his voice revealing his amusement.

She shifted her gaze away and broke out of her fainting state.

He smiled at her blushing face. Beads of sweat could also be seen on her nose.

"Enjoyed the sight?" The man, who was usually frosty, teased the shy and dazed woman.

The dazed Pei Ge nodded.

"He he…" he chuckled as his eyes became filled with amusement.

When she heard his chuckle, she unexpectedly shook her head.

"Mhm, you didn't enjoy it?" He arched an eyebrow and revealed a devilish and playful look.

She blinked upon hearing his voice, and the fog in her mind began to clear up.

"CEO J - Ji…" Seeing how close her nose was to his, her eyelashes fluttered. Although her lashes were not long, they were thick enough to mimic a butterfly's wings.

"Pei Ge…" he called out in return while looking into her bright eyes.

This woman always made him lose his self-control. She… always made him do things that were unlike him.

Ji Ziming used his palm to gently press the back of her head toward him.

Their faces got closer and closer and, in that instant, not knowing who enchanted whom, the air around them became warmer.

Just as their noses touched to the point of breathing in each other's scent and their mouths were about to reach each other's….