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178 Say it aloud if you like it!

Pei Ge passed the day in a muddle-headed state. Even after she got off work, she still could not wrap her head around everything she had recalled earlier.

She was in a daze the whole day and really could not fathom why her cousin would plot against her like that.

She had never offended her. Furthermore, after her father died, she did not have anything on her that would entice others to scheme against her.

She was such a simple person, so why did Pei Shishi—

The ringing sound of her hand phone interrupted her train of thoughts.

Whipping out her hand phone, the sight of the caller ID reminded Pei Ge of her date tonight.

"Hello, Dr. Chen," she quickly answered the call.

"Are you off work already?" Chen Zhengchu's low and steady voice came through.

"Yes, I am off work now," she replied softly.

"Come down, then. I am downstairs right now."

Hearing this, she was immediately stunned. "What?! Dr. Chen, you are downstairs at my company?!"

"Yes. I am not really busy today, so I decided to pick you up directly." He laughed, seemingly amused by her stunned reaction.

"Oh, okay! Then, please wait for me for a moment. I'll be there in a jiffy!" With that, she quickly grabbed her bag and dashed out of the office.

With the mad rush she was in, she probably broke her personal record for speedily leaving the company's doors.

"Ha… ha… ha!" Pei Ge panted from the exertion and her face was red when she reached the company's entrance.

Chen Zhengchu, who was sitting in his car, was taken aback by the speed at which she had rushed out.

He had never expected her to run all the way down here.

Looking at her flushed cheeks and the way she panted, his gaze inadvertently turned gentle.

"Why did you run? I am waiting here downstairs for you and won't leave without you." He got off the car and smiled at her teasingly.

"I just don't want to make you wait long." She smiled abashedly when she finally adjusted her breathing.

It was at this moment that he finally regarded her seriously.

"You are a good woman," he whispered with a slight smile.

Although she felt embarrassed at such a compliment, the more dominant feeling she had was one of confusion.

Why is he saying this out of nowhere?

"Let's go. Get into the car. I'll take you to a place with delicious food." He opened the door to the passenger seat for her in a gentlemanly manner.

She nodded her head with a smile. "Sure, but let me treat you today."

She still remembered that the meal he had paid for yesterday cost over 2,000 yuan. Thus, she wanted to treat him today no matter what.

"A man cannot let a woman pay on a date." He got into the driver's seat and smilingly refused as he fastened his seatbelt.

She insisted unhappily, "That is called male chauvinism. I must treat you today no matter what. Don't try to snatch this from me."

She had tested Chen Zhengchu yesterday on Pan Xinlei's recommendation, and, based on his performance, he passed the 'willing to spend money on a woman' test with flying colors.

Hence, from here on, if they went on a date, he no longer needed to pay for everything. That was not very polite, anyway, and it gave her a cheap feeling.

If they did not end up together, it would be quite awkward.

"Alright, I understand. I will listen to you." Chen Zhengchu peered at her and said amusedly, his voice filling with affection and doting.

This startled Pei Ge and Chen Zhengchu himself, and, because of that, they both fell silent.

With a lowered head, she thought inside, Dr. Chen… seems to like me quite a bit.

"Cough!" He lightly coughed and said, "Let's be on our way, then."

"Alright." She nodded her head with a smile.

The car quickly drove away from Chenguang Real Estate under a certain man's watchful gaze.

The man's face was so dark and cold it could strike one's heart with fear.

He watched the car drive off and then turned around to dial a number with his hand phone.

"Help me investigate a person…."

"His name is Chen Zhengchu."

Never did Pei Ge expect for Chen Zhengchu, who did not like sweet things, to bring her to a bakery to eat dessert!

"This…" She widened her eyes at the cozy and cutely decorated dessert house.

"I noticed that you have a sweet tooth last time, so I thought that you might like the food here." With a light smile, he gently explained.

"Yes, but - but Dr. Chen, you don't like to eat dessert." Although she was almost salivating at the sight of the dessert house, she still tried her best to control herself.

"It's fine. I don't particularly dislike it." He looked warmly at Pei Ge, who clearly wanted to eat the sweets from this dessert house but still tried her best to resist it for his sake.

"Today is the last day of the couple set promotion for this dessert house. In addition to a 40% discount, they are also giving two portions of mango pancakes for free."

"Really?!" Her eyes shone brighter. Swallowing her saliva, she asked meekly, "Then… Shall we have dinner here?"

"Why? Are you unwilling to eat here? If you dislike it, we can find another place to have dinner." At that, Chen Zhengchu pretended to want to leave.

This act of his totally tricked the startled her, who quickly pulled on his arm and said, "No, don't go! I am pretty willing to have dinner here."

Only after saying this did she realize that his gaze was on her hands, which were pulling on his arm.

As though she had touched something hot, she promptly released his arm.

Abashed, she glanced up at the man and whispered, "I was too anxious just now…."

He probably did not like people touching him, so he had such a big reaction.

"It is fine." He smiled warmly and gently at her and softly said, "Pei Ge, say it aloud if you like it."

"Er…" She looked at him with confusion. Did he say that because of my action just now?

"Dr. Chen, I was only…" Just as she was trying to explain herself, his next words once more gave her a shock.

"Pei Ge, I like you and think that you are a good woman. Let's… try dating with marriage in mind."