135 The Soft Mr. CEO

What Ji Ziming hated the most was anything sweet.

As long as something tasted sweet, he would not like it.

Being the top family in the capital, Ji could not be matched up by any average family.

Ji Ziming received rigorous elite education from a young age, and what he ate and wore were under constant, strict supervision. Everything, from head to toe, was carefully selected for him.

When he ate, it was not simply for enjoyment, nor was it to fill the stomach; first, it was to supplement the body with the required nutrition and, second, to enjoy.

A majority of people would eat all the types of food they wanted whenever they wanted as they were growing up. Ji Ziming never had that privilege.

However, he, who was relatively mature from a young age, never had any problem with not being able to eat all the food he wanted.

Under such strict education, Ji Ziming's aesthetic tastes were shaped.

He had elegant manners and was practically a male god in the eyes of others. His eating and drinking habits were refined and his lifestyle was extremely disciplined. Indeed, ordinary people could never hold a candle to him.

Growing up, he had achieved the peak of many things that ordinary people could never hope to match. His cultured manner, attitude in life, and mental fortitude originated from the kind of noble upbringing he had undergone.

He did not like to drink, but he loved wine, especially red wine, and only drank the best Château Pétrus. Although he did not like to exercise, he would still go to the gym once a week.

He loved his coffee, especially Blue Mountain. What he loved the most was being able to taste the coffee's essence.

A sip of coffee would let his taste buds enjoy the seamless blending of sweetness, sourness, and bitterness to the fullest. The taste was rich and mellow, sliding smoothly from his throat all the way to his stomach….

Thus, when he drank Blue Mountain coffee, he never added sugar or milk into it.

His life was refined, elegant, and disciplined. Not once had anyone disrupted his lifestyle.

Right now, however….

The cup of light brown Blue Mountain coffee, which had a whiff of sweetness, gave Ji Ziming a slight headache. He had not once drunk coffee with milk and sugar before.

"CEO Ji, the coffee won't taste good anymore when it gets cold." Pei Ge grinned at Ji Ziming and felt happy with his uncomfortable expression.

She did not know why Ji Ziming was so easy to bully today, but if she did not take revenge when she could, then she would not be doing herself justice.

Therefore, today, she took full advantage of his state. She did not force him to drink the coffee in any case; it was him who took the cup himself.

Furthermore, coffee with sugar and milk was very delicious to drink! How good of a drink could bitter coffee be?

Seeing that Pei Ge's face was full of expectation and her expressive eyes were as bright as the stars, he eventually relented and put the 'café au lait' on his lips.

Gu lu! He took a sip and his forehead folded.

This taste had a weirdness that he could not describe with words. It was not difficult to drink, but… He still did not like it.

She eyed his slender neck, and when she saw him swallow, she quickly smiled and asked, "How is it? Not bad, isn't it?"

He gently placed the cup of 'café au lait' down and answered with a neutral tone, "It's alright."

His affirmation made her ecstatic.

"I told you so! What is so nice about drinking bitter coffee? Only when it is sweet that it is nice to drink!" She declared smugly as she thought that her revenge was successful carried out.

Ji Ziming, this annoying person, should actually be thankful to her for rescuing him from the clutches of bitter coffee and opening the doors to a whole, new world for him!

"…" Damn! Can't you tell that my male god is just being polite?! What are you gloating about?!

The waitress, who was still standing at the side, could not take it anymore. She was merely intending to watch her male god, but the ignorant person, who dared defile the expensive coffee, beside him was just too much!

If she continued to stay there, she might be unable to control herself from doing something rash.

The waitress hurriedly left after shooting Pei Ge a nasty glare.

Pei Ge sighed with relief when the waitress, who had been watching her intently, left.

Lowering her head, she looked at her cup of coffee and felt a slight headache. The coffee cup was too small and she wanted to add milk, but….

Just as Pei Ge was thinking of pouring the coffee into the empty cup, a well-defined palm appeared and held her coffee cup.

"What are you doing?" She raised her head and asked this to Ji Ziming when she saw his expressionless, handsome face.

"I'll help you," he said flatly.

"Ah? Help me? Help me with what?" She looked at him strangely.

"Add milk," he calmly answered.

"No need; I'll do it myself. Your coffee taste may not be to my liking." She smiled as she replied. The annoying person really had a different personality today.

However, he did not bother with her and just calmly took the cup of coffee from her hand and the glass of milk in front of her.

Hwash! A cup of precious Blue Mountain coffee, in that instant, was completely drenched with white milk.

As the glass was transparent, one could clearly see the dark coffee blending with the white milk, winding together like silk.

"Why did you pour the coffee into the milk? Now, it's like milk tea." She blinked. Coffee in milk would not make it coffee anymore.

"If milk and coffee are mixed together for long-term consumption, they can cause damage to the liver. By pouring the coffee in the milk, you can prevent the latter from spoiling in your stomach." His slender fingers used the tweezers to put three cubes of sugar for her as he slowly explained.

The low, cold voice sounded like a clear spring and made her feel at ease.

She looked at him in a daze and seemed to see him for the first time.

Under the soft light, the man stared intently at the coffee in his hand; his slender and clean fingers stirred the coffee slowly with a silver spoon.

The action was obviously common, but when the man did it, it became something of beauty and elegance.

She thought to herself, This must be the gap between him and me.