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121 Miss, should I remember you?

Pei Ge stared with wide, disbelieving eyes at the man who was standing behind her like the grim reaper demanding her penance and, in that instant, forgot to speak.

While she forgot to speak, it did not mean that someone else forgot to do so, as well.

Pei Shishi's stunned look was replaced with a happy one and her eyes shone like the stars as she fondly called out to the man.


This endearing call made Zhou Zhuoyang feel uncomfortable.

Pei Ge was also stunned by the familiarity in Pei Shishi's voice and felt even more certain that her cousin always had feelings for Ji Ziming.

"Why did you not return my text?" Ji Ziming did not pay attention to Pei Shishi and only focused on Pei Ge.

Pei Ge's wondering thought froze at Ji Ziming's question as she felt the surrounding temperature drop by a few degrees.

"I don't know what you are talking about," she retorted unpleasantly upon seeing the man's cold face.

What a tone. It was not as though she owed him anything.

"I sent you a message." He frowned and said coolly.

"Oh, did you? Apologies. My phone is not switched on." Although she apologized, her attitude made it clear that she was not sorry at all.

"I know you read my message." Ji Ziming's eyes became colder at Pei Ge's obvious lie.

How could he not know whether her phone was switched on or not? He even knew that she had opened the text. Otherwise, how would he know that she was here?

"My phone isn't switched on." Pei Ge faced forward, refusing to look at him again, as she spit inside her, It's really hard to shrug off this annoying person!

She left the company because she did not want to see him, so why did she still have to face him now!

Looking at the seat opposite hers, she saw the two people's varying expressions and felt frustrated.

Damn it! I should not have gone out and just went straight home. How suffocating! Just as she was spitting this inwardly, her phone rang.

Pei Ge froze and stole a look at Ji Ziming. He was looking at her with steely eyes as he held a phone in his hand. It was as though he were saying, "Scam!" in response to her pretense that her phone was not switched on.

"Not switched on, eh?" Ji Ziming dryly commented as he exposed her lie.

"..." Pei Ge originally wanted to say that it was not her phone that had rung, but her skin was not thick enough for that. Moreover, her phone was just inside her bag behind her, so it was loud and clear where the sound was coming from.

Pei Shishi looked suspiciously at Pei Ge and Ji Ziming. Why would a person like Ji Ziming save Pei Ge's number in his phone? They also look close to each other! What exactly is going on?!

"Ge Ge, you know Ziming?" Pei Shishi smilingly asked this to Pei Ge, who did not look so well.

The stiff atmosphere was eased by Pei Shishi's inquiry.

Pei Ge's mouth turned down at Pei Shishi's question. "Cousin, don't you already know?"

Pei Shishi pursed her lips and her heart fumed with jealousy when she saw how Ji Ziming only had eyes for Pei Ge.

This high and mighty man who had no regard for women, why was he concerned about this ugly freak, Pei Ge? Was she not just a secretary?

Could it be as Liu Yue has said? Did Pei Ge really use a special method to seduce Ji Ziming?

With this thought in mind, Pei Shishi looked at Pei Ge darkly.

"Ziming, you haven't eaten, I suppose? Why don't you join us for a simple lunch?" She suppressed her jealousy and plastered a perfect smile on her face. When he did not respond, she added, "Ge Ge isn't done with her lunch, too."

This made Ji Ziming look at Pei Shishi before he sat in the chair next to Pei Ge.

"I'm done and ready to leave!" When she saw Ji Ziming block her exit by sitting next to her, Pei Ge's anger was evoked.

"Ge Ge, seriously, is Ziming your boss? You can even maintain your temperamental temper in front of him." Pei Shishi smiled at Pei Ge as she dotingly said this. Right now, she seemed to be a gentle, older sister who was kindly treating her disobedient younger sister.

"..." Pei Ge felt really uncomfortable because of her cousin's doting attitude toward her.

Although she used to be on good terms with her cousin, the latter had never treated her this nicely before, and this was even more so after she had gone overseas and returned home. Since then, Pei Shishi's attitude toward her had become much colder.

Is it because of Ji Ziming?

Pei Ge glanced at Ji Ziming, who was sitting next to her, and saw that he was still looking at her. She rolled her eyes and sighed coldly before turning her head over again.

Pei Shishi saw Pei Ge's attitude toward Ji Ziming and the hatred in her heart grew.

"Ziming, what do you like to eat—" Before Pei Shishi could finish her words, she was interrupted.

"This lady, who are you?" Ji Ziming finally shifted his eyes to her, but the words he spoke shattered her heart.

"You - You don't remember me?" The smile on her face froze and her voice pitched a little higher, as though she were flustered.

She was madly in love with him that year, yet he actually said now that he did not recognize her?

Pei Shishi's huge reaction made Zhou Zhuoyang frown. His fiancée's eyes had never strayed away from the man opposite him ever since his arrival.

"Should I remember you?" Ji Ziming coldly asked.

Pei Shishi was in a daze from his answer. Her face lost its smile, her red lips pursed tightly together, and her eyes showed fury.

Pei Ge looked on in confusion at the two. Her cousin's first love was clearly Ji Ziming, and the man she had described back then was definitely him, so why was he saying that he did not recognize Pei Shishi? What exactly was going on?

"You don't remember my cousin? She's Pei Shishi," Pei Ge reminded.

Ji Ziming's forehead creased at her words and, as though he had thought of something, his eyes shifted to Pei Shishi again.

His lips pursed into a thin line and he coldly said, "It's you, huh."