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68 The CEO“s Search for Someone

After a sumptuous lunch, Pei Ge did not linger in the Hot Springs Valley Golf Course but returned home with Pan Xinlei, instead.

Unbeknown to them, after they had left, their big boss, Ji Ziming, actually appeared in the area where the normal employees were having their activities.

"I'll be damned! Big Boss is actually here in our area!"

"Who knows? Maybe, he's just casually roaming about."

At this time, Ji Ziming, who had donned on a fitting pitch-black suit, coldly scanned the employees of his company. His eyes eventually flashed with disappointment when he did not see that familiar figure.

She's not here.

"CEO Ji, I'm so sorry. If I knew that you were coming, I wouldn't let those people leave—" The man standing beside Ji Ziming looked earnest when he said this in a sheepish voice. However, before he could finish his words, Ji Ziming interrupted him.

"So what you're saying is that others have left earlier?" Ji Ziming's black eyes were like a deep spring. The deeper one looked at them, the more intrigued one became.

That woman was indeed an employee of his company.

Initially, he did not think that the woman was an employee of his, but after that incident earlier and when he thought about it carefully, he could vaguely recall encountering an unforgettable shadow in the office.

That time in the elevator as well....

Ji Ziming thought that the woman in the elevator was very familiar, but he could not figure it out back then.

When he met Pei Ge this time, and after putting two and two together, everything clicked. The woman he had been thinking of was right under his very nose.

"Mhm, yes, yes! There are some who have left after lunch." The person in charge of the employees nodded his head as he looked at Ji Ziming with uncertainty.

Hearing this, Ji Ziming frowned and then laughed coldly. That woman sure knows how to run.

"Oh, Ziming, you're looking for someone, too?"

Before Ji Ziming left, he saw Mu Heng come in with oversized pants and flip flops.

"No." Ji Ziming could not be bothered to explain this matter to Mu Heng, especially since his mother was here. He did not want to complicate matters. After all, she was just a woman.

"Really?" Mu Heng now had new prey and was not at all concerned with Ji Ziming's matter. He laughingly walked to Ji Ziming's side and casually slung his arm around the latter's shoulders.

"I am looking for someone." Mu Heng smiled. Its attractiveness caused the nearby resting employees to look over.

His moving gaze made many female employees restless and caused their cheeks to flush with excitement.

Ji Ziming's forehead creased and coldly shoved Mu Heng's arm off his shoulders.

"Do you know Pei Ge? I'm interested in her!" Mu Heng's eyes lit up when he mentioned Pei Ge's name.

While dipping in the hot spring earlier, he remembered that Pei Ge would be at the female-only public hot springs, so he did not look for her then out of politeness.

Who knew that after eating, she would actually disappear? What a pity.

"Pei Ge?" Ji Ziming was in a daze, his eyes flashing with a streak of complexity. "You are interested in her?"

"Yes, very much! I've never met someone as interesting as her!" Mu Heng nodded his head vigorously as he confirmed this enthusiastically.

"...Your tastes sure have changed so much." After contemplating for a long time, Ji Ziming dryly gave this remark.

"Hei hei... Who says? Actually, Little Ge Ge is very pretty. You just lack the eyes to see it!" Mu Heng gave a smug smile, his heart unaware of Ji Ziming's inner turmoil regarding Pei Ge.

Little Ge Ge....

The corners of Ji Ziming's mouth twitched and, seeing the playfulness on Mu Heng's face, as though he had found new prey to hunt, he felt unhappy for some inexplicable reason.

"Pei Ge is my employee; you cannot touch her," Ji Ziming said coolly.

Mu Heng, who was celebrating in his mind, was shocked by Ji Ziming's words.

"Wh – Why?!" Mu Heng could not hold himself back and yelled this.

He looked at Ji Ziming suspiciously. When did his best friend Ji Ziming, who used to be so indifferent, suddenly grow friendly to a woman?

"...She's a good girl." Ji Ziming turned around, not willing to care about Mu Heng, who was giving such a big reaction next to him.

Actually, the fact that he could say such words was a contradiction for Ji Ziming as well.

However, at the thought of Pei Ge's rather 'normal' features, a part of him could not bear to let her be at the mercy of his best friend's poisonous hands.

"Oh! Ziming, you don't have a fever, right?!" Mu Heng laughingly asked as he eyed Ji Ziming's stoic face with curiosity.

Ji Group's heir, the coldest and most formidable CEO Ji, was actually being kind to an average employee today?

Ke ke ke! Fine, he did intend to only play with that interesting lady called Pei Ge.

He had tasted all the richness of fish and meat; it was not bad to taste plain porridge and small dishes from time to time as well.

Ji Ziming glanced at Mu Heng, who was brimming with curiosity, and snorted. "It's because I see her as a talent."

"Oh? So she's very capable? She doesn't look like a woman with strength." Mu Heng was now even more intrigued by Pei Ge.

She was actually able to attract the attention of Ji Ziming, an aloof man who treated women as nobodies. More than that, he even made him not touch her. For someone who loved a challenge as much as he did, how could this not arouse his interest further?

"...Mu Heng, she cannot be touched; I need a smart secretary." Ji Ziming's voice was cold when he saw that Mu Heng's interest did not get reduced.

"Yes, yes, yes! I'm well aware, CEO Ji. I will not touch." Mu Heng saw the seriousness on Ji Ziming's face and had no choice but to concede with a smile.

However, there was a cheeky voice inside Mu Heng that said, I won't touch her, but I'll wait for her to come to me herself. That should do it!


"Achoo!" Sitting inside a car going back to the city, Pei Ge let out a violent sneeze.

"Ge Ge, are you alright? Did you accidentally catch a cold while in the hot springs earlier?" Pan Xinlei, who was sitting next to her, looked at Pei Ge with concern.

Pei Ge shrugged her shoulders as she rubbed her nose. She then happily joked, "Not a cold, but maybe someone is plotting against me."

"Eh, you lass!" Pan Xinlei shook her head in good humor. "Who would dare plot against you? You are now Yang Aoyun's most precious gem."

"Who says so?" Pei Ge asked shyly before laughing.

Laughing and chatting, the two did not realize that someone was indeed 'plotting' against Pei Ge.