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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire

Author:Song Xixi

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UpdateTime:9/17/2019 7:10:02 PM

Updates:582 Go look for the prince that has been waiting for you for a long time.

After a series of life-changing events, Pei Ge decides to start anew and rediscover her place in this world. She gets a new job, new friends and… a new boss whom she mistakes as a male host!

He helps her to get revenge on a back-stabbing friend, supports her when it seems that the world has given up on her, encourages her to be more confident about herself and even… messes up h...
《Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire》 Volume 1
1 Unsold Goods
2 My ex-boyfriend is a Casanova.
3 Reward You with a Slap
4 I'll choose you.
5 Troublesome Drunk Ca
6 Woman, are you satisfied?
7 Tonigh
8 I fell asleep?!
9 A Tip of 500 Yuan
10 I am the real victim.
11 You have bad breath, so please shut up!
12 The Wave of Resignation
13 That woman again!
14 Mom, I'm sorry.
15 A New Job
16 Passed the Interview
17 Is the company going to be acquired?
18 A Coincidental Meeting on the Stree
19 Hello, 'Brother-in-law'.
20 The Woman Who Hangs Around like a Ghos
21 Remember this, I'm Ji Ziming.
22 You are interested in her.
23 New Pothole Hairstyle
24 The CEO is a male host?!
25 Report! CEO, I need to go to the toilet.
26 The CEO is here! Hurry and run!
27 The Woman Who Slept with the CEO
28 This Damn Ill Fate
29 CEO, CEO, do you mind it?
30 A Dangerous Encounter in the Bar
31 Get it on, Julia!
32 Young hero, you came too late!
33 Young hero, you came too late again!
34 Who exactly is Julia?
35 CEO, you idiot!
36 New Skill Unlocked
37 Please let me off, CEO.
38 We are friends!
39 The Truth behind the Documents for Translation
40 Finds out the Truth
41 Our debts are clean now.
42 The Doomed Liu Yue
43 The Wise and Mighty Mr. CEO
44 A Promotion and a Raise
45 A ‘Pretty’ Makeup
46 I laugh every time I see the CEO.
47 Eat your medicine, CEO.
48 Liu Yue suddenly reappears.
49 The Liu Yue Who Harbors a Ghos
50 Tang Xiaoyu's Surprise
51 A Shitty Fate
52 CEO, don't be scared! I'm not a ghost!
53 You are forbidden from looking at me!
54 The Boyfriend's Parcel
55 The Return of Liu Yue
56 I'm not close with her.
57 Attending the Company's Gathering
58 The Daydream of Fake ‘Cinderella’
59 The real ‘Cinderella’ is someone else.
60 The fake Cinderella gets her karma.
61 Go meet the CEO with me.
62 The High and Mighty Mr. CEO
63 You must be beautiful barefaced.
64 Turn Left, Turn Righ
65 You again!
66 You don’t know who I am?
67 That Woman
68 The CEO's Search for Someone
69 What is there to like about that annoying person?!
70 It is not her.
71 I am pregnant?!
《Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire》 Volume 2
72 Who is that wild man?!
73 Go ask for abortion money!
74 You have got be kidding me!
75 I will not haggle with a pregnant woman.
76 Bastard! Huge bastard!
77 Woman, stop it.
78 CEO, please let me go!
79 Why did you not wear a condom?!
80 That is not my child.
81 I'll take responsibility.
82 I sincerely wish you both the best.
83 Pei Ge, you really are something.
84 Pregnant, your head!
85 Yo, Little Chili!
86 The Tragedy Induced by the Spoiled Fish
87 Screw this! This lady here will not do this anymore!
88 I want to resign!
89 I am not childish at all!
90 If only father were still around...
91 I heard your boyfriend's family name is Ji.
92 A Grand Banque
93 That man is Ji Ziming.
94 Son, do you like Pei Ge?
95 The Eye-catching Pei Ge
96 Buy, buy, buy! Swipe, swipe, swipe!
97 The Coincidental Meeting at the Restauran
98 You dare to resign?!
99 That Woman Whom He Cared Abou
100 Number One Whore of the Company
101 The Domineering Pei Ge
102 Tear, tear, tear! Tear this resignation letter!
103 Not much; just repay me with your body.
104 CEO, you win. I'll pay; I'll pay!
105 My tablemate is a mighty red hat!
106 Intimidating Others with Mr. CEO
107 It is this stunningly cool to act pompous and give others a slap in their faces.
108 The whole company is mine.
109 Repaying a Drop of Feud with a Spring
110 I know that you did it!
111 She is lying to you!
112 My son is not that stupid.
113 Something is up with your Second Uncle.
114 Caught again!
115 What rights do you have to kiss me?!
116 How can she like some other guy?!
117 Without an apology, she may never come back.
118 Don't waste the job; come back to work.
119 Pei Shishi’s past love is Ji Ziming?!
120 Why did you not reply to my text?
121 Miss, should I remember you?
122 Zhou Zhuoyang? It is as such, huh.
123 CEO, do you not understand human language?
124 As long as I get the money, who cares about the CEO?!
125 Mate, did you take the wrong medicine?
126 Rich, handsome, and young!
127 The CEO Who Only Drinks Chateau Pétrus
128 She is more important than his favorite wine.
129 I only frequent this place to attend blind dates.
130 We can try it out first.
131 A Weird Three-Person Blind Date
132 Mr. CEO's Honey Trap
133 Male god, wake up!
134 If you don't try, how can you say for sure that you don't like it?
135 The Soft Mr. CEO
136 I will give you an explanation.
137 Five Hundred for a Cup of Coffee
138 Darling, XOXO...
139 The Ruthless Mr. CEO Who Turns His Face Away
140 Entangled under the Moon
141 A Very Innocent Tactic against Wolves
142 Young man, girlfriend needs to be coaxed.
143 Who is the sender of this late-night message?
144 CEO Ji, this is my personal problem.
145 There is a cost for every wrongdoing.
146 Short-term Presiden
147 Keep a Distance from the CEO
148 When it is time to take action, you have to take action.
149 Who do you think you are? You are really thick-skinned!
150 She is ugly and her personality is terrible.
151 Never ever appear in front of Pei Ge again.
152 I heard that CEO Ji is interested in you.
153 Aiyo... This blind date partner is not bad, eh!
154 Is there something going on between CEO Ji and Pei Ge?
155 Mr. CEO's Reques
156 The Ge Ge Whose Weakness Is Seized
157 The Culprit Accusing the Victim
158 Mother Ji, you probably recognized the wrong person!
159 I might have admitted the wrong person.
160 While Having a Date 1
161 While Having a Date 2
162 Please let go of my girlfriend!
163 Two Men Fighting over a Lady
164 A Woman to Be Envied
165 Asking for a Takeout Container for the First Time
166 Did the lass break up with that young man from before?
167 Late Night Food Delivery
168 The CEO is a good man to live with.
169 The Petty CEO
170 The CEO Son-in-law Who Comes Knocking on the Door
171 The Man Who Makes Out in the Corridor
172 You were touching me earlier!
173 Pei Ge, what do you want me to do to you?
174 Sleepless Nigh
175 That's right; I have a boyfriend!
176 You have feelings for her. You like her.
177 Discovering Pei Shishi's True Colors
178 Say it aloud if you like it!
179 Feelings can be nurtured. You will definitely like me.
180 The whole neighborhood knows that Xiao Ji is courting you!
181 The Beguiling Wunderkind
182 You want to be like me?
183 A Frank and Sincere Talk
184 I thought you two are quarreling.
185 I heard a derailed sound.
186 Extraordinary Bi Zheng, Extraordinary Girlfriend
187 The Awkward CEO
188 CEO, someone is proposing to Miss Pei Ge!
189 I am his first love. I hope you will not pester him again.
190 I have become a third wheel out of nowhere?!
191 A pair of lunatics like you guys really suit each other.
192 Mr. CEO Who Finally Becomes a White Knigh
193 It is Ji Ziming who selflessly saved her.
194 He cares for that woman very much.
195 The Toad Who Wants to Eat Swan Mea
196 CEO Ji is hospitalized!
197 A Particular CEO in the Hospital
198 The Ally Who Knows How to Matchmake
199 My three meals will be prepared by you from here on.
200 Is your friend male or female?
201 I usually reject this kind of breakfast!
202 Doing nothing for a whole day is kind of dull.
203 CEO Ji, please obediently lie in bed.
204 The young master of your house likes my cooking.
205 Although it looks ugly, it actually tastes delicious.
206 She is not her. She cannot be her.
207 It is really delicious. Try it if you don't believe me!
208 Have a meal, drink some tea, and admire a pretty boy...
209 A heart beats in the sun.
210 Let the person by your side be me...
211 ‘Atmosphere Disrupter’
212 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
213 Posh people do not look at the outer beauty but the inner beauty, instead.
214 The Iridescent Man
215 Rascal, why are you naked?!
216 Intimate Contact that Can Make One's Heart Beat Fas
217 Light the spark and run away? Not a chance!
218 You are still young, so you think of purer thoughts.
219 The respectable CEO actually has such an affectionate side.
220 The CEO's foreign language class commences!
221 A serious man is the most attractive.
222 He wants to destroy our dates!
223 What my family's Pei Ge buys has got nothing to do with you.
224 Pei Ge, you will regret this!
225 A fervent wish to hear another bedtime story.
226 Bully Pei Ge? Tell the CEO about it.
227 Why do you have to take responsibility for me?
228 How do you plan to deal with those people who bully your person?
229 Wake up, you foolish young lady.
230 CEO, you have met your nemesis!
231 Favoritism toward this 'Dessert' Called Pei Ge
232 You must not let such a good man go!
233 Could it really be true love?
234 You have a good foundation, but your aesthetic taste is just too low!
235 The birth of a stunning woman is to be beautiful!
236 Don't listen? Dock pay!
237 A Person that Can Make One Have a Nosebleed
238 CEO Ji, where are you putting your hands on?!
239 It is impossible for this Adonis to be interested in Pei Ge.
240 The Man Who Is Willing to Bend His Dignified Body for Her
241 The Prince Who Is Willing to Put on Glass Shoes for Her
242 CEO Ji has really developed feelings for her.
243 She seems to be a stunner!
244 The Impressive Garden Restauran
245 CEO Ji... is in a relationship?
246 A Good Man Who Appears Once in a Hundred Years
247 Young Master Ji's girlfriend is gorgeous!
248 You seem to still be going on blind dates recently?
249 A slut matching a dog – truly a couple blessed by the heavens.
250 What opinions do you have about my girlfriend?
251 On which aspect can you match up to him?
252 He wants to spoil this woman like this.
253 The Mr. CEO Who Easily Attracts Peach Blossoms
254 Cousin, you have really changed.
255 We can never be sisters.
256 You are my girlfriend.
257 Who is this annoying fellow's girlfriend?!
258 CEO Ji and I are really innocent!
259 CEO Ji, should I lose weight?
260 You are fine just like this.
261 Son, go on a blind date!
262 You go on a blind date; I go on a blind date; everyone goes on blind dates!
263 The Strange Blind Date Partner
264 I need a fake girlfriend.
265 I reluctantly agree to be your girlfriend.
266 A Whole Street of Lights
267 He is not my boyfriend.
268 Everyone Pei Shishi loves and doesn't love loves Pei Ge.
269 CEO Ji avenged his girlfriend.
270 Bi Zheng, why don't you ever eat at the canteen?
271 Could it be that this lassie likes Bi Zheng?
272 Everyone thinks that they are a couple.
273 If they respect me, I will respect them.
274 Tell CEO? Go ahead!
275 I'm happy to be your female companion.
276 Your suitability is for me to decide!
277 I'll learn to brew coffee for CEO Ji!
278 It is no wonder you guys are a couple!
279 Hng! A small and proud princess for the day!
280 A certain, respectable CEO chokes on his saliva.
281 He has to carefully watch over her by his side!
282 I bet you got bullied again!
283 You need to learn a lot more as my female companion.
284 The Sulking CEO Who Cannot Be Bothered to Talk
285 Ge Ge, I heard that you managed to snag a rich boyfriend?
286 Cousin, you don't have to trouble yourself with this.
287 Pei Zhenghui's Alter Ego
288 You are an ingrate!
289 You are in a relationship with that person surnamed Ji!
290 Auntie, you can just call me Xiao Ji.
291 You cried? Did someone bully you?
292 Which part of you do you think is worthy of my like?
293 You are so ugly. How can anyone like you?
294 CEO is going on a blind date!
295 Did that annoying person really go on a blind date?
296 My relationship with CEO Ji is not what you think.
297 He must have felt wronged.
298 Am I worth less than that man in your heart?
299 Feeling Good about Abusing the Bes
300 Pei Ge, you are truly pitiful.
301 Ge Ge, we are really fated.
302 I am not as kind as my girlfriend.
303 Let us gossip for a while.
304 I just want to spend time with you alone.
305 Who is your male lead?
306 Couple Suite
307 Our Dance
308 The Woman Who Taunted Tang Xiaoyu
309 Why is Pei Ge here?!
310 That damn, foolish woman!
311 The respectable CEO Ji comes to catch someone in the act!
312 It is so cold his head turns green!
313 What business is it of yours, CEO Ji?
314 Should she not be trying to please him?!
315 The annoying person is treating her too gently!
316 The Extremely Lucky Miss Pei
317 Mr. Ji actually likes that type of woman?
318 This company is mine, so you are mine, too.
319 The annoying fellow is childish enough to abuse public power for personal gains.
320 CEO Ji probably has a change of profession and is now a policeman.
321 CEO, CEO, it is not good to lie.
322 CEO, you must be here to find fault with me!
323 Report, CEO Ji; I am not free tonight.
324 We seem to have kissed indirectly!
325 When others cook, they ask for money, but when you cook, you ask for my life.
326 How to get married with different gender preferences?
327 Those were the happiest moments of her life.
328 You used to be so pretty.
329 My goddess, please accept my knees!
330 Pei Ge's number-one fan!
331 Your charisma is so overpowering it feels like witchcraft.
332 We should talk about that CEO Ji of yours.
333 Don't ask me to brew coffee!
334 Let us go on a date this weekend!
335 The formidable CEO Ji is forced to go on a blind date.
336 She is your kryptonite.
337 Amid Blind Dates and Dating
338 What?! I am meeting your parents today?!
339 Why is this annoying person here?
340 The respectable CEO has come to expose an affair!
341 Do not even think of escaping his sight in this life.
342 This woman can only be his!
343 Keep your distance from my woman.
344 Not a Person from the Good-Looks Club
345 She will protect Pei Ge.
346 What?! How dare your second uncle scold you?!
347 Uncle Pei's death is related...
348 Pei Shishi knows that our relationship is fake.
349 You had your nose done in Japan, right?
350 Slowly Unmasking the True Colors
351 When love is gone, care is also no more.
352 I was going to propose to you that day.
353 No one has the right to hurt you.
354 Must Be Shockingly Beautiful
355 An Important Health Screening Repor
356 I have tolerated you long enough!
357 I am not Cinderella, so I should leave your side.
358 It must be a mistake!
359 Whatever It Takes
360 I still want to see Ge Ge get married and have children.
361 Borrowing money can reveal one’s ugliness.
362 Why are you crying?
363 If you lack money, you can call me anytime.
364 Your resignation is not approved; I do not allow you to resign!
365 Mom still wants to witness you getting married and forming a family...
366 How do I make this woman listen to me obediently?
367 Everything will be solved if you marry Pei Ge!
368 I want to go to a happy place in my remaining days.
369 Pei Ge, that lass, is a jinx.
370 The rock and the names are still here, but the people are gone.
371 Dear, precious daughter, welcome home.
372 One Million to See One Truth
373 CEO Ji finally answers the call!
374 The CEO Ji who fell in love is a fool.
375 I will lend you the money for the surgery!
376 I made a great sacrifice for you.
377 Meeting Again but with Affection
378 He does not want to see sorrow on her face.
379 Does the annoying person like her?
380 My mother does not look like she is sick.
381 The disease will worsen without surgery.
382 I'm sorry, the doctor is not free for the operation.
383 It's simple; just look for my cousin.
384 He said that you go see him in person. It is no use if I am the one.
385 If you are slapping someone’s face, slap it hard!
386 CEO Ji, I have gotten Miss Pei her payback.
387 CEO Ji, you want to marry me? You must be joking.
388 Who ruled that marrying equates to liking?
389 Why do you want to marry me? Even if...
390 No wonder he is the man I, Pei Ge, like!
391 We are of course not done yet; let us go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.
392 Let's go get our marriage certificate at the Civil Affairs Bureau!
393 Fine, I marry! I will marry you!
394 If only this marriage is not just a transaction...
395 She is going to be his wife.
396 Taking a Photo for the Marriage Certificate
397 The Bride and Groom with 100% Chemistry
398 The person who said to get married is also the one who said not to.
399 The great CEO accompanies her to the hospital.
400 Xiao Ji, you are so outstanding you probably have a girlfriend.
401 I have a girlfriend, and I am also married.
402 Xiao Ji already has a wife; you must not become his mistress!
403 That annoying fellow... has a girlfriend?
404 CEO Ji is really a compassionate boss.
405 I thought Xiao Ji had taken a liking to our little girl.
406 Visiting Ji Ziming's House!
407 You are my wife, so from now on, please call me Ziming.
408 Ziming, it is your turn to call me Ge Ge!
409 Mr. CEO personally makes coffee for her.
410 He prefers it if this woman sincerely praises him.
411 I want you to move and live with me.
412 We resemble a real married couple.
413 You actually married Little Chili for real.
414 Can one really fit two people inside a single heart?
415 Remember that you are now my wife.
416 Entangling with Her like This
417 The medical result is finally out!
418 Should we cancel this contract?
419 The arrogant CEO Ji can be really cute!
420 Tell me; what is going on with you and Xiao Wen?
421 The great CEO Ji comes to grab a free meal.
422 This woman is so dumb he needs to look out for her!
423 This Man’s Appearance
424 The Men’s Open Strife and Veiled Struggle
425 She seems to be more compatible with Xiao Ji...
426 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
427 Xiao Ji digs holes for his 'love rival'!
428 A Major Blind Date Jerk Magne
429 What right do you have to rescind the contract?!
430 You refuse to rescind the contract because you like me.
431 A new life has officially begun!
432 You must learn to be my good wife.
433 You don't need many friends; a few good ones will do.
434 Qin Qitong and Bi Zheng seem pretty compatible.
435 It is all this quack's fault!
436 I don't need 500,000 for emotional damages.
437 The dumb woman actually had the guts to hang up on him.
438 Everyone will fall at your feet at tonight's banquet.
439 Pei Ge is a perfect beauty.
440 CEO Ji is so scary! Miss Pei, hurry over!
441 Who are you trying to seduce by wearing so little?
442 The purpose of having bitten lips makeup is to kiss you.
443 The great CEO Ji is captured by Pei Ge.
444 The Low EQ Man and Dense Woman
445 Pei Ge is as beautiful and attractive as a star.
446 My partner has always been her and no one else.
447 He actually cannot compare to a meal of delectable cuisine?
448 She is my woman and not someone you can touch.
449 Pei Ge probably saved a galaxy in her previous life.
450 The Mr. CEO who gets jealous easily is really amusing.
451 Are you trying to seduce somebody by being naked?
452 The great CEO Ji looks so delectable.
453 He actually had a nosebleed over a woman.
454 My precious son, Ming Ming, is in a relationship!
455 Are you serious about that Miss Pei?
456 I am dating her with marriage in mind.
457 That is true love, Miss Pei and CEO Ji!
458 Pei Ge, you are going to be Mrs. CEO
459 Pei Ge, display your learning skills again!
460 He cannot compare to a plate of sweet and sour pork?!
461 CEO Ji, in fact, you are a masochist, right?!
462 On How Ziming Can Seize Little Chili's Hear
463 You are the only assistant CEO Ji cares for.
464 My husband paid for it!
465 The CEO Pei Ge Loves and Hates
466 CEO Ji takes up cooking lesson for his girlfriend!
467 Everyone in the Ji family loves with devotion.
468 As Expected of the Woman He Likes
469 Maybe Ziming will enter the kitchen to cook for you.
470 I will see how you earn your girlfriend’s affection.
471 Ziming, your eyesight is really good this time.
472 Is he that Ji Ziming?
473 No Need to Scheme so Much
474 A lovers’ quarrel that can torture a bunch of bachelors.
475 A particular CEO who reaches out his devil's claws to Pei Ge.
476 Who do you prefer to fetch you, me or Du Wen?
477 Tang Xiaoyu, you rascal, who values a lover more than a friend!
478 Could it be that you lost your most precious virginity?
479 You really sold yourself to that Ji Ziming?!
480 Love requires some scheming sometimes.
481 Of course, he will not dare to make advances on the CEO's woman!
482 Pei Ge, I will be checking your cooking skills today!
483 Ji Ziming's mother wants to meet me?!
484 He cannot bear to see her in danger or hurt.
485 The first time CEO Ji worries for a person.
486 CEO Ji is prepared to cook!
487 How is this country bumpkin worthy of our young master?
488 Miss Pei, you have become too arrogant.
489 Why did you not try my food on your first bite!
490 Has CEO Ji successfully captured Pei Ge's stomach?
491 This is a million-dollar check. Leave my son.
492 Do not be nervous. We will meet my parents together.
493 Sister, why do you like my cousin?
494 Only someone with a brain malfunction will like Ji Ziming.
495 CEO Ji, we have the delicious leftovers ready.
496 Xiao Ji likes our daughter!
497 The Obedient CEO before Zhang Manhua
498 The Great CEO Ji with Too Much Pheromones
499 If that annoying fellow finds out that she likes him...
500 The CEO Who Shows up like a Phantom to Save a Beauty
501 How should I save you, my young master?
502 Is there something in the kitchen that should not be seen?
503 Hidden behind the Curtain Is a Respectable CEO
504 Deeply Enchanted by Pei Ge
505 She is already his person; why does she still care for such minor things?
506 The Mr. CEO Who Skips Work
507 Will she leave the stage when the curtain falls?
508 Aunt forgot about me now that she has a daughter-in-law.
509 How did my stupid son woo you?
510 An Exceptionally Different Mother Ji
511 Our Story that Has to Be Told
512 The one I love is Ziming and not his money.
513 You definitely cannot hurt a mother-in-law with face blindness.
514 Her dumb son clearly likes Pei Ge.
515 You are that woman who saved Madam's Love!
516 Treating Pei Ge as Her Daughter-in-law
517 Daughter-in-law, Son, have you two cohabited?
518 You two should cohabit!
519 The annoying fellow wants to cohabit with me?!
520 Ji Ziming, I am in pain.
521 Let us cohabit starting next week!
522 Pei Ge, I can give you time.
523 I am still picky with my food even when I am hungry.
524 Where will Pei Ge like to live?
525 Mother Ji comes knocking at the door!
526 It is because you snagged another rich man's son, huh!
527 My future daughter-in-law has good market.
528 You should give up on him.
529 You are the only one who can make my son suffer.
530 Who will notice the beauty within without looking at the appearance first?
531 I will not be staying home from tomorrow onward.
532 Is the two of us cohabiting that big of an issue?
533 Someday, your children can take my surname.
534 The girl will look like Pei Ge, whereas the boy...
535 The Great CEO Ji Who Wants to Make Miss Pei Happy
536 Ziming, did you specially prepare this for me?
537 Pei Ge, you seem to be forgetting that you will be living here with me!
538 We will always stay here in the future.
539 Start of Cohabitation!
540 The great CEO is defeated by a fat cat.
541 What is the great CEO Ji's necessity?
542 The 'Pervert' CEO Ji
543 CEO, I was scared by your underwear!
544 The great CEO feels regretful.
545 You are not allowed to scare my future daughter-in-law.
546 Hubby, I am truly not thinking any nonsense about you!
547 A Ceiling of Stars for Pei Ge
548 Put that Ji Ziming to bed.
549 We have only been living for a day, and he already did not return home.
550 The Effort Ji Ziming Put into the House's Restoration
551 Have you really fallen in love with Ziming?
552 Ziming is not returning because of a woman?
553 Pei Ge locks Mr. CEO outside the door.
554 Pei Ge, you purposely locked me outside the door!
555 My house rule is that doors are locked at 10 PM!
556 Pei Ge unknowingly becomes more beautiful.
557 Her life seems to revolve around Ji Ziming.
558 Crushing Each Other for the Thrill
559 Pei Ge experiences the onslaught of a storm.
560 Only my future husband can have this privilege.
561 The CEO has a cold shower.
562 Pei Ge... Pei Ge... you have a nosebleed.
563 You are too seductive that I have a nosebleed.
564 Ge Ge, how is Mr. Ji in that area?
565 Pei Ge opens a door to a new world.
566 Men called Egger must all be very gentle.
567 Pei Ge is a diamond that should not be buried.
568 Why is this d*mn woman not answering the call?!
569 Ji Ziming, I love you to death! You are the best!
570 I really like the dishes cooked by this chef.
571 The Shameless CEO Ji
572 Of course, we have an improper relationship.
573 Pei Ge, you have finally come back to work!
574 Pei Ge is a shameless vixen!
575 CEO Ji's flirting skill level is pretty high!
576 The Mr. CEO who is entranced by a beauty's smile.
577 Mr. CEO goes to look for Pei Ge in the company’s canteen.
578 A massive storm of scandal is brewing!
579 Pei Ge and CEO Ji resemble an old couple.
580 Everyone in the company knows that I am your woman.
581 Pei Ge and CEO Ji Torturing Single Dogs
582 Go look for the prince that has been waiting for you for a long time.
583 Does this annoying fellow like her?
584 This stupid woman only belongs to him.