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When trash becomes a genius—one word: Fierce! Two words: Two-faced! Three words: Too heaven defying! She is the foremost and outstanding armament refining master. Passing through a dynasty, and became a publicly humiliated and bullied Third Young Miss. Ancient beasts, too outrageous? Obediently become a docile pet, or I’ll make you into soup! Ninth rank ...
《Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith》 Volume 1
1 Lighting the Soul and Scattering
2 The Good-for-nothing’s rebirth
3 Third Sister…….Spare Me
4 An Embarrassing Thing
5 Fourth Miss Really Ran!
6 An Imposing and Strong Man
7 What Are You Crying For
8 Really A Peak Level Trash
9 The Flirtatious Phoenix
10 Teaching The Brat A Lesson
11 Heaven Defying Cultivation Method
12 This Female Devil is So Scary
13 The Money is Delivered to the Door
14 So Overcome with Rage that Words Fail
15 Repaying a debt is Heaven’s Law and Earth’s Principle
16 Why Don’t You Go Steal I
17 Do You Know What This Is?
18 The High Status of an Armament Master
19 There Will Be A Time When She Cries
20 Meeting Again
21 Diligently Learning, Striving for Improvemen
22 Even Her Intestines are Black
23 True Phoenix Flames
24 Comes knocking for a beating
25 Bumping into something?
26 A Small White Lotus
27 Are You Guys Fools?
28 If Sick, Hurry Up and Cure It!
29 Your conscience had been eaten by a dog
30 Demanding money no matter what!
31 I Have Faith in You!
32 Throwing oneself out to prove
33 The little phoenix Wang Cai
34 Third Rank Armament Master
35 Do not insult my intelligence
36 The one who deliverers the material is here
37 The latter part is unprotected
38 Having eyes but failing to recognize Mount Tai
39 He wants to meet you
40 Identity uncovered
41 The all-powerful man
42 Exchanging with a kiss
43 This position isn’t so bad
44 Really too young
45 The ‘delicate’ female beauty
46 A poisonous tongue deserving of a spanking
47 The Crown Prince choosing his Imperial Consor
48 The guilty person goes to complain firs
49 Choosing a servan
50 You want to touch my people?
51 One punch to be sent flying
52 Your taste is really strong!
53 Good, good future prospects!
54 Becoming skewers
55 Fainting from anger, on the spo
56 Wishing to cry but lacking the tears
57 Pig head, who are you?
58 The ridiculous Second Uncle
59 Killing two birds with one stone
60 Such a good web of plans!
61 Wonderful composition
62 Careful, a loose tongue can cause a lot of trouble
63 You are fit to become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort?
64 Demanding back the estates
65 It's all her fault!
66 The falling out between sisters
67 Your attacks are so deadly
68 This Lord also has beauty standard
69 Want to drink tea you brewed
70 The taste isn’t bad
71 This Lord will accomplish it to the end
72 Depends on your behaviour
73 The remnant of Bai Liu Feng
74 Smash everything for me
75 The concealed Hidden Technique
76 The child who did not fear for his life or death
77 Your heart is too evil!
78 Bloodline’s suppressive migh
79 Happiness came too quickly!
80 Bai Ruo Li’s life
81 An unforeseen acciden
82 Little thing, where do you want to go?
83 A beauty sense problem?
84 An expression exclusive to him
85 Really likes that interesting person
86 Bumping into a nail
87 His Highness the Crown Prince
88 A match made in heaven
89 You dare to speak to me like this? !
90 The trash that offends public morals
91 You dare to touch this Lord’s woman?
《Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith》 Volume 2
92 Her man, did you not hear?
93 Just by you? You are not fit!
94 Only so
95 Jealously will take your life
96 Enduring this firs
97 What qualifications does she have?
98 How can there be such a convenient thing?
99 The auction begins
100 Spirit Raising Pill
101 The little fox sure has a lot of secrets
102 Coveting for a long time
103 Don’t mention how furious they were
104 I want to report you
105 She has no right to sit there!
106 Heart a complete mess
107 Dare to gamble?
108 This Lord cannot afford to lose this face!
109 Impossible, this is impossible!
110 Keeping Quiet out of fear
111 Still haven’t given up? !
112 The little thing’s cheeks are really sof
113 Third Level Profound Armamen
114 Didn’t come in vain
115 Increasing instantly
116 Did you become stupid from looking at this Lord for too long?
117 Waiting for you to mature into a little steamed bun
118 Ingenious work
119 How much……….can one jin of reputation be worth?
120 Yearning for that sweet memory
121 Was it you who injured master?
122 Hitting is affection, scolding is love
123 No interest towards your body
124 Auction suspended
125 Rejoicing endlessly
126 Gaining such a big advantage
127 Deserving to be called His Highness the Crown Prince!
128 You aren’t possibly holding the intention to go back on your debt?
129 You pay money, I collect money
130 Denying till death
131 Enduring to the point of internal injuries
132 It should you who maliciously raised the prices!
133 Counting chickens before they hatch
134 Lining up to ea
135 It's so hard to say the truth!
136 Have you made a mistake?
137 Crown Prince, quell your anger
138 Sudden change in weather
139 You are mistaken in two places
140 She can be the witness!
141 Losing the family fortune
142 Sticking a wedge in between
143 Huang Yue Li’s devotion to righteousness inspires reverence
144 Sold by others yet still helping to count the money
145 A true VIP gues
146 Rare herb
147 Both strong and valian
148 The Royal Family’s Treasury
149 A dark, windy nigh
150 Obtaining the Fire Cloud Pearls
151 The Royal personally arriving
152 This thief is too treacherous
153 Hot in pursui
154 Your dog eyes are blind!
155 An unbridled kiss
156 Too shameless!
157 Why don’t you bite me?
158 Words of deja vu
159 Who is your little fox?
160 I don’t need your protection!
161 Throwing oneself into their arms
162 Following the path to your demise
163 Don’t you dare speak nonsense!
164 He really dared!
165 This is not nearly enough
166 The little fox who came to see the show
167 The true colours behind the mask
168 Seeing a ghost!
169 Subduing the Golden Scaled Guards
170 Truly……...too similar
171 That pair of eyes
172 Imagine that one's love is reciprocated
173 What do you want me to do?
174 Past events
175 Cannot allow for that sly fox to swoop and take advantage!
176 Flame Spirit Physique
177 Refining the True Phoenix Flame
178 Seeing everything
179 Complete Attribute talent, world startling gem
180 Fanatic breakthroughs
181 This is such a scam!
182 Upgrading of the Sky Phoenix Ring
183 Striking it rich!
184 Such a special hobby!
185 Peach Blossom Banque
186 Bai Ruo Qi’s crisis
187 Changing the Crown Prince’s mind
188 Wait for me, Bai Ruo Li!
189 You…….you are Bai Ruo Li?
190 I will only speak with people
191 The unsurpassed handsome man, His Royal Highness
192 His Royal Highness, Prince Yu
193 Capable in attracting the hornet’s nest!
194 Wastrel Prince Yu
195 The Bai Ruo Qi without good intentions
196 The hidden conspiracy
197 Second Sister, why are you this fierce?
198 Each plotting their own trap
199 What can you not say?
200 Crushing one’s own foot while attempting to move the boulder
201 Checking the pulse
202 Digging a hole and falling inside
203 Let us curse her together!
204 It doesn’t look too good
205 How is it you? ?
206 Taking pleasure in other’s misfortune
207 Dogs biting each other, a mouth full of fur
208 Thankfully she was quick witted!
209 That year’s Li girl
210 The Manor’s True first daughter
211 Having difficulties
212 Pretending...What sisterly bond!
213 The truth behind everything
214 Why are you so foolish?
215 This is slander!
216 Making a false counter-charge
217 The motive
218 Let’s act together
219 Carrying another black po
220 Empty mouthed protests
221 A vow, what use is there?
222 Escaping a calamity
223 Strength is absolute
224 Truly hasn’t experienced the outside world
225 First place
226 Everyone has an opportunity
227 Is there a problem with your eyes right?
228 Prince Yu, Li Moying
229 Trash and waste, a match made in heaven
230 Demons and gods at work
231 Giving birth to doubts
232 The Imperial Empress’s plo
233 Talent showcase
234 Regaining the city back so quickly!
235 The ice jade qin
236 Extremely skillful
237 As expected, really can’t compare!
238 Prince Yu bestows the qin
239 The true colour of calamity!
240 Next up, Bai Ruoqi!
241 Do I need your concern?
242 Playing too crappily
243 Imperial Tutor accepting disciple
244 The competition begins
245 Liu Yiyi’s challenge
246 Liu Yiyi vs Bai Ruo Qi 1
247 Liu Yiyi vs Bai Ruoqi 2
248 A snowfall of shame
249 Ai Jia has something to say
250 Concubine Shu losing favour
251 This relates to the state
252 That year’s engagemen
253 The engagement is finalized
254 It’s all because the cake is too tasty
255 Do not mind this Lord
256 Give you two paths
257 What are you doing?
258 Cannot have both moral character and strength
259 Imperial Marriage Edic
260 Pick any one you please!
261 A shower of affection on an uninterested party
262 Merely the fourth realm!
263 There! Is! Still! Me!
264 The funniest words
265 Cultivation……..Qi profound realm ninth level! 1
266 Cultivation……..Qi profound realm ninth level! 2
267 Cultivation……..Qi profound realm ninth level! 3
268 Bai Ruoqi vs Huang Yueli 1
269 Bai Ruoqi vs Huang Yueli 2
270 Bai Ruoqi vs Huang Yueli 3
271 Bai Ruoqi vs Huang Yueli 4
272 Bai Ruoqi vs Huang Yueli 5
273 Bai Ruoqi vs Huang Yueli 6
274 Shameless Crown Prince 1
275 Shameless Crown Prince 2
276 The Shameless Crown Prince 3
277 Want to be my Master....? You Are Not Worthy! 1
278 Want to be my Master....? You Are Not Worthy! 2
279 Want to be my Master....? You Are Not Worthy! 3
280 The Crazed Bai Ruoqi 1
281 The Crazed Bai Ruoqi 2
282 The Crazed Bai Ruoqi 3
283 Conspiracy 1
284 Conspiracy 2
285 Conspiracy 3
286 Burlesque 1
287 Burlesque 2
288 Bai Ruoqi’s End 1
289 Bai Ruoqi’s End 2
290 Bai Ruoqi’s End 3
291 This Marriage...I Do Not Agree To It! 1
292 This Marriage...I Do Not Agree To It! 2
293 This Marriage...I Do Not Agree To It! 3
294 Crown Prince vs Prince Yu 1
295 Crown Prince vs Prince Yu 2
296 Crown Prince vs Prince Yu 3
297 Crown Prince vs Prince Yu 4
298 Trepidation 1
299 Trepidation 2
300 Trepidation 3
301 Prince Yu’s Unconventional Courtship 1
302 Prince Yu’s Unconventional Courtship 2
303 Prince Yu’s Unconventional Courtship 3
304 Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror 1
305 Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror 2
306 Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror 3
《Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith》 Volume 3
307 Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror 4
308 Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror 5
309 Prince Yu’s Life Experience 1
310 Prince Yu’s Life Experience 2
311 Prince Yu’s Life Experience 3
312 Prince Yu’s Life Experience 4
313 Prince Yu’s Life Experience 5
314 The Master of the Manor 1
315 The Master of the Manor 2
316 The Master of the Manor 3
317 The Master of the Manor 4
318 She is My Fiancée 1
319 She is My Fiancée 2
320 She is My Fiancée 3
321 She is My Fiancée 4
322 She is My Fiancée 5
323 Murong Ni’s Provocation 1
324 Murong Ni’s Provocation 2
325 Murong Ni’s Provocation 3
326 Murong Ni’s Provocation 4
327 Murong Ni’s Provocation 5
328 Second Rank Array Master 1
329 Second Rank Array Master 2
330 Second Rank Array Master 3
331 Second Rank Array Master 4
332 You’re an Array Master As Well? 1
333 You’re an Array Master As Well? 2
334 You’re an Array Master As Well? 3
335 You’re an Array Master As Well? 4
336 You’re an Array Master As Well? 5
337 Waiting To See a Joke 1
338 Waiting To See a Joke 2
339 Waiting To See a Joke 3
340 Nightfall 1
341 Nightfall 2
342 Murong Ni Kneeling and Begging for Help 1
343 Murong Ni Kneeling and Begging for Help 2
344 Murong Ni Kneeling and Begging for Help 3
345 Li Moying Strikes 1
346 Li Moying Strikes 2
347 Li Moying Strikes 3
348 Becoming the core of the team 1
349 Becoming the core of the team 2
350 Fifth Tier Magical Beast Core 1
351 Fifth Tier Magical Beast Core 2
352 Fifth Tier Magical Beast Core 3
353 Fifth Tier Magical Beast Core 4
354 Back Within Seven Days 1
355 Back Within Seven Days 2
356 Back Within Seven Days 3
357 Murong Ni Stirs Trouble..Again 1
358 Murong Ni Stirs Trouble..Again 2
359 Murong Ni Stirs Trouble..Again 3
360 Murong Ni Stirs Trouble..Again 4
361 Escape 1
362 Escape 2
363 Searching for an Escape Path 1
364 Searching for an Escape Path 2
365 Falling into the Abyss 1
366 Falling into the Abyss 2
367 Special Skills of Little Phoenix 1
368 Special Skills of Little Phoenix 2
369 Special Skill of Little Phoenix 3
370 Taming Spirit Pe
371 Taming a Spirit Pet 2
372 Taming a Spirit Pet 3
373 Li Moying’s Return 1
374 Li Moying’s Return 2
375 Li Moying’s Return 3
376 Li Moying’s Return 4
377 Enraged 1
378 Enraged 2
379 She is Definitely Still Alive!
380 A Narrow Escape 1
381 A Narrow Escape 2
382 A Narrow Escape 2
383 A Windfall 1
384 A Windfall 2
385 Let me teach you a lesson later! 1
386 Let me teach you a lesson later! 2
387 How Should I Punish You?
388 Taking the Initiative to Approach
389 Treasure Hunting with Little Fox
390 The Deviant Flame That Doesn’t Extinguish After Three Thousand Years
391 I Am Not A Good Person
392 Huang Yueli’s trial
393 Opening the Armament Furnace
394 Peerless Genius
395 Half Divine Relic
396 Ahh Ahh Ahhh My Sword!
397 Spirit Artifact, Little Lilac
398 Because….. he’s handsome
399 Amethyst Light Sword!
400 It’s my first time…
401 From now on, I’m yours
402 Get dressed properly now
403 Refining the Amethyst Thunder Flame
404 Was she jealous?
405 Use his life to protect her
406 Li Moying, You Big Idiot!
407 Feeding medicine
408 Ice cold lips
409 Li Moying awakens
410 What day…is it today?
411 Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pill
412 Give up that idea
413 Use the time wisely, let’s kiss
414 Leaving the restricted zone
415 Only two hours
416 Amethyst Light Sword, Unseal!
417 Li’er, it’s not what you’re thinking!
418 Explain clearly!
419 Piggyback a man
420 Humans are more terrifying than Magical Beasts
421 Beast in human form
422 The fatty meat was already at the mouth
423 A short-lived ghos
424 One glance and you know she’s a chickling
425 A full moon tonigh
426 Little Beauty, here I come
427 This is way too creepy
428 Huang Yueli’s trap
429 Just this bit of money? Are you trying to dismiss a beggar!
430 Polluting her eyes
431 The night is worth thousands of gold
432 The person I'm beating is you, you pervert!
433 Li Moying disappeared
434 How could it be?
435 It’s… It’s too terrifying!
436 The devil from hell
437 Just thinking was enough to send the chills down their spines
438 Simply looking for death
439 Damn it, scared me to death
440 Now is not the time to act cool
441 A man cannot be judged based just on his looks
442 Ruthless killing methods
443 Never ending blood-curdling screeches
444 Close brush with death
445 Finally met Mo Yi
446 Pinnacle of Ninth stage
447 Illness of Soul Detachmen
448 Number One Divine Doctor Liu Buyan
449 Will he continue on his killing spree?
450 I’ll deliver the medication to him!
451 I've already said that you’re a vixen!
452 Make a move?
452 Third Miss, don’t be rash!
453 One step too late
454 Make a move?
455 Go back with me!
456 Incomparable cruel
457 The cause of death was due to…..
458 Quickly, chop her up!
459 More important than my life
460 Spirit Saint Spring Water
461 Third Miss, please don’t joke with me
462 Don’t go back on your words later on!
463 Naturally, he will marry me
464 Where did this local tycoon appear from?
465 This is bath water
466 The words you said is like passing gas
467 My fiancé is loyal and affectionate
468 You think I’m begging you?
469 It’s name is Zhao Cai
470 Offer tears of sympathy
471 I’ve kneeled down
472 I’ll keep track of the counting!
473 Such a magnanimous person like me
474 Quickly recover
475 The Armament Master is me
476 I have an agreement with him
477 This isn't a laughing matter
478 Smitten with confusion
479 Really admire future sister-in-law
480 Things seldom seen are strange!
481 Refining the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror
482 For Li Moying…..
483 Who is more important?
484 A dilemmatic proposition
485 Obviously wanted Huang Yueli dead
486 Underhanded methods again
487 Never met someone so brain-dead before
488 A good dog doesn’t block the road!
489 Fifth grade mid ranked
490 Let’s calculate the debts clearly!
491 Because I want to wallop you!
492 Someone from the Sec
493 Why is it him?
494 No way to hide
495 Useless fools who cannot even protect your Master
496 Li Moying’s fiancée
497 Other women have no chance at all
498 Li Moying has awaken
499 Heartbeat nearly stopped
500 Hard to distinguish truth or lies
501 Quickly take action!
502 Sister-in-law, you’re so resourceful!
503 Fall into enemy’s hands
504 Get lost!
505 You are, after all, my woman!
506 If you wish to die, just tell me straight!
507 Only gentle towards her alone
508 Don't know how to take your own medication?
509 How did she climb up his bed?
510 Be good and lie down
511 You say this is a misunderstanding?
512 Simply a beast!
513 Typical hoes before bros
514 Really….deserve to be kissed!
515 I just wanted to taste
516 Envy, Jealousy, Hatred
517 Don’t mention anything about her in front of me!
518 Always by her side
519 It’s entirely justified to hug my fiancée
520 The feeling of being abandoned
521 Little lass is shy
522 The hussy had given birth to
523 It was Prince Yu Wang
524 Li’er is leaving
525 In future when we get married
526 To render my services for Third Miss
527 Wishful daydream
528 This sword… is to reward you!
529 Bai Ruoli is back!
530 Too shameless!
531 Return two-fold!
532 A hobby that cannot be divulged
533 Did you think I would never return?
534 Strip them and throw them ou
535 Throw out to run around naked as well
536 Almost became Crown Prince’s woman
537 Domestic Violence again!
538 Hand you over to him to be taught properly
539 Huang Yueli advances
540 I will go, will it do! + previous life’s extra chapter
541 Are you done yet?
542 Female Devil, don’t!
543 Someone is here to wreak havoc
544 Ask Bai Ruoli to come out!
545 First time telling a lie
546 Drag her out!
547 Advance! Advance further!
548 Continuously breaking through
549 Sprayed directly onto her face!
550 Goner, she’s a goner
551 Successful advancemen
552 Is this this year’s fashion?
553 I’m so pure and cute
553 Keep on dreaming!
554 Slapped on her face
555 Overestimating your own strength!
556 Sit back and enjoy it!
557 Your guess is righ
558 If you dare to come out to mess, there's always a price to pay
559 I’m so pure and cute
560 Too shameless!
561 Pretending to be noble?
562 Let me give them a hand
563 A stomach full of fury
564 Going astray at such a young age
565 Lady Boss is here
566 Malicious plo
567 Unexpected change
568 Played around by the will of heaven
569 Worse than a servan
570 Are you here to perform a comedy?
571 Like a street ra
572 Shed tears
573 Gunnysacked him from behind
574 The feeling of prostration
575 Only marry the number one exper
576 For Li Moying
577 The torment within
578 Wishing you good luck!
579 Have you thought of going to look for him?
580 Destined to meet but not fated to be together
581 In what way are you inferior to her?
582 Delivery
583 Li Moying who was thousand miles away
584 Peerless beauty
585 Actually smiled
586 Unbearably vulgar
587 He really has a fiancée?
588 Not easy to deal with
589 Not even fit to warm up his bed!
590 Truly fallen for her
591 Men are just like dogs
592 Find a chance to kill her!
593 Summoned to the palace
594 Shameless as always
595 What happened to Seventh Princess?
596 Can’t be that heaven-defying
597 The real genius
598 Done something shameless
599 I’m just a pauper
600 Who was capable of bullying her!
601 Imperial Tutor creates trouble
602 Main mastermind, Bai Ruoli!
603 The thief calling thief
604 An enormous accusation
605 That was gifted to me by Prince Yu Wang
606 Simply like a hooligan
607 Falling into her trap
608 The Crown Prince deposed
609 Who exactly are you?
610 Banished Imperial Tutor
611 Bai Liu Feng’s clue
《Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith》 Volume 4
612 Celestial Light Academy
614 Li Moying met with trouble?
615 The conspiracy behind the scenes
616 Dared to fight with her for her man?
617 This is really ‘ape’s manure’
618 Stop plastering gold on your faces
619 A heart of a thief but no equivalent guts
620 Don’t think that I don’t know
621 You can all scram!
622 Don’t be discredited
623 You’re too modes
624 Never seen anyone that thick-skinned
625 A life threatening crisis!
626 Something you deserved
627 Carriage crash inciden
628 Makes one feel restless
629 Unable to obstruct her way
630 Fooled till face ashened
631 No other choice
632 The most disgusting way to die
633 You, better quickly set fire!
634 Have a nightmare tonight?
635 We are on the same side
636 Authenticate the truth
637 The strange talisman
638 Blood from a kin
639 Whereabouts exposed
640 Who won?
641 Fallen into the enemy’s hands
642 Li Moying’s foe
643 From the same Sec
644 Malnourished beansprou
645 Grow up quickly, defend my master
646 A marvellous idea
647 Seven character soul extinguishment skill
648 Self explode once again
649 The mysterious exper
650 Obviously making a fool out of him!
651 Still not going to scram?
652 You stuffy old fox
653 She cannot die ye
654 The cynical Divine Doctor Liu
655 Cannot bear to let any beauty disappointed
656 Very dizzy, extremely dizzy!
657 Actually dared to doubt him in this way!
658 I've met too many scammers
659 Isn’t this considered as narcissistic?
660 Too underhanded!
661 Up to no good
662 Take off your clothes!
663 Murong Fei appears
664 Intercepted midway
665 Don’t believe he cannot cure her!
666 Wasted to have such a handsome face
667 Probably be my grandpa’s age already
668 Rather pure and innocen
669 You and Mu Chengying…..
670 Not allowed to mention Mu Chengying, this name!
671 Friends turned foes
672 The greatest fortune amidst the misfortune
673 Luring the tiger down the mountain
674 Thousand death cannot absolve him from the blame
675 Say ugly words beforehand
676 Do you think I’m blind?
677 He really cared about her!
678 Li Moying’s thunder domain
679 Breakthrough to seventh degree realm!
680 No news on Li’er
681 Abduct Li’er back
682 Rainbow Spirit Crystal
683 The surprise that year
684 Accompany me for three months
685 The first order
686 Enchanting to such an exten
687 Jade Phoenix Hairpin
688 Number one beauty’s charm
689 Is there a lady whom you like
690 The might of thunder and lightning
691 Murong Fei crispy on the outside and tender on the inside
692 Li’er, wait for me!
693 Li’er is my life!
694 If you dare to take one single step ou
695 I can only choose…. her!
696 Can only depend on him
697 The one collecting the debt is the boss
698 Phoenix demands
699 A secret hidden forever
700 Stay by my side
701 Li Moying’s seven days and seven nights
702 She’s dead
703 Want to know how she died?
704 Why was he….. always unable to?
705 Living Hell
706 Sister-in-law, how did you come back to life?
707 Human or ghost?
708 Only you can save him!
709 Do you know how frightened I was?
710 Today is not full moon’s night 1
711 Today is not full moon’s night 2
712 Today is not full moon’s night 3
713 Today is not full moon’s night 4
714 Allowing you to die is too easy for you 1
715 Allowing you to die is too easy for you 2
716 Allowing you to die is too easy for you 3
717 Allowing you to die is too easy for you 4
718 Let’s sleep together 1
719 Let’s sleep together 2
720 Let’s sleep together 3
721 Let’s sleep together 4
722 Li Moying is jealous 1
723 Li Moying is jealous 2
724 Li Moying is jealous 3
725 Li Moying is jealous 4
726 More and more exploitive 1
727 More and more exploitive 2