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Priceless Baby“s Super Daddy

Author:Ban Cheng Fan Xue

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“He is the entertainment king who is in charge of everything. Been single for years, he had zero scandal. One day, a woman and a girl turned his life upside down.

The little cutie held him tight, not letting go. ““Handsome uncle, you look very much like the daddy I have lost for many years!““ Huo Yunshen felt depressed. “Me? Daddy?!”

The little cutie proudly pulled her mommy o...
《Priceless Baby“s Super Daddy》 Volume 3
449 Getting More Suspicious
450 Like A Precious Treasure
451 Very Astonished
452 This Is Really A Miracle!
453 In Turmoil
454 Smothering Her With Love
455 He Was Not Willing To Let That Happen
456 Very Good At Charming Girls At Such A Young Age
457 A Hint Of Possessiveness
458 Satisfy Her Wish
459 Listen To His Wife
460 This Was A Good Thing
461 Worry Herself With A Second Child
462 Throw Herself Into Another Man’s Arms
463 Really Wanted to Kiss Him
464 Another Round of Kisses
465 Pregnan
466 He’ll Be On His Own
467 The First Man to Steal Her Hear
468 Precious Baby
469 Sentimental Value
470 A Promising Couple
471 You Already Have One
472 Ulterior Motive
473 A Taste Of Your Own Medicine
474 Like a Ravenous Wolf
475 Surprise Bedside Visi
476 Sleeping Together?
477 All Over
478 Secret Romance
479 A Terrible Though
480 Hypocrite
481 A Lot More Exciting With You Tied Up
482 Was She Into That Kind of Thing?
483 Kiss Her To His Heart’s Conten
484 Feelings Of Love
485 What A Small World
486 An Item
487 You Just Made A Gay Man Out Of Me
488 Trying To Stir Things Up Again
489 Indescribable Anger
490 Touched Her Warm Cheeks
491 Going Too Far
492 An Irresistible Offer
493 You Better Be Grateful
494 His Deepest Secrets
495 Hooked A Big Fish
496 Dying To Be Alone With Her
497 Siren Call
498 Jackpot Of All Jackpots
499 Kissed Her Passionately
500 Can’t Figure Her Ou
501 The End Of The World
502 Marry Me
503 A Blessing In Disguise
504 A Huge Sacrifice
505 His Private Property
506 A Major Mistake
507 A Real Doozy
508 Shocking News
509 Harassmen
510 Kiss Her Again
511 A Scapegoa
512 A Threatened Abortion
513 Find The Other Woman
514 The Child Is In Trouble
515 Shocked Out Of Her Wits
516 Got Some Leads
517 Finally Got Rid Of The Wheelchair
518 Heartbroken
519 The Child Is Dying
520 The Child Is Safe Now
521 Extremely Guilty
522 A Weight Off His Ches
523 Have To Face It Sooner Or Later
524 Greatest Fortune
525 His Most Beloved Baby
526 My Dear Baby
527 Confessed With All His Hear
528 Driven By Passion
529 Not On Good Terms In The First Place
530 Half-Siblings?
531 Don’t Think Of Taking My Child Away
532 Completely Flustered
533 His Promise
534 Prepare For It Carefully
535 A Big And Soft Meat Cushion
536 Look How Pleased You Are
537 Locked Onto Their Targe
538 Love Forever
539 Awkward
540 Mock Her on Purpose
541 A Huge Surprise
542 A Slap to Her Face
543 Aren’t You Asking for the Impossible?
544 Miscarriage
545 It’s Going to be Rough
546 I Want You For Sure
547 Married for the Benefits
548 Unable to Clear Her Name
549 Passionately in Love
550 God Will Take Care of the Evil-Doers
551 Retribution
552 Filled With Sarcasm
553 Unexpected
554 A Perfect Counter
555 Setting a Trap for Her
556 Still Unwilling to Give Up
557 A Seductive Hin
558 Shocked at Their Relationship
559 Don’t Mind Her Getting Close
560 Drugged
561 Wrapped Tightly Around Him
562 The Couple Finally Became One
563 Pay for Your Sins
564 Want to Have Her
565 Tried to Restrain Himself
566 Finally Became His
567 Met the Person She Wanted to Mee
568 My Eyes Are Burning
569 Always Trying To Cop A Feel
570 Hidden Wound
571 Sexy
572 Artificial
573 Piggyback Ride
574 No Longer An Illegitimate Child
575 Passionate Morning Make-out Session
576 Simple Things
577 Filled With Envy
578 His Heart Ached Terribly
579 How Fake
580 Happiness
581 Mr. Cherry vs Rabbit Mommy
582 Operation Mascot Proposal
583 Another Surprise
584 Kissing Each Other
585 I Want You
586 Kissed Her
587 Finally Got What You Wanted
588 Sidetracked
589 How ‘Bout Another One?
590 Love Rival
591 His Woman is Jealous
592 His Sweet Talk is Just Way Too Swee
593 Seducing Him
594 Uncover Old Scars
595 Turned Out That Her Fears Had Manifested
596 Began to Stir Again Foolishly
597 He’s Going To Be Snatched Away
598 Curious About Her Identity
599 Somewhat Unreconciled
600 Very Biased In His Treatmen
601 She Was Really A Formidable Rival
602 He Did Not Expect Her To Be This Sensitive
603 Too Hasty
604 She Had Even Smiled As She Counterattacked
605 Her Biggest Bargaining Chip
606 Don’t Blame Her For Going All Ou
607 How Difficult It Is To See Him
608 A Slave to His Wife
609 Let Her Express Her Anger
610 Hug Her Tightly
611 I Really Want to Kiss You
612 The Only Person He Loves
613 Completely Los
614 Unable to Refuse Her
615 I’ve Already Cleaned Myself
616 It’s Time to Shift the Tide
617 Took Away Her First Time
618 Get Away with Everything
619 She’s Not Someone that Could be Bullied Easily
620 Shown Her True Colors
621 The Taste of Rebellion
622 More And More Unfriendly
623 Stuck With Him
624 The Big Day Is Coming
625 Act First, Report Later
626 I Only Want You
627 Take Her To Do Something Bad
628 Time To Punish A Scumbag
629 Important Bargaining Chip
630 Forced To A Dead End
631 Threaten Her
632 Guessed That He Would Come To This Trick!
633 Give That Scumbag Chu Yuhe Another Ugly Surprise
634 The Man Behind Her
635 He Should Die in Hell
636 It’ll Pain Him
637 Shocking New Discoveries
638 Did Not Hide It From Him
639 Indescribable Pain
640 Punish Him
641 Are You Trying to Kill Me?
642 The Gamer’s Depression
643 Someone I Can Rely On
644 Took Good Care of Her
645 Trying to Take Revenge on Me?
646 Should’ve Gone for Her Instead
647 A Feeling of Relief
648 Trying to Separate Them
649 Particularly Offended
650 Don’t Mention About This Person Anymore
651 Walloping A Two-Faced Woman
652 There Was More To I
653 Instinctively Reacted
654 Teaching Huo Jingtang A Good Lesson Part 1
655 Teaching Huo Jingtang A Good Lesson Part 2
656 This Is Called Karma!
657 An Opportunity For Redemption
658 He Shall Play Along With Him
659 Come Over And Court Her
660 Worried About Our Little Princess
661 Already Knew How To Reserve A Girl In Advance
662 A Particularly Difficult Problem
663 No One Will Ever Look Down on Her Anymore
664 I’m In Trouble
665 Do It In Secre
666 In A Dangerous Situation
667 Taking Advantage of the Situation
668 Defensive Mode
669 A Love Rival
670 Sour Tone
671 Becoming More Aggressive
672 You’re Too Wicked
673 Help With Her Hostility
674 Famous for Pampering His Wife
675 The Right to Take Care of Her
676 She’s A Fake
677 Gladly Accept the Outcome
678 Came to Save Her
679 She’s His Weak Little Lamb
680 I’m Just Doing My Job
681 A Complete Asshole
682 The Asshole on the Bed
683 What Are You Getting Jealous For?
684 Win Her Hear
685 Perform Better at Nigh
686 Finally Got Time to be Alone
687 Cared About Him
688 Her Dying Wish
689 Believe In Her
690 A Huge Discovery
691 Enough As A Punishmen
692 Unspeakable Trouble
693 Proved Her Speculation
694 How Could Such Scum Exist?
695 A Taste Of Her Wrath
696 Show Off His Sexiness
697 It Had Been Really Tiring Being A Scapegoa
698 So Sweet That It Warmed His Hear
699 Fall Head Over Heels In Love
700 Already Seducing Her This Early In The Morning
701 Actually Recognized Her
702 Going To Be A Laughing Stock
703 A Wild Desire To Dominate
704 An Arrogant Display Of Challenge
705 Going On A Killing Spree Like Tha
706 Fight Him To The Death
707 Just The Perfect Opportunity To Try Something Else
708 Make A Complete Break
709 Wanted to Start Again with Her
710 Without Looking Back
711 Missed Her So Much
712 Swindled Her Into Marrying Him
713 Ready to Reconcile
714 It Had Been Confirmed
715 Stunned by His Appearance
716 This Is God’s Will
717 His Voice is Just too Sexy
718 Overloaded With Energy
719 Looking For a Chance
720 Catch Her And Sink Her Teeth In Her
721 Even Thought of Dying
722 Never Needed Him To Intervene
723 A Not So Small Scandal
724 Threatening Him With Her Life
725 Degrade Herself
726 Bewitched By Her
727 Let Me Go
728 A Cold Reception
729 Keep Your Mouth Shu
730 Occupied By Him
731 Bad Luck
732 First Time Losing Her Temper In Public
733 The Best Combination
734 The Inside Story Of His Illegitimate Child
735 Hope That She Won’t be Affected
736 Her IQ Was Declining
737 A Good Feeling About Her
738 Look For A One-Night Stand
739 Something She Can Use Against Her
740 Catch Her Mother In the Ac
741 The Same Plan
742 Determined Not To Let Things Go Her Way
743 Post-Abortion Syndrome
744 Stolen Her Limeligh
745 It Might Ruin All Her Hard Work
746 The Best Attack
747 Their Relationship
748 Dealing With The Devil
749 Only The Two of Them Are Lef
750 Bang Her To Death
751 It’s Meaningful
752 Always Stealing Her Limeligh
753 A Sudden Beg
754 Betting All Her Hopes On Her
755 Found The Right One
756 A Private Space For Two
757 Walking Straight Into the Wolf’s Den
758 A Difficult Problem Of Hers
759 Not Giving Him the Chance
760 Turned Out That He Was Willing to Suffer It All
761 Sweet Interactions
762 In A Very Dangerous Situation
763 Just In the Nick of Time
764 How Afraid I Was To Lose You
765 Kissed Her Hard
766 It Was Time To Repay
767 An Unwashable Humiliation
768 She Is My Wife
769 That Man is He
770 She Felt Like Vomiting Blood After Being Humiliated By Her In Public
771 Degrade Themselves on Purpose
772 Mr. Huo Is Spoiling His Wife To The Fulles
773 It’s Way Too Blinding
774 His Situation Was Particularly Serious
775 Guessed I
776 In Case She Had Any Suicidal Thoughts
777 Get Her Fill of Punishing
778 Deliberately Pressuring Her
779 The Two Bitches
780 Looking For Backers To Support Her
781 A Bad First Impression
782 Who Had Dared To Bully Her Daughter
783 She Brought it on Herself
784 Had To Stick Their Noses In
785 Energetic
786 Skewed
787 A Fast Beating Hear
788 Completely Irresistible
789 A Huge Challenge
790 Called Her To Come Enjoy It With Him
791 It Felt Really Grea
792 A Feeling He Could Not Explain
793 Danger Closing In
794 Very Angry With Her Performance
795 A Huge Realization
796 Demonstrating A Kissing Scene
797 A Huge Thumbs Up For the Kid
798 Evil Will Be Rewarded With Evil
799 A Touching Momen
800 It Was Just A Stalker
801 Unable to Avert His Eyes
802 So Bold To Abduct Someone
803 A Powerful Man
804 She Already Had A Lover
805 Ruined the Atmosphere
806 What A Melodramatic Person
807 A Vicious Mouth
808 Yearned For By Other Men
809 People are Angry
810 Whoever Dared Touch His Woman
811 Caught Them in Bed
812 I Would Like To Keep Her As My Lover Too
813 Entangled
814 A Terrible Truth
815 Overly Arrogan
816 Couldn’t Help But Blush
817 An Over-Protective Wife
818 Something Unspeakable
819 The End of Xu Xinrou
820 The Behind-The-Scenes Perpetrator Of The Whole Thing
821 A Demanding Person
822 Purely Trying To Pick On Her
823 A Rare Scene
824 Help Her Go Through Difficult Times
825 A Troublemaker
826 Really Rude
827 Why Me?
828 A Vicious Hear
829 A Stronger Drug
830 Troublemaker
831 Vicious Siblings
832 Must Not Act Rashly
833 Pay For All
834 At Her Limits
835 She Would Be in Trouble
836 About To Lose Her Mind
837 Off the Scrip
838 Felt Like Dying Of Embarrassmen
839 The Singles are Dying
840 Her Guts Were Turning Green With Regre
841 Not Her Opponen
842 Lady Boss, You’re So Awesome!
843 Go All Ou
844 Secretly Kissing Him
845 Elope
846 So Handsome That It Was Unbelievable It Was Him
847 Enchanted by Their Voices
848 Shall Soon Taste Retribution
849 Got the Wrong Person
850 More And More Wild
851 Laughing in Her Head
852 Dare Not Act Rashly
853 Bite Back
854 Unreasonable Temper
855 A Surprise from Mr. Huo
856 Greatly Satisfied
857 Spreading Their Affections Everywhere
858 An Unexpected Honor
859 To Ruin Her Life with Scandals
860 Deep Into The Tiger's Den
861 Something to Use Against Her
862 He Would Suffer A Great Consequence
863 Punish Her
864 Such An Inside Story
865 Putting Too Much Trust in Her
866 Give Birth to a Child For Him
867 After Him
868 A Long Kiss
869 Unforgettable
870 She Must Have Her Life
871 Not a Soft Person
872 Greatly Traumatized
873 Danger At Midnigh
874 He Was One Step Too Late Again
875 Near-Death Experience
876 Then Spend Your Life with Me
877 The Rival Came
878 A Murderous Aura
879 Huo Yunshen’s Dominance
880 Such A Close Brush With Death
881 Nothing Better Than Tha
882 Tailor-made For Him
883 A Challenging Condition
884 Guessed Something Unimaginable
885 Ship Them
886 Very Opposed To Him
887 To Satisfy Their Anger
888 You’re Really Savage, Sis!
889 The Consequence of Taking Pleasure in Others’ Misfortune
890 Settle Some Things Together
891 Over-Enthusiastic
892 An Unexpected Discovery
893 Denial Was Not an Option
894 To A Dead End
895 Follow Him Wherever He Goes
896 Become a Laughingstock
897 Holding Hands Under the Table
898 Would Not End Well
899 Change Her Image
900 Let Her Do Whatever She Wants At His House
901 He Also Wanted One
902 What A Stroke Of Bad Luck
903 Show Off
904 Heal A Dead Horse As If It Was Still Alive
905 A Smart Move
906 Proving Her Innocence
907 Complication
908 He Had Misunderstood
909 Other Ways
910 Win His Hear
911 More Than What Meets the Eye
912 Extremely Embarrassed
913 A Different Person
914 To The Presidential Palace
《Priceless Baby“s Super Daddy》 Volume 1
1 He Was So Strong
2 A Born Actress
3 Screwed a Handsome Guy
4 The Storyline Was Changed Too Fas
5 Be Serious!
6 Breaking up
7 In My Dictionary, There Is No Such Word as Concession
8 What a Refined Rascal
9 Her Cuteness Is in Defiance of Nature
10 Protective of Her Mother
11 She Has a Child?
12 Ignoran
13 One More Enemy
14 A Familiar Face
15 Still Holding a Grudge
16 Dreaming of Choking Him to Death
17 A Surprise Arranged by God
18 A Bit Overwhelmed
19 She Forgot Him
20 Thank Him Wholeheartedly
21 He Is Extremely Territorial
22 That Was Surprisingly Touching
23 Too Cruel
24 I Should Thank Him
25 I Will Be Responsible Until The End, Deal?
26 Where Did She Come From?
27 Beautifully Done
28 An Outstanding Actress
29 An Unexpected Surprise
30 The Face of a Hypocrite
31 An Annoying Stumbling Block
32 Meddling Behind the Scenes
33 Xu Xiyan, Well Done!
34 I Want a Boyfriend That’s Loyal
35 He Finally Got A Reply
36 I Want to Meet Her in the Future
37 Her Words Were Moving
38 Learned A Lo
39 Who Wants To Become A Stepfather?
40 Felt Like Dying
41 I’m Panicking
42 She’s Clearly Looking for Trouble
43 A Bleeding Hear
44 A Vicious Battle
45 Carry Me Please!
46 Acting All Weak and Frail in Front of Prince Charming
47 He Would Feel Bad
48 I Think It’s Best If I Don’
49 I Want to Give Her the Bes
50 Giving It All I’ve Got for My Future Wife’s Sake
51 An Unforgettable Taste
52 He Wanted to Stand Again
53 Butt Clenching
54 Doing Unlawful Things Behind Her Back
55 An Unspeakable Heartache
56 It Instantly Became a Huge Scandal
57 The Wife Is Pregnan
58 The Only Girl That He’s Close To
59 Kabedon’ed
60 Fell in Love at First Sigh
61 A Precedent for the Little One
62 Let’s Make a Baby Too
63 The Next Plan
64 Her Mother’s Death
65 The Best Daddy In The World
66 Is He Fond of Kids?
67 No Hurry
68 She Really Knows How to Fake a Story
69 Standing Up For Her
70 Beauty Will Always Win
71 I Feel That I Am In Your Deb
72 Luckily, He Came
73 You’re The Most Valuable
74 He Wanted to Give Her the Bes
75 Spoiling Him
76 Control!
77 Can't Help But To Pity Him
78 Please Make Me Your Apprentice!
79 Have To Take It Slowly
80 A Girl Has To Be In Here
81 Not Destined To Have A Man In Her Life
82 A Reason to Let Her Stay
83 Sleeping Together
84 The Simple Life That He’d Longed For
85 An Excuse For Revenge
86 Took Advantage of the Situation to Have Her Revenge
87 The Boss Pays A Visi
88 What a Black-Hearted Man
89 It’s So Satisfying!
90 Don’t Get Too Cocky!
91 Prince Charming Is So Considerate
92 I Know My Limits
93 I Can’t Afford Your Generosity
94 Back to Xu’s Mansion
95 So Angry That She Felt Like Vomiting
96 All Those Bastards
97 You’re Really Cruel!
98 His Attitude Has Changed?
99 She Is Just A Nobody
100 Using Other People For Their Own Benefi
101 Time To Strike
《Priceless Baby“s Super Daddy》 Volume 2
102 It Was Finally Happening For Him!
103 Do You Like Me Or Not?
104 What A Wicked Father!
105 Twisting With Regre
106 Almost Forgot About I
107 Hoes Before Bros
108 Like A Married Couple
109 Who Is This Inconsiderate Person?
110 I Give Up
111 His Heart Ached Terribly For Her
112 Secret Recipe
113 Couldn’t Bother Her Anymore
114 A New Discovery
115 I’ll Treasure Them Forever
116 Won’t Confess Eagerly
117 He Must Not Stand Up Again!
118 I’ll Get You Out of There
119 Everything About Her Was Differen
120 They’ve Crossed the Line
121 The Situation Was Different Now
122 I Want To Know Who He Is
123 Blatant Favoritism
124 What Kind of Girl Do You Like?
125 He Would Not Lose To A Cripple
126 Don’t Sell Me Ou
127 You’re My Hero!
128 The Frozen Flower Started To Thaw
129 He Had Figured Out Everything About Her
130 As Hard As Steel
131 Tricked By A Four-Year-Old
132 A Bad Feeling
133 Make ‘Em Cringe
134 He Knew the Answer in His Hear
135 Is He Letting Her Cheat On Him?
136 Already Found the Treasure
137 She Wanted to Discriminate Against Her
138 Curse You!
139 Jing Xi, Don't Go
140 I’ve Seen Every Inch of Your Body
141 That Aspect Had Become Normal
142 I Don’t Have That Kind of Luck
143 She Brought Her Boyfriend
144 I’m Only Here For the Treatment Though…
145 This Vow Is Too Extreme!
146 I’ll Take Care of You!
147 A Perfect Gentleman
148 What You Owe Me!
149 She Is A Bloodthirsty Carnivore
150 Getting Her Revenge
151 I’ll Have My Full Revenge
152 Let Her Suffer As Much As Possible!
153 Are They Going To Disband?
154 Something Must Be Going On
155 Caught Her By Surprise
156 Ask Him For Help
157 Don’t Be Foolish!
158 The Escalating Scandal
159 Like A Wife Taking Care Of Her Husband
160 A Favor
161 Take Them Off?
162 Feel Like Pouncing On Him
163 The Little Girl Was Worried About Her
164 A Father and Daughter’s First Meeting Part 1
165 A Father And Daughter’s First Meeting Part 2
166 A Father and Daugher’s First Meeing Part 3
167 No Point Being Envious
168 Eager To Set Them Up
169 One In A Million Chance
170 Did He Find Out?
171 The Little Girl Gave Herself A New Life Goal
172 Is He Trying to Ruin His Career?
173 Let’s See How You Wash It Off
174 Ban Me If They Can
175 Riled Up
176 A Touching Momen
177 Stirred
178 Trying to Stop Her
179 Intrigued
180 Even His Sister Is Interested in Xu Xiyan
181 Don't You Think This Is Very Exciting?
182 Love Is Enough to Fill One’s Stomach
183 Why Does She Want To Target Her Like This?
184 Fine, I’ll Cover For You
185 Can’t Stand It Anymore
186 Let’s See How You Get Yourself Out Of This
187 Finding A Way To Shirk Responsibility
188 Who’s Making Up All These Stories to Hurt Her?
189 She’d Had Enough Of This Hypocritical Bitch
190 The Caring Prince Charming
191 Everyone Was Shocked
192 Entrusted By A Certain Person
193 His Hug At That Momen
194 The Person He Longed For
195 Entangled Hear
196 Can We Never Get Back To How We Were?
197 No More Complications
198 All Hail Xu Xiyan
199 Moaning Aggrievedly
200 This Is Mercy?
201 Couldn’t Be Any More Familiar
202 Is She Flirting With Me?
203 Completely Hopeless
204 The Truth of the Scandal Part 1
205 The Truth of the Scandal Part 2
206 What Is Happening?
207 Couldn’t Have Been Interested In Him
208 Who Do You Think You Are?
209 Too Soon To Be Happy
210 Let Him Taste My Wrath
211 It’s Just Freaking Awesome
212 A Special Relationship?
213 Exhilarated
214 A Huge Mess
215 Try To Poach Her Over
216 Almost Kissed Her
217 Kisses Everywhere
218 Why Is the Movie King Here?
219 Like A Family Of Three
220 A Promise with the Little Cuttie
221 I Just Want To Be With You
222 The Girl Lay On Top of the Man
223 Got His Attention
224 Alone Time With Her
225 The Question Was Quite Sharp And Direc
226 High EQ
227 Exposing In Public
228 Backfire
229 A Mishap Finally Befalls The Horrendous Couple
230 Over-Confiden
231 The Backer Is Gone
232 It’s All For Her
233 Innocently Implicated
234 Time For Revenge
235 It Was Like A Slap In The Face
236 He’s a Natural
237 Impatien
238 You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me
239 Might Be Getting Conned
240 Too Big?
241 It Was Stunning
242 Did He Bail Again?
243 Hatred Grew In His Hear
244 Don’t You Dare Get Near Him!
245 What Can I Do To Make You Forgive Me?
246 Dangerously Attractive
247 A Dangerous Man
248 Went With Her Prince Charming
249 Overly Attentive
250 Bringing Him to a Special Place
251 Stir Up His Inner Temptations
252 How Dare They Try to Flirt With My Woman!
253 Absolutely Not!
254 Teasing the Prince Charming
255 It’s Exactly What I’m Looking For
256 I Miss Uncle Dimple
257 Especially Attractive
258 A Considerate Little Girl
259 Looking Like A Family Of Three
260 Merciless
261 Got What He Deserved
262 Dump Him
263 We Can’t Do It Ourselves
264 Hugged Him Tightly
265 Isn’t That Too Vicious?
266 A Thorn in My Flesh
267 You Should Be Careful
268 You’re Really Smart!
269 He’s the Boss
270 Xu Xiyan is a Devious Person
271 Doing Her Best to Annoy Huang Yanran
272 There’s No Way She Can Get Better
273 Acciden
274 He Actually Said That I’m Being Dramatic?
275 A Different Kind Of Bliss
276 Something Very Importan
277 He Had Become Her Scapegoa
278 So This Is War, Huh?
279 Gave Birth To A Good Cheating Son
280 Playing Along With His Schemes
281 He Really Felt I
282 Did She Just Kiss Him?
283 Pampering Her Like A Princess
284 Did Not See Anything Wrong
285 Work Is Easier When Men And Women Work Together
286 Great Chemistry
287 Prince Charming Finally Gets I
288 It’s Really Tiring To Act Pure And Innocen
289 A Secret Kiss
290 Could Not Let Down His Guard
291 Thinking About Her
292 Her IQ Is Really High
293 It’s Such A Miracle
294 He Never Even Loved You Once
295 Teach Her A Lesson
296 A Resounding Kiss
297 Mummy’s Rival
298 Angered
299 The Little Girl Was Hur
300 It’s Just a Mistake
301 A Kiss of Gratitude
302 Getting Closer and Closer to Prince Charming
303 The Life She Wanted
304 Assistance From the Little Girl
305 The Warmest Nigh
306 Caught by the Police
307 That’s How Black-Hearted He Is
308 Enough to Tarnish Her Name
309 Beg For Her To Return
310 Someone Was Intentionally Targeting Her
311 The Situation Has Worsened
312 The Unknown Truth
313 They Were Shocked To See Who Had Come
314 How Heartless
315 Afraid To Hire Her
316 It Wasn’t Like Him
317 I Won’t Let Anything Happen To You
318 A Big Change
319 He Would Only Write Love Songs For Her
320 Rush Over And Confess To Him
321 Hopeless Flir
322 She Would Not Give Up Such A Good Opportunity
323 She Only Cared About Him
324 He Had Not Pretended To Be Sick For Nothing
325 Trapping Her
326 Was Indeed Full Of Magic
327 A Surprising Discovery
328 A Sense Of Worry Developed
329 Making Love To Her
330 A Love Rival Appeared
331 Had Not Come With Friendly Motives
332 This Fellow Is Horrible
333 Deliberately Creating Conflic
334 The Beginning of All This Misfortune
335 Harping On The Fac
336 Messed Up
337 Are You Willing To Wait For Me?
338 The Perfect Excuse
339 His Happiness Depended On Her
340 Her Heart Would Still Ache Thinking About I
341 The First Girl To Come Home With Him
342 Give Her A Warning
343 Why Was Her Attitude So Bad?
344 Elope With Him
345 This Is Hard To Accep
346 Her Heart Was Bursting With Anxiety
347 The Best Countermeasure
348 Her Suspicions Grew Stronger
349 His Chance Was Coming
350 Sharp Questions
351 Clarifying The Truth Part 1
352 Clarifying The Truth Part 2
353 Clarifying The Truth Part 3
354 Clarifying The Truth Part 4
355 The Best Counter
356 The Whole Story
357 Guilty Conscience
358 A Bad Move
359 Her Retribution
360 Way Too Handsome
361 Unexpected Results
362 A Hint of Envy
363 A Special Meaning
364 Her Confession Plan
365 Her Eyes Were On Only Him
366 To Kiss Him On His Lips
367 I Would Not Leave You Behind
368 She Would Be Fine
369 No Escape From Death
370 Confirming His Identity
371 Coming Clean With Everything
372 Worrying Her To Death
373 Felt Extremely Sorry
374 Becoming Desperate
375 Her One and Only In This World
376 Delivering His Beloved Woman To His Rival
377 Accept Her Bad Luck
378 Become So Mean
379 Unaccepting of Her
380 Are You Still Not Giving Up?
381 I Will Make Her Give Up
382 A Dull Pain in the Corner of His Hear
383 He Had Left Without Saying Goodbye
384 She Was Really Trapped
385 An Unexpected Discovery
386 Seek Justice
387 Such A Picky Appetite
388 Teaching A Scumbag Father A Good Lesson Part 1
389 Teaching A Scumbag Father A Good Lesson Part 2
390 Teaching a Two-Faced Bitch a Good Lesson
391 Teaching An Old Witch A Good Lesson
392 What An Ungrateful Person
393 Unruly!
394 Forced By You All
395 Don’t Be Too Happy Yet!
396 The First To Notice
397 He Was Probably Mistaken
398 This Is God’s Will
399 Separated For No Reason
400 Missing Him So Badly
401 A Burning Ambition
402 Kissed Him
403 Destroyed By Her
404 A Preemptive Strike
405 Finding Out The Truth
406 Teaching Ye Xun A Lesson
407 Don’t Steal My Prince Charming
408 Finally Completed
409 Gloating Inside
410 You’ll Get A Cu
411 Became Ruthless
412 Pushed Him into Despair
413 It Hurt Her Too
414 She Kissed Him
415 Not Giving Him a Chance to Say No
416 Too Close
417 He Could Feel His Legs
418 The Truth
419 A Romantic Confession
420 Kissed Her by Force
421 Their Relationship Deepened
422 Staring at Him
423 Feed Him with Her Mouth
424 A Secret Between Them
425 Mommy’s Sweet Baby Girl
426 Heart Of A Wolf
427 Hated That He Had Appeared
428 A Slap To His Face
429 A Clean Break
430 Nothing To Do With Each Other
431 He Was Moved
432 Strive To Walk Again As Soon As Possible
433 He Didn’t Want To Be Number Two
434 A Great Responsibility
435 Probe Him
436 A Guess
437 Provoking Him Intentionally
438 I’ve Missed You
439 I’ll Do Whatever You Ask
440 The Heat of Love
441 Already Won
442 Finally Found Her Father
443 Kiss to His Heart’s Conten
444 It Might Escalate
445 Marry… Me
446 Impressed by Her
447 A Mysterious Gif
448 Forced
《Priceless Baby“s Super Daddy》 Text
915 Becoming Unreliable
916 What A Real Slu
917 The Excitemen
918 The Most Important Person Is Still Missing
919 To Provoke Him
920 He’s So Charming
921 I Have Someone In Mind
922 Rightful Husband And Wife
923 A Chance
924 Something Was Not Right With His Body
925 His Cure
926 They Only Had One Another
927 Caught Her
928 Ended Up Falling In Her Trap
929 Her Guess Was Righ
930 He Didn’t Want To Be Separated From Her, Not Even For A Single Momen
931 They’ve Been Made
932 Life Is Simply So Awesome
933 Arrogan
934 Their Consequences
935 Can’t Make I
936 Savored Her From Top To Bottom
937 Really Misses His Daughter
938 The Paternity Test Report Was Ou
939 The Worst Possible Thing to Come True
940 To A Point That Was Frightening
941 Miss Her With All of His Hear
942 His Possessiveness Was Particularly Strong
943 The Best She Could Find
944 Throw Herself Onto Him
945 An Incredible Surprise
946 How Much I Wanted To Destroy You With My Own Hands
947 Realized What She’s Talking Abou
948 Until There Was Free Time To Settle This Matter Again
949 A Token of Gratitude
950 Taking It The Wrong Way
951 Unimaginable
952 He’s Not Angry?
953 Indescribable Emotion
954 Give Her Strength That Comforted Her
955 Irritated
956 Come Try If You Dare Touch Them
957 If He Finds Out Her Identity
958 A Great Temptation
959 He’s the Main Actor?
960 He Is A Pervert!
961 Another Attemp
962 Tried To Kiss Her On Her Lips
963 His True Intention
964 Defend His Territory
965 His Weakness
966 This Would Be The Worst Outcome
967 A Real Devil
968 She Was Also Very Good At Seducing Him
969 Too Intense To Watch
970 Her "Gravity" Was Too Strong
971 Fair Without, Foul Within
972 Experience What It Is Like To Become A Slu
973 Even God Can't Save Her
974 A Typical Consequence Of A Troublemaker
975 Being Booked
976 Isn’t He A Scumbag?
977 A Bossy Person
978 Actually Dared To Insult Her
979 The Arrogance
980 Accused Them Zealously
981 He’s Too Attractive
982 She Really Felt Like Throwing Herself Onto Him
983 Stirring Up Trouble
984 Do Something Inappropriate To Her
985 Willingly
986 I Wanted To Kill You
987 Revenge
988 He Only Had Himself To Blame
989 Exhausted
990 I Only Want You!
991 Not Surrendering
992 She Was Not Hallucinating
993 Miss Her So Much
994 Trapped By Her Own Man
995 Benefi
996 She Had Found An Important Clue
997 He’s Still Handsome
998 Love Each Other To Their Heart’s Conten
999 Delusion
1000 A Beautiful Counterattack
1001 A Fox
1002 The Save Was Too Successful
1003 Teammate
1004 Secretly Interacting
1005 The Biggest Insul
1006 One Is Bound To Meet Enemies On A Narrow Road
1007 On Purpose
1008 I Want To Eat My Wife
1009 It’s Not A Question
1010 He Could Laugh At The Joke For A Year
1011 Way Too Smar
1012 She Could Only Blame Herself For Underestimating Her
1013 Take Extreme Measures
1014 Trapped
1015 To That Exten
1016 Like A Wolf
1017 In An Instan
1018 She Would Not Believe That He Could Not Be Dealt With
1019 Completely Fall For Her
1020 A Special Birthday Presen
1021 Love That Huo Yunshen Was Showing to Jing Xi
1022 His Little Wife Wanted “That”
1023 Uniform Play
1024 She Started To Act Boldly Again
1025 His Unknown Pas
1026 You’re Hurting Me!
1027 We’ll Sleep In This
1028 She Had Hugged Him So Tightly!
1029 Another Kissing Scene
1030 The Only Time That Their Acting Was Real
1031 Satisfying to Watch
1032 The Relationship Had Been Exposed
1033 The Story Behind the Secret Marriage
1034 A Well-Deserved Punishmen
1035 A Shocking Discovery
1036 Stubborn Madmen!
1037 Might Become Suspicious
1038 Received A Ban Notice
1039 They Began to Fight, Again
1040 Neither Had The Other Convinced
1041 A Challenge from the Mistress
1042 Cuckolded For Six Years
1043 Butt In
1044 Strike First To Gain The Initiative
1045 In Trouble
1046 He Had Learned To Hide A Woman In His House
1047 A Chance
1048 An Inexplicable Closeness
1049 Too Overboard
1050 Give Up All Of Her Assets
1051 All Up to Him
1052 Still Refused To Accept Defea
1053 Has to Accep
1054 Now He Had Changed His Mind
1055 A Stabilizer