Power and Wealth
Chapter 135 – Firefighter arrives!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 135 – Firefighter arrives!

After receiving the call from Xu Yan, Dong Xuebing almost cursed out loud.

Chief Jiang was furious now. Chief Zhen and Director Jian had no other solutions and want me to save the situation by putting out the fire? F**k! One of you is the head of this branch, and the other is the head of a department. Both of you are powerless to do anything, what can I do? Who is Chief Jiang? He is the head of the Beijing City State Security Bureau. He is the boss of all State Security officers in Beijing. Are you all trying to get me killed? What has this got to do with me? It’s the Sixth Bureau who had beat up Chief Jiang’s relative.

“Chief Xu.” Dong Xuebing was anxious. “This mess is created by the Sixth Bureau, right?”

Xu Yan replied: “Helping the leaders to solve headaches is also the General Affairs Office’s duties. It’s your job!”

Dong Xuebing was dumbfounded. “But…… But even if I go there, I also cannot do anything.”

Xu Yan walked further away from the rest with her phone. She lowered her voice to prevent Zhen Anguo and the rest from hearing. “I know you can do it. Don’t be humble. I know more about your capabilities than the others. Director Jian and the rest also know what you can achieve. This is our trust in you. Do you know how many people wish for this opportunity? Ok. Even Chief Zhen wanted you to be here. Come over now. If you can solve this issue perfectly, I will give you your promotion within these 2 weeks.” Xu Yan also felt Xiao Dong was being used. But she could only promise his promotion in return.

Dong Xuebing knew he could not hide from this and replied: “Then…… Then I will go over now.”

“Ok. Bring along two staff members with you. It’s almost dinner time. Later, maybe we will be having dinner with Chief Jiang.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing was not excited at all, despite being promised his promotion within these two weeks. Excited? What’s there to be excited? He knew that he would definitely be promoted if he could solve this incident. But the problem is how is he going to do that? How can he ask Chief Jiang to stop pursuing the responsibility on the Western District? How can he appease Chief Jiang’s anger and make him change his opinion of the Western District? Damn! If Dong Xuebing could do all these, he will not be struggling in this district branch. He would be inside the Central Government.

Dong Xuebing stormed out of his office.

Chang Juan smiled seductively: “Chief Dong, are you going back?”

“Go back?” Dong Xuebing looked at his staffs. “Chang Juan, put aside your work and follow me out. Panwei, get a car from Director Li Qing. Tell him that we have received a last-minute mission from Chief Zhen.” Dong Xuebing knew he would offend the leaders if he could not achieve this task. That’s why he tried to protect his close friends, Tan Limei and Sun Zhuang. He only asked Chang Juan and Guo Panwei to follow him.

Guo Panwei immediately knew what was going on, and quickly ran out to get a car.

Chang Juan did not have any worries. She smiled and asked: “Chief Dong, is it that Chief Zhen could not handle that incident and asked you, the firefighter, to put out the fire?”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. You still can laugh now? “Yes.”

Chang Juan replied: “If you are there, you will definitely solve it.”

Tan Limei also laughed and said: “That’s right. Chief Dong, you entered the bureau for 3 months, and there is nothing you cannot solve.”

Almost everyone in the General Affairs Office trusted Dong Xuebing blindly. It was all because he had always achieved the impossible.

Dong Xuebing can’t be bothered to say anything. You all are too optimistic. If I can’t solve this problem, can I still maintain my position? I don’t even know when I can get my promotion if I screw this up. Damn. Why do I have to be dragged into this? Chief Zhen and Director Jian can’t handle this, what can I do? You all really think I can save any situation?

Not long later, Guo Panwei was waiting at the front of the building with an old Volkswagen Jetta.

Dong Xuebing listlessly walked over. Guo Panwei saw him walking over and quickly opened the passenger door for him. He covered the top of the door to prevent Dong Xuebing from knocking his head as he boards. After that, he closed the door and went back to the driver seat. Chang Juan sat on the front passenger seat.

“Chief Dong, where are we going?”

“Xuan Yu Hospital.”

Dong Xuebing knew himself well. He really felt he could not do anything in this incident. But he had no choice. If not, he will leave a bad impression with Chief Zhen and Chief Xu. On the way, Dong Xuebing asked Chang Juan about Chief Jiang. Chang Juan told him that Chief Jiang does not have any bad habits. He does not smoke or drink. His only hobbies were gardening and collecting calligraphies and paintings. He was a quiet person and seldom flare-up. But when these types of people got angry, they will become terrifying.

Ring, ring, ring. Dong Xuebing’s iPhone 4 rang. He looked at the phone. It was an unknown number.


“Hello, is this Chief Dong? I’m Yan Lei.”

Dong Xuebing’s eye twitched. Why was this moron calling me? “It’s you? What is it?”

Yan Lei was pissed with Dong Xuebing’s attitude. But all the leaders of the branch were beside him, and he could only bear with it. “You don’t need to come to Xuan Wu Hospital. Just go straight to the Hu Tong opposite the hospital. There is a Kang De restaurant. The leaders will be going there for dinner.” Dong Xuebing understood why Yan Lei called him. No matter how close he was with Chief Xu, she was still his superior. She had called him once to go over, and if she called the second time, it would be lowering her status. That’s why Yan Lei was calling Dong Xuebing.

“Ok. I will be there.” Dong Xuebing hanged up. “Panwei, go to Kang De Restaurant now. Hurry.”

“Yes.” Guo Panwei replied. “Hold on tight.”

Kang De Restaurant.

It might be Chief Jiang who picks this place. This restaurant has 3 levels. It is not majestic, but the renovations have an elegant feel to it. When Dong Xuebing reached the entrance, he noticed Chief Jiang, Chief Zhen, and other leaders’ vehicles were not there. Dong Xuebing immediately entered the restaurant to book the best private room, while Guo Panwei and Chang Juan waited outside, looking towards the hospital’s direction.

A few minutes later, a few cars stopped at the entrance.

Dong Xuebing and Guo Panwei quickly walked over to open the doors for the leaders. This was the first time Dong Xuebing met Chief Jiang. There was a young man around Dong Xuebing’s age sitting beside Chief Jiang in the car. This young man had some bruises at the corner of his eyes, and his forearm was bandaged. The injuries do not seem to be severe. After both men alighted, Dong Xuebing said politely: “Chief Jiang, a private room is booked. It’s on……”

Chief Jiang could guess that Dong Xuebing was from the Western District. He did not even look at him and entered the restaurant with his nephew.

Dong Xuebing felt embarrassed. He saw Chief Zhen and the rest and quickly walked over to greet the leaders. “Chief Zhen, Chief Xu, Director Jian……”

Chief Zhen nodded. “Let’s go in.” He quickly followed Chief Jiang into the restaurant.

Xu Yan patted Dong Xuebing on his back. “Make me proud.”

The Deputy Director whispered: “Chief Dong, it’s all up to you now. You must put out this fire no matter what. I, your older brother, will treat you to dinner when this is over.”

Dong Xuebing almost gave him a kick. What older brother? How can I put out this fire?

Yan Lei, who was following Chief Zhen closely, turned and looked at Dong Xuebing. He also wanted to see what Dong Xuebing can do. Why all the leaders thought so highly of him? It was too weird. What’s so special about him?

In the restaurant lobby, Chief Jiang told the receptionist. “Ask your boss to open up the “tranquillity” private room.” Then he walked up the stairs to the 3rd level. His nephew opened the door of the private room for him. After that, Chief Jiang’s nephew turned and looked at Chief Zhen and the rest with a long face, before entering the room.

This “tranquillity” private room was not opened to the public. But the staffs at the restaurant knew this person was their boss’s friend and did not stop him. The manager even got the prettiest waitress to serve this customer while she went to the office to inform her boss.

This private room was elegant and quiet. All the tables, chairs, plates, etc. in the room were specially picked. The colors were, and designs gave the room a tranquillity feel. Classy calligraphy was hanged on the wall. The frame was made of old redwood with gold-colored finishing. There were 4 Chinese words written. ‘Tranquility yields transcendence’ The overall ambiance in this private room does give people the feeling of tranquillity…… Huh? There will not be any tranquillity later…….

That young man was arrested for no reason.

Chief Jiang’s relative was beaten up by his subordinates.

The Deputy Director of the Sixth Bureau will soon be fired.

Chief Zhen got to shoulder the full responsibility for this incident.

Can all of them be calm?

Dong Xuebing was also not calm. He still did not know what he could do to complete this mission given to him by the leaders.

The waitress could tell who had the highest status at the table. She placed the menu in front of Chief Jiang, who was sitting at the Seat of Honor. Chief Jiang pushed the menu away from him and looked at his nephew: “Xiao Yu, just order whatever you want. But before your injuries heal, don’t eat any food which will worsen your injuries.”

The young man nodded and start ordering.

After ordering the food, tea was also served. Chief Zhen stood up and raised his teacup. He lowered his status and said: “Xiao Yu, this incident is a misunderstanding, and it is also our fault. I represent our branch’s Party Committee members to apologize to you formally. The two officers who injured you will be punished. I will definitely give you and your family an answer.” Xu Yan, Dong Xuebing and the rest saw Chief Zhen was apologizing and they quickly stood up and raised their teacup. Of course, Yan Lei, Chang Juan, and Guo Panwei did not raise their cups. They were not even seated at the table. They could only stand behind the leaders to top up the leaders’ glasses.

The Chief of a branch bureau was apologizing to him, and no matter how angry Xiao Yu was, he had to accept the apology. He took a sip of his tea. But when Chief Zhen and the rest offered tea to Chief Jiang, Chief Jiang did not give any face. He just sat there without touching his teacup. Everyone could tell that Xiao Yu was okay now. After all, his injuries were not serious. But now, they had to pacify Chief Jiang.

It was awkward, and no one said anything for a long time.

It was until Chief Zhen offered tea again and Chief Jiang hit the table lightly. “Stop doing all these unnecessary things. You think everything will be over just by punishing those two officers? Ah? Have you all reflected on this incident? How did this incident happen? Who should be responsible for it?”

“Chief Jiang……” Zhen Anguo and the rest could feel a cold shiver. Chief Jiang wants to hold them accountable for this incident.

“I had spent most of my life in State Security. Now, my own nephew is arrested and beaten up by my subordinates? Why is this happening? Tell me!”

Knock, knock, knock. The waitress knocked on the door and entered with the dishes.

With outsiders around, Chief Jiang did not continue to scold them. He took a sip of his tea and saw that calligraphy from the corner of his eyes. He frowned and then shouted. “Waitress, take that calligraphy away.”

Remove that calligraphy? What does he mean? Dong Xuebing, Zhen Anguo and the rest were stunned.

The waitress was also shocked. She was new here, but she knew that this calligraphy is her boss’s favorite treasure. Take it away? The waitress did not even dare to touch it. “Sir, this only is a decoration. I……” Chief Jiang stared at her, and the waitress panicked. “Our boss is away and will be back soon. Can I ask him when he returns? I really cannot make a decision.”

Zhen Anguo looked at that calligraphy and understood. They might not be experts in calligraphy but could tell that this piece of work had no seal or names. It looks like some work from a roadside stall. It should not be in this room. Chief Jiang loves collecting calligraphies and books and was an expert. He was also furious over his nephew’s incident. His mood got worse when he saw this ordinary piece of calligraphy.

Yan Lei turned and stared at that waitress: “Just hurry up and remove it.”

The waitress was also slightly angry with these unreasonable customers. “What’s wrong with this calligraphy?”

Dong Xuebing was still bothered for not being able to speak to Chief Jiang. This was an excellent opportunity, and he did not want Yan Lei to be ahead of him. He stepped forward: “What’s wrong? Even I can tell that this is a piece of lousy work, let alone an expert like Chief Jiang. ‘Tranquility yields transcendence’? The strokes of these characters do not even show any hints of tranquillity.” Dong Xuebing used this opportunity to bootlick Chief Jiang. “Don’t think no one knows about calligraphy here. Our Chief Jiang is an expert in this. If Chief Jiang thinks this is not a good piece of work, then it is a piece of lousy work! Take it away. Put in in some other room.”

Xu Yan and Deputy Director of the Sixth Bureau nodded. Chief Xiao Dong reacted fast. If he could appease Chief Jiang slightly, then things might change.

The waitress replied: “Can we…… can we wait for our boss to return? Please bear with it for a while.”

Chief Jiang suddenly got mad: “Didn’t you hear what I said?”

Zhen Anguo was also furious. Was this waitress new? How come she could not see that the customers were getting angry.

Yan Lei saw Chief Jiang was furious and went over to try to remove that calligraphy.

Dong Xuebing was smart too. He will not give others the opportunity to perform in front of the leaders. He reached out before Yan Lei and grabbed that calligraphy. Then he walked out of the room and threw it in the corridor, before returning back to the private room. Dong Xuebing saw Chief Jiang was still furious and said: “Chief Jiang, don’t be angry. I had thrown that calligraphy outside. That is really some lousy writing. I wonder what the boss of this restaurant thought when he hangs this in the room. It will affect customers’ appetite.”

Yan Lei stared at Dong Xuebing coldly. He was pissed for not missing the opportunity to perform in front of the leaders. Dong Xuebing was much faster than him.

Dong Xuebing also felt his performance was perfect. This should calm Chief Jiang down slightly. It will be easier for them ask for forgiveness now. Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan and the rest were also thinking the same. But Chief Jiang…… huh? He seems to be angrier. Even Zhen Anguo who had been in the investigation branch did not know what was happening. This was the only a piece of calligraphy. Even if the writings were not nice, there was no need to be so angry. Could it be that Chief Jiang loves calligraphy so much that he cannot tolerate lousy works to be around him?

Everyone was at a loss of words.

At this moment, a middle-aged man entered the room with that calligraphy. From his dressing, he should be the boss of this restaurant.

Dong Xuebing was irritated. “What are you all trying to do? Don’t you know customers are always right? Why did you bring in that calligraphy again? Are you trying to provoke us and make us lose our appetites?”

“Enough!” Chief Jiang banged the table suddenly.

The boss of the restaurant had never seen Chief Jiang so angry before. He was also shocked. He thought Chief Jiang was mad at him for hanging his calligraphy in this room. He quickly explained: “Chief Jiang, your calligraphy is supposed to be hanged in my office. But we are having renovations there, and I am afraid that your masterpiece will be damaged. So, I brought it to this room. I…… I will take it back now.”

What? What did he say?

Everyone from the Western District branch was stunned.

Your masterpiece? These words were written by Chief Jiang? It was Chief Jiang that gave this calligraphy to the boss of this restaurant? Damn it! This was really written by Chief Jiang?

No one had expected this to happen.

Dong Xuebing’s face turned green. F**k. Is this a joke? This calligraphy turned out to be written by Chief Jiang? Why did he got mad and asked the waitress to take it away? Dong Xuebing, Zhen Anguo and the rest understood why Chief Jiang got angrier. It must be that he does not like others to discuss his calligraphy. That’s why he did not allow the boss of this restaurant to hang in outside. When he saw his calligraphy was hanged in this private room, he asked the waitress to take it away. Of course, he got more furious after he heard Dong Xuebing criticizing his work.

Oh shit!

Dong Xuebing wanted to bang his head against the wall. Why did he have to criticize those words? This was like scolding Chief Jiang in front of everyone. This was more than giving Chief Jiang a slap across his face. It was many slaps!

That’s right!

There is still a chance to salvage the situation.

Dong Xuebing brighten up suddenly. BACK!

Dong Xuebing had accumulated 4 days of BACK, and he immediately uses 3 BACKs.



Time returned.

Scenes flashed three times in front of Dong Xuebing.

The first thing Dong Xuebing saw was a teacup. It was still hot with steam rising. Dong Xuebing quickly scanned the surroundings to confirm the timing. If necessary, he will use BACK one more time. He looked around and saw Xu Yan, Zhen Anguo and the rest lowering their head, looking at the teacup and plates in front of them. Dong Xuebing immediately hear Chief Jiang scolding. “I had spent most of my life with State Security. Now, my own nephew is arrested and beaten up by my subordinates? Why is this happening? Tell me!”

This timing was just nice, and Dong Xuebing still had 1 more BACK as spare.

Knock, knock, knock. The waitress entered with a dish. “Your sauté corn with pine nuts is ready.”

Chief Jiang took a deep breath and stop his scolding. He then took a sip of tea and turned to the calligraphy and frowned. “Waitress, take that calligraphy away.”

Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan and the rest were stunned.

The waitress paused and replied with a distressed look. “Sir, this only is a decoration. I…… Our boss is away and will be back soon. Can I ask him when he returns? I really cannot make a decision.”

Yan Lei immediately stepped forward. “Just hurry up and remove it.”

The waitress replied: “What’s wrong with this calligraphy?”

Yan Lei replied angrily: “Can’t you see that our Chief Jiang does not like it? Take it away.” Because Dong Xuebing did not interrupt Yan Lei, this was different from earlier.

“Can you all bear with it for a while? Our boss……”

Chief Jiang stared at the waitress: “Didn’t you hear what I said? Take it away. If your boss is unhappy, ask him to see me.”

The waitress was frustrated. She thought to herself. What’s wrong with all these people? It’s just calligraphy.

Chief Jiang saw the waitress was still not moving and looked at the people from the Western District. “Remove it.”

Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan and the rest could also tell that these words were not written nicely. It does not have any artistic value at all. Zhen Anguo gave Yan Lei a look. Yan Lei was overjoyed. He quickly walked over and reached out for that calligraphy.

But at this moment, Chief Xiao Dong, whom everyone had almost forgotten about him, said something shocking. “Chief Jiang, this calligraphy cannot be removed.”


Why did Chief Xiao Dong say such things?

Zhen Anguo, Director Jian, Yan Lei, Xiao Yu, and even Chief Jiang were stunned.

Cannot be removed? Chief Xiao Dong says this calligraphy cannot be removed? Chang Juan and Guo Panwei looked at each other.

Chief Jiang paused for a few seconds and flared up. Cannot be removed? You don’t even listen to my orders? Who is the leader here? You or me?

Xu Yan’s face changed. “Xiao Dong, what are you saying?”

Dong Xuebing pretended to rub his eyebrows and blocked Chief Jiang’s view, while he gave Xu Yan and the rest a look.

The Deputy Director of the Sixth Bureau was stunned. He was hoping for Xiao Dong to save him. But instead of putting out the fire, he was adding oil to it. Chief Jiang does want to see that calligraphy, you should go along with him and criticize those words. But you stopped everyone from removing it now? What are you trying to do? Making Chief Jiang angrier? The Deputy Director of the Sixth Bureau shouted: “Xiao Dong. Stop your nonsense.”

Yan Lei also could not believe what he had heard. Did I hear wrongly? What is this person trying to do?

What Dong Xuebing said later was more shocking.

Dong Xuebing pointed to the calligraphy on the wall and said: “Chief Jiang, can I put in a few words for this calligraphy? From the moment I saw this masterpiece when I entered the room, no words can describe my feelings. This is too well written. ‘Tranquillity yields transcendence’ Having tranquillity will not let our minds wander and make us reflect on our actions. This will help us achieve our goals. This calligraphy has deep meanings. From the strokes of the characters……. This must be written by a master.”

Everyone from the Western District branch jaws dropped. What was Xiao Dong saying? Masterpiece? Bullshit. This was just an ordinary piece of calligraphy. Anyone on the streets can write better than this.

Chief Jiang was stunned.

Zhen Anguo saw that Chief Jiang was stunned, and was furious. He turned and look at Xu Yan. Xu Yan, is this the firefighter you praised to the skies?

Xu Yan’s face turned pale when she saw Chief Zhen staring at her. But the next second, she saw Dong Xuebing secretly winking at her. It was like earlier. He seems to be signaling something. Xu Yan thought about Dong Xuebing’s actions. She knew Dong Xuebing was not someone so immature. He must have said those things for a purpose. Xu Yan trusted Dong Xuebing fully and did not stop him. She saw everyone else was distracted by Dong Xuebing and whispered to Zhen Anguo: “Chief Zhen since we asked Xiao Dong over to save the situation, I think…… I think we should let him handle this.”

Zhen Anguo looked at Xu Yan weirdly. Let him handle this? Let him stir up more problems? This is called putting out the fire? It’s more like lighting fire!

Xu Yan smiled: “I believe Xiao Dong did not say those things for no reason.”

Zhen Anguo frowned. Under this circumstance, Xu Yan still trust Dong Xuebing so much?

Yan Lei did not get Dong Xuebing’s signal and stared at him. “Chief Jiang is an expert in calligraphies. Stop talking nonsense!”

“Secretary Yan, you are the one who doesn’t know anything about calligraphies.” Dong Xuebing purposely said this to Yan Lei. He continued: “Chief Jiang, although this piece of work does not have any seal indicating the master who wrote these words, I am sure the one who wrote these 4 characters must be a master in calligraphy. The strokes are so swift, powerful, and smooth. This is…… no words can descript the skills of this master. This is really a terrific masterpiece! I feel that as someone who loves calligraphy must respect such masterpiece. Errr…… I hope you will forgive me for speaking my mind.” Actually, Dong Xuebing know nuts about calligraphy. Even if you give him a brush now, he can’t also hold it properly.

Yan Lei only have one thought in his mind. Dong Xuebing is crazy!

Chief Jiang looked at Dong Xuebing in his eyes: “Calligraphy master?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “I think this must be Master Tian’s work.”

Chief Jiang laughed. But no one could tell if he was laughing in jest or really happy.

Chang Juan was panicking. What was Chief Xiao Dong saying? Can’t he tell that Chief Jiang was furious?

Guo Panwei was also trying to signal to Dong Xuebing to stop with his eyes. He did not know what Chief Dong was up to today. Dong Xuebing did not drink any alcohol today. Why was he praising this calligraphy non-stop? What was he trying to do? Also, these characters were not as well written as what Dong Xuebing claims.

Suddenly, the door of the room opened, and the restaurant’s boss entered.

The boss could feel the tension in the room and be shocked. “Chief Jiang, you are here? Do you need anything? I will bring it to you personally.” The boss does not know that Chief Jiang wanted the calligraphy to be removed from the room.

Dong Xuebing looked at the boss and grabbed his arm. “You are the boss of this restaurant?”

The Boss was surprised. ‘Huh? Yes, I am.”

“Ah…… you are finally here.” Dong Xuebing quickly pointed to the calligraphy on the wall. “Which master wrote these words? Is this Master Tian’s masterpiece?”

The boss was shocked and secretly looked at Chief Jiang before replying: “No.”

Dong Xuebing pretended to not believe him. “Boss, if this is really Master Tian’s work, you can just admit it. We will also not steal this masterpiece from you. We just want to learn more about calligraphy. Stop trying to hide it.”

The Boss replied: “No. It’s really not Master Tian’s work. It’s…… it’s a gift from someone special.”

Dong Xuebing continued to act surprised. “It’s not Master Tian’s masterpiece? Impossible……” Dong Xuebing paused for a while and asked: “Boss, I really love this masterpiece. Can you let me bring it back? Just name a price.”

“Oh, I can’t let you have it. If it wasn’t for my office’s renovation, I will also not hang this calligraphy here. I still want to keep it in my office.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “You are right. These words are priceless, and it’s worth cannot be determined with money. Errr…… Boss, can you help me get a masterpiece from this master?”

Chang Juan and Guo Panwei could already see Chief Xiao Dong getting punished and fired.

Zhen Anguo could not stand it any longer. He looked at Xu Yan again and thought to himself. You still don’t feel that this Xiao Dong had gone crazy?

Xu Yan sighed helplessly. She also did not know what Xiao Dong is up to. Why was he getting so worked up over such a lousy piece of calligraphy?

If no leaders from the Western District come out to stop Dong Xuebing, it would make the matter worse. Zhen Anguo said apologetically. “Chief Jiang, I am really sorry. This Xiao Dong had just joined our branch and is not good with his words.” He then turned to Dong Xuebing with a long face: “Sit down!”

The Deputy Director of the Sixth Bureau had lost all hope. Chief Jiang should be furious, and he will be sacked. Chief Xiao Dong, what the hell are you doing?

Director Jian and the rest were also thinking that they will be dead. Who will bear Chief Jiang’s fury?

Yan Lei was worried for Chief Zhen, and at the same time, he was also laughing in his heart. Dong Xuebing is finished! What Master Tian’s masterpiece? Anyone who knows calligraphy can write better characters than this. Even Chief Jiang could see it, and you still try to go against him? Crazy!

But 2 seconds later, something more shocking happened.

Chief Jiang, who had been pulling a long face the whole day, suddenly laughed loudly. He took a sip of tea and said: “Who says this Xiao Dong is not good with words? Hahaha, from what I see, he is much better than all of you!”

Chief Zhen and the rest were shocked. What does Chief Jiang mean?

Chief Jiang laughed and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Young man, you also like calligraphies? You say this is Master Tian’s masterpiece? Hahaha, you should train your eyesight more.” He turned to the restaurant’s boss and said. “This is not some masterpiece from any masters. I had written these words a few years ago, and Old Zheng here saw it and ask me for this. I thought he had thrown it away long time ago. I did not expect him to even frame it up. Hahaha.”

Not only Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan and the rest from the Western district branch were shocked. Even Chief Jiang’s nephew was shocked.

Chief Jiang was the one who wrote those words?

These words were all written by him?

Everyone could not believe their ears. But when they saw the smiles on Chief Jiang and the boss’s face, no one could say anything. Everyone turned to look at Chief Xiao Dong as if they had seen a ghost. This was too unbelievable.

Xu Yan took in a deep breath. She finally understood what Dong Xuebing meant when he signaled to her. Dong Xuebing was bootlicking indirectly!

Dong Xuebing pretended to be surprised: “Chief Jiang, are you serious? This masterpiece is written by you?”

Chief Jiang laughed.

The restaurant’s boss said: “Chief Jiang’s skills are only slightly behind Master Tian.”

“What slightly behind?” Dong Xuebing stared with his eyes wide opened. “They are on the same level! If no one tells me the truth, I also can’t recognize it.”

Yan Lei was cursing in his heart. On the same level? Bullshit!

Another dish was served.

Chief Jiang waved his hand. “Ok, ok. Sit down and eat.”

Dong Xuebing did not sit. “Chief Jiang, I dare not to sit down. Ah…… Look at me, I really thought that this masterpiece is written by Master Tian or other Masters. I really love calligraphies. To me, Master Tian is one of the top calligraphers. That’s why I got so excited. I……. Chief Jiang, I’m sorry.”

Chief Jiang waved. “It’s fine. Have a sit.” Chief Jiang anger had subsided a lot.

Dong Xuebing sat down cautiously.

Only Chief Jiang and the restaurant boss knows about this calligraphy. Chief Jiang knew it was impossible for Dong Xuebing to know that he was the one who wrote those words beforehand. He thought Dong Xuebing was only a fresh graduate who loves calligraphy and respected this piece of work. That’s why he dares to disobey his instructions. Yes. Protecting this piece of work was a good thing and made him happy. Dong Xuebing even though this was written by Master Tian? This was the perfect compliment. “Xiao Dong, it’s rare to see young men like you who loves calligraphies.”

Guo Panwei and Chang Juang almost fainted when they heard this.

Chief Xiao Dong loves calligraphies? Bullshit! Chief Dong knows nothing about calligraphies!

Chief Jiang had never met Dong Xuebing before and did not know him well. But Guo Panwei and Chang Juang knew what Dong Xuebing was doing every day. Chief Xiao Dong rarely uses pen. He only used PC to type everything. Guo Panwei also knows that Chief Xiao Dong’s Chinese was not very good too. Whenever Chief Xiao Dong wrote something, there will be lots of wrong words. This was because he had used PC too much. Also, Chief Xiao Dong’s handwriting……. was too ugly. Even Guo Panwei’s writing was nicer than his.

Chief Xiao Dong loves calligraphies?

That’s bullshit. He might never even hold a brush.

Guo Panwei dares to confirm that Chief Xiao Dong knew this was written by Chief Jiang. If not, he would not dare to say such things and claims he loves calligraphy. But……. Even Chief Zhen, who had done investigation work before did not know, how did Chief Xiao Dong know that this was written by Chief Jiang? Also, Chief Xiao Dong seems to be very confident. This was impossible. It should be Chief Xiao Dong’s first time here.

Guo Panwei and the rest could not understand why.

Dong Xuebing felt this was the right time and he raised his teacup: “Chief Jiang, our branch had created this trouble for you and your relatives. I had also offended you earlier. I…… I…… I will punish myself by drinking three cups. I hope to seek your forgiveness.” By right, Dong Xuebing’s status was too low to raise his cup. But the situation now was different.

Chief Jiang frowned when Dong Xuebing mentioned about his nephew’s incident. He looked at Chief Zhen and the rest and waved his hand. “Fine. In the future, make sure to investigate thoroughly before making any arrest. Do you all understand? Ok. Let’s eat.” Chief Jiang had decided to forgive them and will not pursue this matter anymore.

It’s settled!

This big headache of all the leaders from the Western District Branch had been solved!

Everyone was relieved and turned to look at Dong Xuebing. They did not know what to say.

Who would expect this ugly calligraphy hanged in a private room of a restaurant was written by Chief Jiang?

Chief Xiao Dong!

It’s this god damn Chief Xiao Dong again!

Guo Panwei and Chang Juan had full respect for Chief Xiao Dong. He had saved the day again!

Director Jian knocked his head a few times. They had apologized and bow down to Chief Jiang for almost half a day. But Chief Jiang did not forgive them. This Chief Xiao Dong just came over to the restaurant and settled the problem within a few minutes by talking about calligraphy? We are all humans, why is there such a big difference?

Xu Yan smiled and shook her head. This Xiao Dong is full of surprises.

The Deputy Director from the Sixth Bureau, who had narrowly escaped death, was excited and speechless. He could not understand why Chief Xiao Dong was so capable.

Those who were from the Western District for some time had seen the miraculous feats of Dong Xuebing many times and were not very surprised. But this was the first time for Zhen Anguo and Yan Lei. If they had never seen it with their own eyes, they would never believe a Deputy Chief of a small office can solve the branch’s biggest headache just like that.

If you say Chief Xiao Dong did not know that calligraphy was written by Chief Jiang and it was all luck, why would he signal and winked towards the Western District’s leaders when he was praising those words? But it should be impossible for Chief Xiao Dong to know it was Chief Jiang’s writings beforehand. No one in the room knew and how can Chief Xiao Dong know about this?

This was too weird.

But all these do not matter. Chief Xiao Dong had saved the day again.

This is Dong Xuebing’s capability.

No one can doubt it!
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