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Chapter 134 – Call Chief Xiao Dong to come over!


Zhen Anguo was still considering whether if he should promote Dong Xuebing.

Ring, ring, ring. The phone on the desk rang. Zhen Anguo answered, and the other party immediately shouts into the phone. Zhen Anguo was shocked. “Western district again! Why is it the Western district again?! What are you all trying to do? Ah? Tell me!”

Yan Lei, who was standing near to Zhen Anguo, could hear everything clearly. Who was this person? How come he dare to shout at Chief Zhen?

Zhen Anguo recognized the voice and immediately asked: “Chief Jiang, what happened?”

Yan Lei got shocked. Chief Jiang? Could it be that Chief Jiang? How is this possible? Why did Chief Jiang call Chief Zhen’s office?

5 minutes later.

Dong Xuebing was in his own office waiting for the news of his promotion. He felt Zhen Anguo should agree to his promotion, but he was still uneasy. Xu Yan had promised to promote him, and this should bot be a problem. But there was still a difference between promoting this week and promoting next year. Dong Xuebing wished his promotion would be within this week…… no. It would be best if he could get his promotion today.

Tan Limei knocked on the door and entered suddenly. “Chief Bing Zhi.”

Dong Xuebing laughed: “It’s ok. There are no outsiders around. Don’t give me such weird titles. Just Bing Zhi will do.”

Tan Limei continued: “Bing Zhi, I think something had happened in our branch. I heard Chief Zhen had called for an emergency meeting with all the heads. Something big must have happened. It felt tense.” Emergency meeting? This was uncommon in Western District branch. It only happens when there was some emergency.

Dong Xuebing asked: “What happened?” He had been upstairs earlier, and how come he did not notice it?

“I also don’t know. I just heard about the emergency meeting and quickly came back to tell you.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “You call Panwei to ask around and let me know.” Dong Xuebing was about to be promoted, and he needs to know what was happening with the higher-ups.

“Ok.” Tan Limei left.

Guo Panwei knows a lot of people in the branch, and within minutes, he entered Dong Xuebing’s office. “Chief Dong. I found out the reason for the emergency meeting. The Sixth Bureau had arrested the wrong person.”

General Affairs Office, Political Section, Finance Department, Commission for Discipline Inspection, etc. were all administrative departments. These departments only handle the matters within the bureau and do not investigate the cases concerning about State security. Only the sixth bureau would investigate these cases. Of course, those big cases were not handled by them. Those bigger cases were handled by the City Bureau or higher level bureaus. The Sixth Bureau only handles minor incidents, like taking pictures of government buildings, spreading malicious rumors about the government, etc. Their work might seem to be same as Public Security, but actually, these cases were all handled by the Sixth Bureau.

Dong Xuebing paused for a while and did not understand. “Be more specific. What happened?”

Guo Panwei continued: “I have just heard this news from others. Do you know about the rumor about earthquake on the internet? This morning, the Sixth Bureau received information about a man using his laptop spreading this rumor in a café. The Sixth Bureau immediately send their men over to make arrest. That man resisted, and the officers from the Sixth Bureau injured that man during the arrest. They checked his laptop, and in the chat records, there was picture similar to the picture in the rumor. The fonts of the wordings were similar, but the contents were different. The wordings beneath the picture was saying if anyone sees this picture, he or she must share with 100 other people if not, something bad will happen. This was only a prank.”

Arrested the wrong person? The State Security depends typically on their informants for information. The information received might not be accurate, and Dong Xuebing knew that the Sixth Bureau had arrested the wrong people before. Even if they had arrested the wrong person, they could just release him. If he was injured, just pay some compensations. Why was Chief Zhen creating such a big fuss?

Guo Panwei could tell what Dong Xuebing was thinking. He explained. “The Sixth Bureau had hit someone related to our agency.”

“What is his background?”

Guo Panwei lowered his voice and said: “The father of that person, who got beaten up, is a relative of Beijing City’s State Security Bureau. They all have the same surname, Jiang. They should be close.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. The No.1 man in the City’s State Security? Chief Jiang? Damn! He is a big shot!

“Now, Chief Jiang is furious, and he demands an explanation from the Western District. Why did the Western District Branch arrest his relative?” Guo Panwei continued. “That’s why Chief Zhen called for an emergency meeting to discuss this incident. They need to think of an explanation and who should be responsible. Most importantly, how should they appease Chief Jiang. You should also know that we had a case of corruption and bribery in our branch last week. The City Bureau is already unhappy with our branch. Now, with this incident, it will make matter worst.”

Dong Xuebing understood what happened. No wonder Zhen Anguo and the rest of the leaders had such big reactions. This incident was serious. If it were Dong Xuebing’s mother who was arrested and beaten up, Dong Xuebing would also go crazy. No one could blame Chief Jiang for getting angry.

Not long later, news of this incident had spread throughout the branch.

Everyone was discussing this incident. This was an unlucky year for the bureau. City Bureau’s Chief Jiang controls the City’s Party Committee. He could kick the leaders of the branch bureaus out if he wants. Who dares to offend Chief Jiang? It seems like someone would have to go.

Branch Bureau Chief office.

Zhen Anguo did not even go to the meeting room. He called all the leaders to his office for a meeting. Zhen Anguo did not know what happened when Chief Jiang called. After getting his head chewed off, he found out what happened. It was that document from the Sixth bureau, he signed in the morning. They had arrested the wrong person and even beat up a relative of the City Bureau Chief. This was no longer a small case. This was like challenging the City bureau’s authority. This was like a slap to the City Bureau Chief’s face.

“Are his injuries serious?” Chief Zhen did not beat around the bush and asked.

A deputy Director from the Sixth Bureau replied: “No. There are only some bruises near the eye and his wrist. There are no fractures.”

Zhen Anguo nodded. “Where is the officer who hit him?”

That Deputy Director sighed. “In my office.”

Yan Lei was standing behind Chief Zhen. He felt sorry for Chief Zhen. Zhen Anguo had only been transferred here for a few days and got to clear up this mess. This was too unlucky.

The Director of the Sixth Bureau, Director Jian, was wearing his State Security uniform. He was in his 40s but was still very fit. Director Jian was the person in charge of this incident. Seeing that Chief Zhen might be pursuing this matter, he immediately said: “Chief Zhen, all along, the intel we received have been very vague and cannot be 100% accurate. No one had waned this to happen. I admit that my men might be wrong, but it is the other party who started to fight back first. He……”

Zhen Anguo knew what he was about to say and interrupted him. “We should be discussing the solution now and not trying to push the blame. Chief Jiang is on his way to the hospital. We do not have time to discuss anymore. Zhen Anguo looked at Xu Yan and Director Jian. “Ok. Chief Xu and Director Jian will come with me to the hospital. We will discuss the solution on our way there.”

This meeting ended very fast. It was only about 4 to 5 minutes.

The rest of the leaders also got into their cars and went to the hospital. Although the injuries were not serious, they had to put up a show for Chief Jiang.

Dong Xuebing, who was standing in the corridor, was looking at the leaders rushing out. From the leaders’ reactions, he knew this incident should be quite severe. Even if the officer who hit that man was punished, who knows what Chief Jiang would do. Will he continue to pursue this matter?

Xuan Wu Hospital.

Zhen Anguo and the rest entered the hospital’s carpark. When they were about to enter the hospital, the Deputy Director from the Sixth Bureau saw Chief Jiang’s car entering. Zhen Anguo and the rest quickly walk over to that vehicle. It was not sure if the driver did it purposely or failed to see them. The car did not stop and drove past Zhen Anguo and the rest, and stopped at a parking lot.

Zhen Anguo did not dare to lose his temper. He turned and walked back towards the parking lot.

The car door opened and a man in his 50s alighted. He was not tall but had the air of a leader. This person was Chief Jiang. The No. 1 man in the City Bureau. Many people knew Chief Jiang was a quiet person. He loves calligraphy and gardening. He was also health-conscious and seldom got angry. But today, Chief Jiang pulled a long face. He stared coldly at Zhen Anguo, who was walking towards him. He was furious. No one could blame him for being so mad. His nephew had been beaten up for no reason, and the ones who beat him were from the State Security. His subordinates!

“Chief Jiang.” Zhen Anguo had discussed with the other leaders on their way to the hospital. He immediately apologizes: “This incident is entirely our fault. We are very sorry. I promise those involved will be punished. Especially the two officers who hit your relative.”

Chief Jiang stared at Zhen Anguo in his eyes: “It is too late for anything. What have you been doing?”

Zhen Anguo replied: “I swear this will not happen again.”

Chief Jiang: “Hmph!” and walked towards the hospital. Zhen Anguo and the rest were about to follow him to visit the injured and try to calm him down. But Chief Jiang turned back suddenly: “All of you wait here!” Zhen Anguo and the rest stopped immediately as Chief Jiang entered the hospital.

Outside of the hospital.

Xu Yan worrying said: “Chief Jiang is furious. I’m afraid…….”

Everyone could tell that Chief Jiang would not let this matter rest. Punishing two State Security Officers should not be enough. But the top leaders in the branch had been changed twice recently. If Chief Jiang really wants to pursue this matter, who will he target? The Deputy Director who leads the operation? Director Jian? The Deputy Branch Chiefs? This will be a hit to their reputation, especially Zhen Anguo’s reputation. He had offended the Chief of the City Bureau within days of becoming the head of the branch. Zhen Anguo’s future looks dim.

Sigh…… Why that person has to be Chief Jiang’s relative?

Damn it!

Xu Yan and the rest of the leaders were standing outside the hospital. They did not even move a step.

The Deputy Director from the Sixth Bureau was the most nervous. He should be first that will be punished first. He was rubbing his hands nervously, thinking of a solution. Suddenly, a name appeared in his mind. No one in the branch is unaware of this name. If he can come over…… then……. The Deputy Director found his last hope. He quickly turned to Xu Yan. “Chief Xu, Chief Xiao Dong should still be at work, right? Can you call him over?”

Xu Yan frowned.

Director Jian, who was seldom at the branch, had also heard of the miraculous deeds by Dong Xuebing. He thought for a while and agreed: “We also have no other ways. Just let Chief Xiao Dong try. Maybe he can save the situation.”

Yan Lei heard everything. What are they talking about? Call that person here? These few leaders seem to trust Dong Xuebing a lot. Isn’t him just the Chief of a General Affairs Office? He is still the deputy. What right does he have for so many leaders to talk about him? Yan Lei was shocked by the conversation between the leaders. He realized that he had made a mistake. This Dong Xuebing…… was not an ordinary Deputy Chief of a small office.

Zhen Anguo also could not believe Xiao Dong was able to solve this incident. But he remembered what Xu Yan told him. “Look for Xiao Dong if you got any trouble.” Zhen Anguo had no other options now. He could only try his luck.

Xu Yan did not want to drag Dong Xuebing into this. It was not because she does not trust Dong Xuebing’s abilities. She just does not wish to get Dong Xuebing involved. This incident had nothing to do with the General Affairs Department and General Affairs Office in the first place. But when she saw Zhen Anguo nodding at her, Xu Yan got no choice. She took out her phone and walked aside to call the General Affairs Office. “Hello, Xiao Dong. Come to Xuan Wu Hospital now.”