Power and Wealth
Chapter 121 – Dong Xuebing’s fury!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 121 – Dong Xuebing’s fury!

The taxi was speeding down the road towards the south!

A minute passed……

2 minutes passed…….

Dong Xuebing almost smashed his phone from his anger. Suddenly, he noticed a minibus parked in a secluded spot of the road in front. That minibus was not those proper tour coach. From Dong Xuebing’s position, he could not see what was happening clearly. But he could see some people pushing and shoving beside the vehicle. Dong Xuebing sat upright and pointed to that direction: “There! Go over there now! Quick!”

50 meters……

40 meters……

30 meters……

The driver was nervous. He applied the brakes and stop his vehicle. He dares not to stop too near to those people. Dong Xuebing also did not ask the driver to get closer. He opened the door and jump out. The driver saw Dong Xuebing had alighted from his taxi and quickly reverse his taxi and drive off. He does not want to get involved. Robbers were dangerous.

20 meters……

10 meters……

The minibus was right in front of Dong Xuebing, and he could see the passengers in the vehicle looking at the other side. The shouting got louder as Dong Xuebing got nearer. He recognized the voice. It was Sister Cao. She was shouting: “Yunxuan! Run!” Dong Xuebing felt his blood rushing to his head and ran faster. He ran to the other side of the minibus from the back and what he saw made him furious!

A woman, about 26 years old, was kneeling on the floor hugging her tummy. She should be Sister Cao. There was a red mark on her face, and she seems to be slapped by someone. All her belongings were scattered on the floor in front of her. There were small cosmetic boxes, small mirror, wallets, etc. There was also a smashed digital camera and a torn-up notebook.

Dong Xuebing’s precious Aunt Xuan was not far away. A man, about Zhuang Zhi’s size, was grabbing Qu Yunxian by her hair. A dark complexion female tour guide was trying to snatch Qu Yunxian’s handbag. Qu Yunxuan was in pain, and there were lots of bruises on her hands.

“Yunxuan! Give them the bag. Give it to them first!” Sister Cao was shouting.

Qu Yunxuan refuses to let go of her handbag: “Let me go! You are all criminal!”

That driver used more strength to yank Qu Yunxuan back. “F*** you! Xiao Hong! Check if she has any other cameras in her bag! Check her phone too! We cannot let her report us in the papers!”

That tour guide scold: “F**king bitch! Let go! Give me your bag!”

“Aunt Xuan!” Dong Xuebing had lost all his cool at this moment. He felt he had gone crazy and could feel his blood boiling. “You are to touch her one more time! I will kill you!”

Sister Cao, who was still on the floor, was stunned: “Dong Xuebing?”

Qu Yunxuan panics, and quickly shouted: “Xiao Bing! Don’t come over! Call the police quick! You are no match for them!”

Dong Xuebing could not hear a thing. He threw his locked money box aside and rushed forward towards that driver. He only had one thing in his mind. He must kill this mother f**ker!

The female tour guide saw Qu Yunxuan was districted and quickly snatched her handbag from her. She did not even look at Dong Xuebing.

The driver can’t be bothered with this young man. He was 1.9 m tall and was very fit. Although he was not trained in martial arts, his size made up for that. He had never lost in a fight. Dong Xuebing? He was not as tall or heavy as the tour guide. He was also not fit at all and had seldom got into fights with others. Even if he had fought, he had never won once before.

The difference was too obvious! These two were not on the same level!

Dong Xuebing also know he will not beat that tour guide. But when he saw Qu Yunxuan being grabbed by the hair, he lost his senses!

2 meters…….

1 meter……

Dong Xuebing ran like a mad man and clenches his fist. He swung his fist at that driver. “Let go of her!”

It was a straight punch towards the face! Dong Xuebing had used all his strength in this punch.

The driver was grabbing Qu Yunxuan’s long hair with his hand and sneered. He did not try to dodge Dong Xuebing’s punch. He waited as Dong Xuebing’s fist become closer to him and raises his feet and kicked Dong Xuebing in his stomach. Dong Xuebing’s arm was not as long as his leg. In the end, Dong Xuebing’s punch did not even touch him!


“Xiao Bing!” Qu Yunxuan’s eyes were red!

Dong Xuebing flew back about 2 meters and lie flat on the floor and could not get up.

The driver laughed and yanked Qu Yunxuan’s hair: “This is your nephew? He is too weak. He can’t even take 1 kick from me!”

“Found it!” The tour guide threw Qu Yunxuan’s handbag aside and torn a notebook into pieces. “They have recorded what we did in this notebook too! Stupid bitches! You all are from Beijing? Why are you all here for?”

There were a lot of people on board the minibus looking at them, but all of them kept quiet.

Dong Xuebing who was on the floor was screaming as he saw the driver still grabbing Qu Yunxuan by the hair. He wanted to save her, but his body could not move. He could feel the pain the moment when he moved and could not stand up!

“Xiao Bing! Are you ok?”

Anger! Regrets! Fury! Helplessness! These were all Dong Xuebing’s thoughts at the moment!

Useless! So damn useless!

“Xiao Bing! Ah! Let go of me!”

Qu Yunxuan was shouting in pain. Dong Xuebing’s eyes were bloodshot as he stares at the big sized driver. Suddenly he remembered that he still has not used his BACK today!


The scenes changed, and time was reversed!

The pain in his stomach was gone. Dong Xuebing could feel his body leaning forward, and his arm raised up. His fist was in the air and in front of him was that driver. He was about to hit him, and that driver was not trying to dodge. He was still sneering at him and grabbing onto Qu Yunxuan’s hair!

Dong Xuebing was still about 80 cm away from that driver’s face!

This was what happened 1 minute ago!

The driver can’t be bothered with Dong Xuebing. He was very confident of himself, and he could easily beat 4 of this skinny young man! It was like a child trying to fight an adult. The driver could tell Dong Xuebing had never fought before from this punch. He prepared himself to give Dong Xuebing a kick with his full strength!

Dong Xuebing, who had just regained control over his body, knew his punch would not connect. He quickly shifted his body weight to his left leg and did not pull back his punch. He knew it was too late to pull back his punch. He raised his right foot and kicked forward at the driver.

The driver also raised his leg at the same moment!

Everything happened too fast, and something unbelievable happened!

Everyone on board the minibus, Sister Cao and Qu Yunxuan were shocked. Dong Xuebing had kicked towards the air. There was nothing in front of him, and everyone was confused by his actions. But the next moment, the driver’s kicked out towards the empty space in front of Dong Xuebing!

The angle of the driver’s kick was very accurate. If his kick had moved slightly forward, it would hit Dong Xuebing’s stomach.

But when everyone saw the angle and height of Dong Xuebing’s kick, no one felt the driver’s kick was accurate!

The driver’s leg looks like it was rushing forward to receive Dong Xuebing’s kick. Bang! Dong Xuebing’s kick had hit the driver!

This kick landed on the driver’s calf!

The driver fell backward. He could not believe his eyes! What happened? How come this young man knew where he was going to kick? Impossible! He was about to punch me! Why did he change to kick suddenly? Damn! This young man was a martial arts expert?!

The driver was not about to give up. The second before he fell, he swung his leg and tried to sweep Dong Xuebing’s legs!

Dong Xuebing almost fell.

The driver tried to stand up immediately. But his injured leg gave way, and he almost kneeled down!

Dong Xuebing who had regained his balance, quickly look around him. He knew he would not win if he tried to fight the driver in close combat. Dong Xuebing saw a round stone about the size of a basketball 2 meters away from him. He moved forward and picked up that 5 Kg stone. He then turned towards the driver and cursed: “F**k you!” He raised the stone and threw it at the driver!

After injuring his leg, the driver could not dodge the stone!

The stone hit the driver’s right waist and caused a deep cut!

“Ahhhh!!!!” The driver fell onto the ground again, and he was holding onto his waist screaming in pain. Blood was gushing out from the wound on his waist, and his orange jacket quickly became red!

Qu Yunxuan, Sister Cao, the female tour guide and all the tourists on the minibus were shocked.

The driver was so strong and fit. He looks like he could smash a big rock with his fist. He was muscular…… but he was beaten up by a skinny Dong Xuebing? He could not even fight back!


Those muscles were for scaring others?

You can’t even fight back with all those muscles?!
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