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Chapter 116 – Promotion to Deputy Section Chief rank!

A few days later.

Dong Xuebing completed his course at the Party School. He had got this qualification under his belt.

On his way home, Dong Xuebing’s handphone rang. It was a number from Beihe Province. It should be his mother calling from a public phone. “Hello? Mum?”

“Xuebing, I am quite busy with my work. My students will be having their exams soon, and I might not be back for the Lunar New Year!”

“Oh. Then you must take care of yourself.”

“How’s your work? Did you make any mistakes? How is the General Affairs Office Chief’s impression of you?”

Dong Xuebing had wanted to give his mother a surprise when she returns during the Lunar New Year. He had wanted to tell her that he had become the Deputy Chief of his office. But now, Dong Xuebing was forced to stepdown, and he did not tell his mother. Dong Xuebing was the type where he would rather suffer alone than to let his loved ones worried for him. “It’s fine. I am doing well at work and the leaders like me. Ha ha….”

“That’s good then.”

After his mother hangs up, Dong Xuebing sighed and went to the bank to transfer some money to his mother. He had money now and wanted to send his mother tens of thousand RMB for her to enjoy herself. But after some considerations, he did not transfer so much to her. He does not want his mother to think that he had received bribes and let her worry. So, he only transfers a few thousands RMB to her. It should be enough.

The time now was not even 5 pm.

Qu Yunxuan still has not returned from her mother’s place, and Dong Xuebing was lazy to eat at home. He was about to go to a small restaurant near his house for dinner when he received a call from Xu Yan. He was excited when saw Xu Yan’s number. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself before answering the call. “Hello, Chief Xu!” After Zhou Guoan and Guo Shunjie were brought back by the City Commission for Discipline Inspection officer, he still had not received the news he wished for. He had been thinking about it for the past few days at the Party School.

It’s here?

Is it really the news I have been waiting for?

“Hahaha……” Xu Yan was in a good mood as she seldom laughs like this. “Xiao Dong, I represent the Branch Party Committee to inform you that because Zhou Guoan had received bribes, his order of replacing the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office will be void. The committee had decided that you will resume your duties as the Deputy Chief!”

Hahaha. It’s really a piece of good news!!!

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed, and he thanked gratefully. “Thank you, Chief Xu!”

“Don’t thank me. You are the one who had done a good job. You deserve it!” Xu Yan laughed. “Kid, you didn’t disappoint me!” Xu Yan had thought for the past few days and still could not figure out how Dong Xuebing got the evidence. That afternoon, when the Commission for Discipline Inspection officers went to search Zhou Guoan’s house, they found the bank book under the mattress. There were 1.75 million RMB in that account. The ledger book contents were exactly the same as what Dong Xuebing told them. Even the officers conducting the search were speechless. They had conducted investigations for years, and this was the first time they felt…… it was Zhou Guoan who had reported himself! It was too weird!

“This case involves too many people, and the amount is huge. The higher-ups are still investigating. Those who are involved will be suspended from their duties. Zhou Guoan and Guo Shunjie will never be able to work in government agencies!”

Dong Xuebing was pleased with this ending. They deserve it!

Xu Yan continued: “Now, everyone at the branch bureau is discussing this incident. To prevent any negative impact, I will give you a few days off from work for you to rest at home. Stay away from the branch these few days.” Xu Yan was trying to protect Dong Xuebing. After all, people at the branch were still talking about Dong Xuebing bringing down the Branch Bureau Chief. This rumor was not very good for him as all other leaders will be wary of him. Luckily the rumor was only spread among the lower rank staffs. The heads of departments like Political Section Chief Pang Bin, Political Commissar Cheng Haimei, etc. don’t think it was Dong Xuebing who got the evidence against Zhou Guoan. They felt Dong Xuebing was not that capable. All of them also knew about the informant letter and knew it was not Dong Xuebing who wrote it. That’s why they were not very wary of him. Xu Yan wanted to wait until the new Branch Bureau Chief was appointed and things to settle down, before letting Dong Xuebing return to work. “Oh….. there is still one more thing.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “What is it?”

“Haha…… You have graduated from the Party School’s training course. It will be weird if we don’t promote you to Deputy Section Chief rank. When you come back, work hard, and I will fight for your promotion!” Dong Xuebing had only entered the branch for slightly more than 3 months. For him to become the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office was already an exceptional case. It was almost impossible for Dong Xuebing to be promoted to Deputy Section Chief rank now. But Xu Yan had promised him, and he really got the evidence to bring down Zhou Guoan. Xu Yan had to deliver her promise to help Dong Xuebing get promoted.

Ah? Promotion? Hahaha! I am going to be promoted?

Dong Xuebing was ecstatic. “Thank you! Thank you for giving me this opportunity!”

Dong Xuebing had joined the Party, then become the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office, and now, he is going to be promoted to Deputy Section Chief rank. Dong Xuebing progression was too fast!

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing stretched and could finally relax. He had got rid of Guo Shunjie, and the Chief who had been targeting him will be behind bars soon. He was also able to resume his duties and will be promoted soon. Now all his troubles were over. He could also take a rest. It was tiring for the past few weeks.

Ah……. What should I do these few days?

The first-person Dong Xuebing thought of was Qu Yunxuan. He wanted to be with her during his break from work.

With a good mood, Dong Xuebing finished 4 donkey burgers. He wiped his mouth, called Qu Yunxuan. She answered, and Dong Xuebing asked: “When are you coming back? The last time I called you, you said tomorrow. How many tomorrows has it been?!” Dong Xuebing had be troubled with Zhou Guoan and Guo Shunjie issues for the past few days and did not contact Qu Yunxuan much. He also did not tell her about his troubles at work.

“I am busy with my work!”

“Even if you are busy, you can still come home.” Dong Xuebing mustered up his courage and said: “Yunxuan, I miss you!”

Qu Yunxuan’s replied: “Stop it! Is this the way you call me? You want me to give you a slap?!”

Dong Xuebing could sense Qu Yunxuan blushing. “When are you coming back? I will be taking a break from work for a few days. I am thinking of going to the movies with you!”

“3 days later. I am also not sure. I still have to go to Zhejiang Province for work.”

“Eh? You are from the advertising department? Why do you have to go to Zhejiang? You have clients there?”

“Yes. I will return back to Beikou to see you after my work trip.”

Dong Xuebing chatted with her for a while. Qu Yunxuan was very busy with her work, and Dong Xuebing had to hang up.

After returning home, Dong Xuebing laid down on his sofa and start to plan what he should do during this break. Suddenly, Dong Xuebing remembered something. He got up and went to his PC in his room. He used internet banking to check his account. He had 440,000 RMB in his account. He was still short from his target of 1 million RMB. He should take this opportunity to make money.

Dong Xuebing wanted to make enough money for Qu Yunxuan to set up her trading company. This was not only because he wished Qu Yunxuan’s mother to accept him.

Dong Xuebing also want to have his own company. He wanted to be the boss behind the curtains!

He thought about all these and then quickly called his bank to fix an appointment for large amount withdrawals.

Zhou Guoan’s incident reminded him. He was a civil servant now and should be careful with his money. If not, someone might report against him to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, or the officers from the Commission for Discipline Inspection did a random check on his bank account. Dong Xuebing was not afraid of getting investigated as he could explain where he got his money from. Selling antiques is not against the law. Finding treasures at antique shops is not against the law. Stone gambling is not against the law. Dong Xuebing was confident that he will not get into trouble!

Hmmm…... How should he make money this time?

Stone gambling at Panjiayuan? Look for treasures at the old antique market? Shares trading?

Dong Xuebing was surfing the news on the internet. He could not decide how he should make money.

Suddenly, he noticed an article on the homepage of an antique website.

The article was about a recent auction. A natural pearl necklace of 30 Beikuo pearls, was auctioned off at 920,000 RMB. The article stated that these pearls were bought by a businessman at a pearl breeding farm in Zhejiang Province. The biggest pearl was from the mussel he purchased! He had only spent a few thousand RMB for the pearls.

Opening oysters? Pearls? Pearls can also be gambled?

Dong Xuebing became interested and start to read up on pearl gambling.

Pearl gambling is similar to stone gambling. To know the size and number of pearls in oysters, they need to open the mussel shells. Many businessmen saw this as a business opportunity and came up with this pearl gambling business!

Dong Xuebing laughed as he learned more about this pearl gambling. If he could collect enough pearls to form a necklace, then he would be able to reach his target of 1 million RMB!

Dong Xuebing banged his desk and made a decision in his mind! Book the train tickets! Pearl Gambling at Zhejiang Province!

Qu Yunxuan will also be going to Zhejiang for work. Dong Xuebing could make some money there and then go visit the places of interest with Aunt Xuan there.

Killing 2 birds with one stone!!