Power and Wealth
Chapter 111 – Beating him up!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 111 – Beating him up!

Dong Xuebing did not care about his afternoon lessons at the Party School. He flagged a taxi and returned back to the West District Branch Bureau. At the compound of the branch, people saw Dong Xuebing and start to whisper and discussed him.

“Look, it’s Chief Xiao Dong.”

“He is in trouble now. He went for the training at the Party School, but he still lost his position.”

“That’s right. He had gone against Chief Zhou and still write a letter to report against him. This should be the end of his career.”

“We still don’t know what will happen. Chief Dong also performs miracles at the final minute. If not, why does he have the nickname Omnipotent Chief Xiao Dong? All of you should have seen how many times he saves the day. He had even saved Minister Lui’s life two weeks ago. I think he will be able to pull this off again.”

“This time is different. No matter how capable Chief Xiao Dong is, he also cannot change the Party Committee decision. He is already replaced, and this will not be the end of it. Chief Zhou will not let him off so easily.”

“Huh…… You are right.”

“Hey, he is walking over. Let’s go!”

After so many incidents, there was no one in the Western District Branch Bureau that did not know Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing clenched his teeth harder as he saw everyone hiding away from him. Although he could not hear what they were talking about, he knows it should not be anything good. He looked around at all those people and then continued his way towards the grey building. He went straight to the General Affairs Office. In the office, Tan Limei, Chang Juan, Guo Panwei, and the rest were all worried. The office door suddenly opens, and Dong Xuebing stepped in.

Chang Juan stood up: “Chief Dong, you are back?” Guo Panwei also said: “Chief Dong, earlier at the Committee Party……” Guo Shunjie had become their leader out of a sudden, and all of them did not know what would happen to them. If this is true, then they will not have a good life in the future.

Dong Xuebing waved his hand: “I know. Where is Guo Shunjie? Where is he?”

“He……” Everyone in the office did not know what Chief Dong wanted to do. They were worried. After looking at each other for a moment, Tan Limei pointed to Dong Xuebing’s small office. “He is inside there. After the Party Committee meeting ended, he brought all his stuff in.”

Dong Xuebing turned and enter the small office, and he shut the door behind him.

Guo Shunjie had heard Dong Xuebing and the rest talking outside. He sneered and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Don’t you know how to knock on the door before entering your leader’s office? I will let you off this time. If you do this again, I will ask you to practice knocking the door at home. You can only return to work after you learned how to knock!” Guo Shunjie hates Dong Xuebing. If it was not because of Dong Xuebing, he would be attending the training now and will be promoted to a Section Chief when he returns. He will be able to replace Li Qing as the Chief of the General Affairs Office!

Dong Xuebing was furious, but he smiled. “Knock? This is my office!”

Guo Shunjie laughed. “I’m sorry to tell you that this office is mine now. Oh, you are here at the right time. Hand over your work pass. I will change it to a staff member work pass for you.”

Guo Shunjie, who was sitting in the office chair, bends over and pushed some teacups, tea leaves, files, etc. on the desk, towards Dong Xuebing. “Carry your stuff away! I am not free to pack for you! Hurry up!” Dong Xuebing was staring at Guo Shunjie in his eyes. “Guo Shunjie, you are too much. I will not talk about you switching the meeting documents. This time you dare to use my name to send an informant letter to report against Chief Zhou? You think it is funny?” Dong Xuebing pointed to Guo Shunjie and shouted: “Don’t think everyone are fools. Everyone can tell that you are the one playing tricks!” Guo Shunjie smiles with a smirk: “You should know if you have sent the letter! Why? Are you trying to accuse me? I think you are sick! You sent the letter, and you don’t dare to admit it? Are you a man? You got the balls to send it, yet you don’t dare to admit it?!” Dong Xuebing could feel his blood rushing to his head!

Guo Shunjie was feeling great to see Dong Xuebing’s reaction. “I will say it once more. Hand over your work pass and bring your things out. The desk near the door is your new work desk. Hurry up! Don’t let me repeat for the 3rd time! There is still a lot of work for me to do. I don’t have time to entertain you!” “What if I refuse?” “Refuse?” Guo Shunjie looked at him and pushed Dong Xuebing’s stuff off the desk. Some of the items fell into the bin, and some fell onto the floor. The teacups shattered as it landed onto the floor. The files and documents were all over the place. “You don’t want all these? Fine. Since these are all rubbish, then I will treat them as rubbish!” Guo Shunjie smiles and picked up the phone to call outside. “Hello, ask Guo Panwei to bring the broom and dustpan into my office now!” “Fuck you!”

Dong Xuebing exploded. He raised his fist and punched Guo Shunjie on the right side of his face!

Bang! It was the sound of Dong Xuebing’s fist hitting his face!

Guo Shunjie could not believe what had happened. He fell from his chair and covered his face: “Are you crazy?!” Hitting a superior was a more serious offense than getting reported to the Disciplinary Inspection department. Dong Xuebing might lose his job and even be arrested and charged in courts. This was why Guo Shunjie never expects Dong Xuebing to hit him.

Dong Xuebing looked at Guo Shunjie’s swollen face, and he was still not satisfied. He raised his leg and stomped on Guo Shunjie’s stomach!

“Ah!” Guo Shunjie shouted in pain. “Help! Help!” He was stunned from Dong Xuebing’s punched and could not retaliate. He could only call for help!

Dong Xuebing had gone all out. He continued to stomp Guo Shunjie’s stomach and gave a hard kick on his face!

This kick was hard. Guo Shunjie screamed in pain and then spit out a mouthful of blood and a few teeth!

Bang! The small office’s door opened. Tan Limei, Zhuang Zhi and the rest came running in!

“Chief Dong! Stop! Stop hitting him!” “Bing Zhi. Stop!” Dong Xuebing ignored theirs pleads and continue kicking Guo Shunjie. “Accuse me? Frame me? Smash my cups? Pretending to be a leader in front of me?! Who do you think you are?!”

1 kick!

2 kicks!

3 kicks!

“Ah! This…… This……” “Hurry, call an ambulance! Don’t let him die!” Guo Shunjie’s cries were getting softer……. After Zhuang Zhi grabbed Dong Xuebing and stopped him, Dong Xuebing felt much better!
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