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Chapter 94 – A big discovery about BACK!!!

From joy to sadness. This was the feelings of Dong Xuebing now.

After holding hands with the woman he secretly admired for years, Dong Xuebing could not think straight. He spent the whole Sunday marketing with Aunt Xuan, accompanying her to have meals, watch movies, etc. Other than going to the toilet and sleeping, both of them spent all their time together. Dong Xuebing could not forget the feeling of holding her hands. He kept thinking about the feeling, and on Monday morning, he realized that he had forgotten to do an important thing. That day was the most uneasy day of his life!

Dong Xuebing had forgotten to use his Sunday’s BACK!

Dong Xuebing still have not fully understood his power BACK. Since he had gotten this power from the accident, he only knows that this BACK can turn back time to one minute ago and he has one chance to use it every day. After he had gotten this power, he maintained the principle of using power every day. Even if nothing happens in the day, he will use BACK before he sleeps. This had become his habit, and he had done so without fail. Dong Xuebing also did not think about what would happen if he missed using his power for a day, and he also did not dare to try. He had benefited from his power, and there was no way he could do without it. What if the condition of his power was he must use it every day? If he missed one day, the power would be gone?

Restless, uneasiness, and nervous!

Back! You must not leave me! I still have to depend on you for my future happiness!

“Xiao Bing, why are you in a daze so early in the morning? What’s wrong?”

“Huh? I’m just thinking about something. Everything’s fine.” When Dong Xuebing came back to his senses, he noticed Aunt Xuan kneeling in front of the sofa, helping him to tie his shoelaces. Dong Xuebing immediately bend down to stop her. “Stop, stop. I can tie my own laces. Your neck and back are not good, and you might injure yourself.”

“I am not that weak.” Qu Yunxuan tied his shoelaces for him and stood up to straighten his tie for him. “Ok. You look great today. It’s time for you to go to work.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “You should also leave early. You might get caught in a traffic jam if you are late.”

“Ok. If I am not working late today, I will prepare dinner and wait for you.”

After Dong Xuebing went downstairs, away from Qu Yunxuan’s sight, his smiling face was replaced by a dejected look. He really wanted to try BACK to see if his power was still around. But after thinking about it for a while, he decided to leave it for now as he still did not know what would happen at work. What if he said the wrong things again? So, Dong Xuebing resisted the urge to try his power until he finishes work. If some accidents happened during work, he could still test his powers.

1 hour……

3 hours……

5 hours…….

Soon, it was time to get off work. Dong Xuebing did not make any mistakes at work.

Dong Xuebing carried his bag and walked out of the branch bureau. He decided to use BACK immediately. Please……. Don’t let BACK disappear!

“Chief Dong, you have are going back?” A girl from the General Affairs Department smiles and greeted him.

Dong Xuebing nodded and replied: “Yes.”

“Bye. I will make a move first.” The girl smiled and walked towards another direction.

Dong Xuebing remembers that this girl’s surname was Guo. After this girl walked past him, he took a deep breath and said, “BACK!” quietly.


The scenes changed!

That staff member was walking towards Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, you have are going back?”


“Bye. I will make a move first.”

It was exactly 60 seconds before. Time had returned back to 1 minute ago!

Dong Xuebing was sweating from his nervousness. He was afraid that his powers would be gone. Now, he was relieved. All the worries were gone. He cheered up and walked towards the bus stop smiling. He stood at the bus stop to wait for his bus and thought to himself. Since BACK was not affected for missing one day, then he does not need to worry about forgetting to waste his powers before midnight. Oh, it’s not considered wasting. It should be called practicing. If he had not practiced and experimented with his power, he would not be so familiar with it. For instance, if he used BACK while walking, he will trip and fall in the past. But now, he can still carry on walking normally after he returned to one minute before. He had practiced this movement dozens of times.

Hiss……. It was the sounds of a bus breaking as it enters the bus stop.

A woman, who was in charge of maintaining order, was waving a small red flag. “Swipe your card and board the bus from the front door.”

Dong Xuebing was standing near to the front. But the bus stop was too crowded, and he was pushed behind by the crowd.

Damn! What’s the rush? This is considered uncivilized behavior.

Dong Xuebing was now a small leader. It will be a joke if any of his colleagues saw him jostling and pushing with the crowd to board the bus. So, he stepped aside and let the passengers board before him. He was the last to board after everyone. He stepped onto the steps of the packed bus.

It might be the issue of the blind spot. The driver closes the door as Dong Xuebing was boarding the bus.

Dong Xuebing got a shock and immediately pushed the person in front of him and board the bus. But he could not get out of the way in time, and his left hand was caught in the bus doors!

“Ah!” Dong Xuebing shouted in pain. He natural instincts kicked in and shouted BACK!

This was his usual reaction, and he did this unconsciously. After he shouted BACK, he slapped his forehead. He had used it 5 minutes ago outside the bureau. What’s the use of shouting now? But the next second, Dong Xuebing was stunned!


Dong Xuebing’s surroundings were not crowded anymore. His hand does not hurt, and he was standing at the bus stop.

“Swipe your card and board the bus from the front door.” The woman was waving a small red flag, and all the passengers were rushing forward!

Huh? BACK happened again? Now it was 60 seconds ago?!

What the fuck!? Impossible! How can this be possible?! I had used BACK once today! How come I can use it twice? Looking at what was happening in front of him, Dong Xuebing still could not believe his eyes. He stood there in a daze even after the bus left the bus stop!

What just happened?

Eh? Wait!

Twice? I used BACK twice?

Dong Xuebing immediately thought of one reason!

Could it be…… the Sunday’s BACK did not disappear and was accumulated to Monday?

Damn! Don’t tell me BACK can be accumulated??

If this is real, then it would be possible to turn back time to 5 or 10 minutes ago Dong Xuebing accumulated 5 to 10 days of BACK!