Power and Wealth
Chapter 88 – Aunt Xuan, what are you doing?
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 88 – Aunt Xuan, what are you doing?


Dong Xuebing was still sleeping when his mother’s phone call woke him up. “Hello? Mum?”

“You are still sleeping? How are you doing recently? Are you use for your work? Did your leader pick on you?” Dong Xuebing’s mother was anxious about her son. Her son had finally started working and was afraid that he will get into trouble with his leaders.

Pick on me? I am the one picking on others now! Dong Xuebing yawned and rubbed his eyes. He sat up and looked at the time. “Everything is all fine. I had called you that day, but you are not in school. Hahaha, when are you coming back to Beijing? I have something to tell you. Are you coming back for New Year?”

“We have classes on New Year too. I have to wait until Lunar New year.” Dong Xuebing’s mother replied. “What good news do you have for me? You have a girlfriend?”

Dong Xuebing coughed. “Not yet. Errr….. I will tell you when you are back. It is only less than 2 months to Lunar New Year. I want to give you a surprise.” Dong Xuebing had been promoted to Deputy Chief and made some money. He wants to keep it from his mother and give her a surprise when she comes back. “Oh, do you still have money? I will remit some money to you later?”

“No need. I still have the money you sent me last time.”

“Huh? You haven’t finished using it? Didn’t I ask you to use it?”

“Stop talking nonsense. How can you spend all your money? Don’t spend all your salary!”

“I am only asking you to spend more money on yourself. Don’t keep scrimping.”

“Don’t worry about me. We have lodging and food here. We do not need to spend much. I will save money for you. You still need to get married in the future. Ok. The telephone charges are high, and I got to go back to class. Bye.” If the call were more than 1 minute, Dong Xuebing would be charged for the second minute. His mother did not wait for her son to say anything and hang up on the 59th second.

At work.

Dong Xuebing submitted the relocation proposal to Li Qing and Xu Yan. This proposal was very detailed. There were also pictures included in the proposal. Xu Yan was quite satisfied with this proposal and gave him another task. Dong Xuebing was not worried about having more work. In fact, he needs more work to prove his capabilities. He needs to show others that he was able to take on the role of Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office. So, before the end of the day, Dong Xuebing completed the task given to him that day.

Dong Xuebing’s career was on track. He only needs more experience.

His finances were also sound. Money had been going into his account, and he had enough to buy his mother a house in her hometown.

Dong Xuebing had 3 goals in his life. Be a Government Official, make money, and get a wife. Now, his only regret was with his relationship.

That evening, Dong Xuebing decided to woo Aunt Xuan while on his way home. After alighting from the bus, he went to the supermarket nearby to buy lots of groceries. On his way back home, he called Qu Yunxuan. “Hello? Aunt Xuan? Have you reached home? I will cook dinner tonight?”

A gentle voice replied: “Xiao Bing, I need to work overtime today and will be back later.”

“Oh, no worries. I will prepare dinner and wait for you to get back.”

Qu Yunxuan’s background was noisy. Many people were talking. “No need. I still don’t know what time I will be back. I might have to stay here until 8 to 9 pm.” Qu Yunxuan held the phone away from her and said to someone. “Xiao Zhao, that is for the editor. You all help to edit it first.” She finishes saying and then told Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Bing, I am quite busy. Don’t wait for me. Take your dinner yourself. I will grab something to eat when I am back.”

Dong Xuebing could only agree. “Ok.”

Although Dong Xuebing agreed to not wait for her, he did not want to have dinner without her. He used his spare key and enter Aunt Qu’s unit. The living room was filled with a woman’s scent, and Dong Xuebing stood there inhaling this heavenly smell for a few seconds. After that, he went to the kitchen. Aunt Xuan was someone who loves cleanliness. Her apartment was spotless. The kitchen which was usually the messiest for most people were neat and tidy. Dong Xuebing start to prepare their ingredients. After that, he sat on a stool and lean back on the kitchen cabinet to think about his plan to woo Qu Yunxuan.

He kept thinking……

He waited and waited…..

Maybe it was because Dong Xuebing got too excited and did not sleep well last night, he dozed off on the stool. When Dong Xuebing opened up his eyes, it was already dark. His back was aching from the uncomfortable position. He took out his iPhone 4 and looked at the time. It was 7.55pm. Aunt Xuan was not back yet? Dong Xuebing touched his growling stomach and walked out of the dark kitchen. The lights in the apartment were not on. It was dark. He slowly makes his way to the living room as he wanted to watch some TV as he waited for Qu Yunxuan to return. But when he reaches out for the TV remote, he noticed Qu Yunxuan’s handbag on the sofa.

Eh? Dong Xuebing did not remember seeing this handbag just now.

He looked towards the bedroom and could see lights in the bedroom from the partially closed door!

Aunt Xuan was home? She did not go to the kitchen and did not see me?

Dong Xuebing laughed to himself. Who would expect him to fall asleep in the kitchen? He also did not know that Aunt Xuan had returned home. He walked over to the bedroom and was about to call her. The words were in his mouth, but he could not call her.

Dong Xuebing saw something that made him blushed, and his heart racing!

The door crack was about the width of 4 fingers, and Dong Xuebing could hear the sounds of someone breathing heavily. It sounds like someone having an asthma attack. The breathing was rapid and seemed like she was in agony. The computer monitor was playing a movie. From Dong Xuebing’s angle, he could not see what the movie was. He could only see the website name in the corner of the monitor. Qu Yunxuan, in her white blouse and jeans, was squatting on the chair with her high heels on, in front of the monitor. Yes, she was squatting on the chair. She seems to be biting her fingers and another hand on her legs from Dong Xuebing’s angle. Because of the backrest of the chair, Dong Xuebing could not see most of Aunt Xuan’s body. He could only see that Qu Yunxuan only had her left leg in her jeans. She was shaking and her right leg, which was still in skinned colored stockings and black heels, was exposed.

Damn! What was Aunt Xuan doing?

Dong Xuebing had never seen anything like this before in his life. He was stunned!!!
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