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Chapter 83 – Apology!

Xiao Dong was stunned when he heard what Guo Panwei said. How could his father help other people open car doors?

Section Chief Xu was shocked. “Your uncle is……”

Guo Panwei glanced at the both of them and said proudly: “Liu Guowei!”

Section Chief Xu jumped. “Chief Liu? Chief Liu from Economic and Technological Development Zone Customs?” He immediately looks at Guo Panwei’s face. One second passed, two seconds passed, three seconds passed……. Section Chief Xu remembered that day. He took in a deep breath and had an embarrassed look on his face. His face turned red immediately. “Ahh…… You are Chief Liu’s nephew…… This…… it’s a misunderstanding. This is a misunderstanding!”

Xiao Dong was still in shocked. “Dad!”

Section Chief Xu shouted: “Get back to your room!”

“I…… I……”

From his father’s reaction, Xiao Dong knew the other party’s uncle was a higher rank than his father, and it was much higher. Yes. Section Chief Xu might be somebody in the main office, but compared to Chief Liu, he was miles behind. There were not on the same level. Section Chief Xu was regretting. If he knew this person was Chief Liu’s relative, he would not say those words just now! Also, how did that brat become Chief Liu’s nephew superior? Section Chief was puzzled.

“I don’t think this is a misunderstanding!” Guo Panwei was not willing to let him off. “Tell me, which part of this matter is a misunderstanding?”


Dong Xuebing was surprised to see Guo Panwei taking control of the whole situation. He exchanged looks with Qu Yunxuan and then give Guo Panwei an approval look. This Guo Panwei was really something, Dong Xuebing thought to himself.

Guo Panwei saw the appreciative looks from Dong Xuebing, and he knew he had left a good impression with him. He immediately stares at Section Chief Xu and indirectly bootlicks Dong Xuebing. “I don’t know what happened in the past. But our Chief Dong is kind and generous to everyone. He has a mild temper. Since he has conflicts with your family, then it must be you have done something wrong and make Chief Dong angry!”

What Guo Panwei said was very unreasonable. But it was pleasant to Dong Xuebing’s ears.

Section Chief Xu did not dare to refute Guo Panwei. He wiped the cold sweat in his palms. “It’s my son who is at fault. That……”

“Stop finding excuses!” Guo Panwei interrupted him. “Since you all are at fault, why are you all still so arrogant? Who do you think you are? You still dare to scold my sister earlier? Damn! Who are you to scold him? Let me tell you! Scolding sis is the same as scolding our Chief Dong! Scolding Chief Dong is the same as scolding me, Guo Panwei! This is equivalent to scolding my uncle! What are you trying to do? Ah? You dare to scold my uncle? If I remember correctly, you should be a Section Chief at one of the branch offices? Your surname is Xu?! Fine! I will remember you!”

Section Chief Xu was panicking. How did this turn out to be scolding Chief Liu? He immediately tried to defend himself. “No. I did not scold Chief Liu……”

Guo Panwei really knows how to handle such situations. He immediately passes the ball to Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, what do you think we should do? Just one word from you, I will call my uncle now.”

Section Chief Xu quickly shouted: “No! No! Xuebing, it’s a misunderstanding. It’s really a misunderstanding!”

Dong Xuebing was feeling good from what Guo Panwei had said. He looked at the flustered Section Chief Xu and his humiliated son, Xiao Dong. His anger subsided. A few seconds later, Dong Xuebing looked at Qu Yunxuan and Guo Panwei. “Let’s go back.” Dong Xuebing had the upper hand right now, and he was not in a rush to make any decision.

“Xuebing…… Errr…… I…….” Section Chief Xu was at a loss for words.

Guo Panwei let out a loud “Hmph!” before following Dong Xuebing downstairs.

At level 3, Guo Panwei smiled to Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, my uncle has some authority in Customs. It should not be a problem to transfer him out. It’s late now, and you need to rest. I will go back first. If you need me for anything, just give me a call!”

Dong Xuebing nodded. His impression of Guo Panwei had changed greatly. “Then, I will not ask you to stay longer. Panwei, be careful on your way back.”

“Yes!” Guo Panwei could read between the lines. Dong Xuebing had changed the way he addresses him. It was a load off his mind.

One hour later.

Unit 301. Dong Xuebing’s living room.

Dong Xuebing will not ask Guo Panwei to let his uncle transfer Section Chief Xu to a useless department. It was not about whether Guo Panwei would be able to persuade his uncle or whether if his uncle had the authority to order this transfer. It was because Dong Xuebing does not want to owe Guo Panwei any favors. Personal favors cannot be owe. Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan were discussing how to settle this incident in the living room.

Ding-dong, ding-dong. Someone was at the door.

Qu Yunxuan blinked. “I will get it.” She got up and went to open the door.

It was Section Chief Xu and Xiao Dong standing outside. Qu Yunxuan’s face twitched and step aside to let them enter.

Dong Xuebing knew what they wanted, but he still asked. “What do you want from me, so late at night?”

Section Chief Xu pulled Xiao Dong towards him roughly and place a shoe box and two bottles of Maotai on the coffee table. He smiled: “Xuebing, I had drunk too much earlier and said something that offended you. Please don’t mind what I said. Errr…… It’s this brat fault tonight. He should not have thrown rubbish out of the window. Hehe…… I had brought him to the mall earlier to buy a pair of leather shoes for you. Oh, here are two bottles of alcohol. Please accept it.” Section Chief Xu stared at his son: “What are you waiting for?! Apologize to Xuebing now!”

Xiao Dong’s face was all red, but he did not utter a word.

Section Chief Xu immediately gave him a slap. “Hurry up!”

Xiao Dong gritted his teeth and said. “I am sorry!”

Dong Xuebing was ignoring both of them and sipping on his tea. But he was feeling great in his heart.

Section Chief Xu smiled awkwardly and turned to Qu Yunxuan. “Yunxuan, I am feeling sober now, and I regretted what I said earlier. I should not have said those unpleasant words. If you are still sore over what I said, you can scold me now!”

Qu Yunxuan shook her head.

Section Chief Xu continued. “I will not drink so much in the future. Yunxuan, we are all neighbors, please don’t take it to heart.” After saying that, he gave Xiao Dong a kick.

Xiao Dong lowered his head and said: “Sister Qu, I am too impulsive earlier. I’m sorry.”

Qu Yunxuan looked at them and said: “I always think that every one of us should be reasonable. You hit someone with the things you throw, and you should apologize. You all should not be arrogant and threaten others. If you apologize from the start, will there be so many troubles? We are all neighbors, and no one likes for things to turn out this way.”

Xiao Dong’s lips had turned purple. “I’m very sorry.”

Section Chief Xu slapped the back of Xiao Dong’s head. “I had spoiled him!” He kept quiet for a few seconds and then said to Dong Xuebing. “Xuebing, I still have not congratulated you for your promotion. Hahaha, you have just entered the bureau, and you got promoted? Ah…. You will have a bright future. Let’s find a day to celebrate. I will treat you to dinner. Errr…… Xuebing, can you tell Chief Liu’s nephew……”

Dong Xuebing had a stern look on his face. But in his heart, he was laughing. They had apologized and compensated him with a pair of leather shoes and two bottles of Maotai. This was more than what he and Aunt Xuan had discussed earlier. They had only wanted to demand an apology and a new pair of shoes. Now, they received two bottles of expensive Maotai. But Dong Xuebing cannot accept the apology too quick. He kept quiet and looked at Qu Yunxuan.

Section Chief Xu smiled awkwardly: “Yunxuan……”

Qu Yunxuan knew what Dong Xuebing had in mind. She paused for a while and sighed. “You all go back first. Let me speak to Xiao Bing.”

Section Chief Xu felt better. “Ok, ok. Thank you.”

Xiao Dong said with a stiffed voice. “Thank you, Sister Qu.”

“Xuebing, we will go back first. We will treat you to dinner some other days.”

The door closed, and the father and son went back.

Qu Yunxuan walked back to the living room and saw Dong Xuebing still had a stern look on his face, pretending to drink his tea. She laughed and knocked his head playfully. “Stop pretending! They had left already. Are you trying to put on aires with me?”

Dong Xuebing laughed and asked: “Aunt Xuan, are you feeling better?”

Qu Yunxuan also laughed and rolled her eyes. “You ah…… Let’s see what shoes did they buy for you.” She turned and opened the shoebox. “Oh…… this leather feels good, and it’s branded. It is much more expensive than the pair I bought for you. The Maotai is also a costly brand. Oh, we still have not opened up the two cartons of cigarettes your colleague gave you.” She walked over to the sofa and unwrapped the two cartons of cigarettes given by Guo Panwei. “Chunghwa brand? Two cartons? It cost a few hundred RMB for one carton.”

Dong Xuebing suddenly stood up and said. “I nearly forgot. Aunt Xuan, check if there is any cash in the gifts.”

“Cash?” Qu Yunxuan checked the cigarettes and the Maotai boxes. She smiled and shook her head. “There is nothing in the Maotai boxes, and the cigarettes are still wrap up in a plastic wrap.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Ok. We must not do anything wrong.”

“But you still received the cigarettes? Isn’t that wrong?”

“Ahhh…… This is different. Cigarettes and alcohol are usual gifts. But if money is given as gifts, it will be different. Money cannot be accepted!” Dong Xuebing did not want to make this mistake over a small sum of money. It was not worth it.

After keeping the cigarettes and alcohol, Qu Yunxuan stood in the living room, looking at Dong Xuebing for a long time.

Dong Xuebing blushed and touched his face. “What’s wrong?”

Qu Yunxuan smiled. “Since the day Section Chief Xu was promoted, his family had become very arrogant. Everyone in the estate is afraid of offending them. Look at what happened earlier. Sighed…… Our Xiao Bing had grown up and became successful. Now, people have come up to your apartment to give gifts and bootlick. When something happens, your subordinate will step forward to help you settle it. If it was our newspaper agency or a private company, a leader with the same rank will not be able to enjoy this respect and treatment.”

After hearing this, Dong Xuebing had a sense of achievement. That’s right. He and his mother had to bow down to Section Chief Xu in the past whenever they met. They were afraid of offending this ‘Big Shot.’ But now? Section Chief Xu and Xiao Dong had lost face in front of him. In the future, they will try all means to avoid him!