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Chapter 66 – One more appeared!

Sunday morning.

Shilihe Pet Market.

This place was just a Subway stop away from Panjiayuen. Although there were not many antiques sold here like Panjiayuen, there were lots of stalls selling birds, fishes, and walnuts.

Dong Xuebing strolled along the market and visited almost every stall selling walnuts. Then, he stood beside a makeshift booth and watch people gamble walnut fruits. He had already gotten a 46mm Lion Head and was confident that he would be able to “snatch” another 46 mm Lion Head from someone else with his ability. Now, he only lacks one more 46 mm Lion Head. He wanted to repeat what he did yesterday.

Please appear! Hurry up and appear!

One hour……

Two hours……

It was almost noon, and there was not even a 45mm Lion Head.

After lunch, Dong Xuebing was anxious. He went to another stall and stood there and wait. Why didn’t any 46mm Lion Head appear? Tomorrow will be on Monday. This month’s committee meeting will undoubtedly be held on either Monday or Tuesday. If I can’t find the second 46mm Lion Head, then I will not be able to get a pair. It will not be in time for tomorrow’s meeting!

10 minutes…… 20 minutes…… Soon, half an hour passed.

Just when Dong Xuebing was about to give up, he heard shouting near to him.

“Wow! 46!”

“That’s really a 446 Lion Head!”

“Hehehe. That’s luck!”

Dong Xuebing was excited and turned towards the direction of the shouting. It was also a walnut stall. But it was a small stall. Without hesitation, Dong Xuebing ran over to the booth and pushed the onlookers aside. “Excuse me! Excuse me! There is the 46 Lion Head? How big is it? Is it more than 46.8mm?”

If the walnut seed were not more than 46.8 or 46.9mm, it would not be 46 mm after it was dried.

The stall owner heard someone asking and replied: “It’s 46.6mm.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. Although it was not as big as the one he got yesterday, but it should be able to meet the minimum requirement to form a pair. He turned and look at the person who bought the fruit. It was a high school student. “Hi, can you let me have a look at your walnut seed?”

That boy was very excited and showed it to Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing examined the Lion Head and then compared it to his from a picture he took from his iPhone this morning. He compared the bottom, middle section, the top, etc. Hmmm……. it was not a perfect pair, but it should be enough.

An onlooker also said: “Can I see it too?”

Dong Xuebing passed the Lion Head back to that boy and asked: “Are you willing to selling it? Name me a price.” Dong Xuebing did not see which fruit this boy picked earlier, and it was useless for him to use BACK. If he uses BACK, he could buy out the whole basket of fruits. But when Dong Xuebing looked at the basket, there were at least a few hundred fruits. If one fruit cost 300 RMB, then it will cost more than 100,000 RMB for the whole basket. He only had 50,000 RMB with him!

That high school student wore branded goods from head to toe. He doesn’t seem to lack money. “Sorry, I do not want to sell.”

Other than Dong Xuebing, someone among the crowd was also interested in that Lion Head. “How about 3,000 RMB?

“I will offer 4,000 RMB! Do you want to sell?”

Dong Xuebing panicked and said: “I will offer 5,000 RMB!” For only a single Lion Head, 5,000 RMB was a high price.

But that boy shook his head. “I am not selling, but……” He paused for a while. “I am looking for a pair of 46mm Chicken Heart. If anyone of you here has it, I am willing to exchange the pair for this Lion Head.”

46mm Chicken Heart?

Although Chicken Heart could not be compared to Lion Head, 46mm Chicken Heart was also rare!

The two men who shouted earlier hesitated. Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and said: “Wait for me here. I will go and get you a pair!” Dong Xuebing must get this Lion Head at all cost. Furthermore, all the Chicken Hearts above 42mm in the market were all from artificial grafting, and there was an abundance of fruits available. The value of 3 pairs of 46mm Chicken Hearts could not even be compared to 1 Lion Head. This was a good deal!

That high school boy smiled and replied. “Ok. I will wait for you here.”

“I will reserve your Lion Heart!” Someone from the crowd shouted. “Young man don’t sell it to others. I will bring you the Chicken Heart!”

Dong Xuebing panicked. “I am the one who said first!”

The High school boy paused for a while and said: “Errr…… how about I exchange it with the first person who brings the Chicken Heart over?”


Dong Xuebing immediately ran to a nearby walnut store and asked: “Do you have 46 Chicken Heart?”

The store owner replied: “No. Do you want 44mm Chicken Heart?”

Dong Xuebing left and ran to the next store. “Give me a pair of 46mm Chicken Hearts!”

“Oh, we do not have 46mm Chicken Hearts.”

After asking 3 stores, Dong Xuebing realized something. Damn, even if I visited all the stores, it will also be useless. If it were available in these stores, that high school boy would have bought it from them and not asked to exchange his 46 Lion Head. I am so stupid! But…… where should I find this Chicken Heart?

Suddenly there was a loud sound of things dropping on the ground behind Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing turned around and saw a young man in his mid-twenties, placing a basket of walnut fruits under a big umbrella. That young man made a few trips into a store and carried out baskets of walnut fruits. Then he started shouting. “Come and see. Green fruits! Big Chicken Heart, Lion Head. All fresh from these two days!” That young man’s store was not specialized in selling walnuts. It was a small store selling pet foods.

Dong Xuebing heard “Big Chicken Heart” and his eyes brighten up.

This store had just opened, and Dong Xuebing was the only person there. That young man looked at Dong Xuebing and asked: “Hi, do you want to buy a pair?”

Dong Xuebing suddenly had an idea. Big Chicken Heart was not like Lion Head. The chance of 45 and 46mm appearing was much higher. Since 46mm Chicken Hearts were not available in stores, why not try his luck at gambling? If Dong Xuebing was lucky, he should get a pair of 46mm Chicken Hearts from dozens of fruits! But this method will be costly!

Fine! That’s what I will do!

To get the position of Deputy Chief, this amount was nothing!

I will take a gamble!