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Chapter 49 – Vying for the position of Deputy Chief!

The next day, it was busy as usual at the General Affairs Office.

Dong Xuebing was printing something at the copier machine and observing the rest secretly.

“Xiao Tan, is the speech for Director Li ready? Give it to me. I will send it to Director Li.” Guo Panwei said.

“Xiao Sun, is that document printed? Chief Xu is waiting for it. Give it to me.” Guo Shunjie said.

After both of them finished speaking, they stared at each other. It was tense. After the news of Chief Zhou’s retirement was made known, Guo Panwei and Guo Shunjie were competing for the position. Guo Shunjie used his bootlicking skills to “report his work status” with almost all the leaders in the District Branch Bureau. Especially the Chief of the Political Section and the District Bureau Chief. Guo Shunjie used a different tactic. He targeted other higher-ups. He tried his best to perform in front of the other leaders of the General Affairs Department and start to contact the District Political Commissar more often. They were working all their means to get the position of Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office.

On the other side.

Old Yan was still acting normally. He was still drinking his tea and reading his newspapers. He does not seem to be interested in the Deputy Chief’s position. Changjuan was also about the same as before. But compared to last time, she chatted more often with Guo Shunjie. She should be placing her money on Guo Shunjie.

“Zhuang Zhi.” When the two Guos left, Tan Limei cheerfully asked: “Who do you think will become the Deputy Chief?”

Zhuang Zhi was a bit slow when replying. “I don’t know either. But isn’t everyone in the office had the chance of being promoted?”

Tan Limei rolled her eyes at him: “Are you stupid? Never mind. Bing Zhi, who do you think?”

Dong Xuebing replied listlessly. “The 3 of us does not stand a chance.”

“You are speaking the obvious.” Tan Limei laughed. “If one of us were picked to be the Deputy Chief, the sun will rise from the west tomorrow. Bing Zhi, you seem like you also want to be promoted. Hehe…… Don’t overthink. We are still young. In another 3 to 5 years, it might be our turn to move up.”

Zhuang Zhi scratched the back of his head: “Actually I think Bing Zhi is the one most suitable to be promoted.”

Dong Xuebing laughed: “Stop talking nonsense. I know my limits.”

Tan Limei also laughed: “To be honest, Bing Zhi is suitable. But the Government sector is different from private companies. Those with capabilities might not be promoted. The length of services and connections is the main criteria.”

Dong Xuebing also knew about this.

After a while, Guo Panwei returned. He was walking with his head held high and smiling. Some leaders must have told him he stood a good chance and boosted his confidence. “Old Yan, stop reading the papers. Xiao Sun, the water dispenser is empty. Call someone to bring a bottle of water up. Later someone will be dropping by the office. All of you better work hard and don’t disgrace our office.” A bootlicker who was always hanging around the leaders saying such things made the rest of them uncomfortable.

Dong Xuebing cursed him in his heart.

A few minutes later, Guo Shunjie returned to the office and looked at Guo Panwei briefly before clapping his hand together to get the attention of everyone. “There is a meeting at 1.30 pm. Finish your lunch and be back earlier to prepare for the meeting. Xiao Dong, Xiao Sun, the both of you go and clean up the meeting room on the third floor. Xiao Tan, you are in charge of the materials and documents for the meeting. Ok. That’s it. Carry on with your work.”

Dong Xuebing was pissed. Both of them were not promoted, and they were already giving out orders. What would happen if they were really promoted?

Seeing Dong Xuebing still sitting at his desk, Guo Shunjie’s face turns dark. “Did you not hear what I just said?” Guo Shunjie was 90% sure he would be promoted. Without Zhou Changchun around, he was no afraid of Dong Xuebing. After staying low for the past few days, he became arrogant again.

Dong Xuebing frowned and replied coldly. “No.”

Guo Shunjie was furious: “Fine…… fine……” He walked over to Dong Xuebing and said softly: “Wait until I become the Chief and you will get it. Just wait….”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Ya…. I’m waiting.”

Guo Shunjie: “Hmph!”


During lunch, Tan Limei pouted and looked at Guo Shunjie and Guo Panwei who were sitting at their tables not far away. “Did you see it? They are not even promoted, and they are already acting as leaders. Even when Chief Zhou was not as commanding as them. Hmph! I want to see what they will do if they are not promoted.”

Dong Xuebing took a big bite off his bun: “That’s right. But there is no one else competing with them for the position. The next Deputy Chief of our office will surely be the surname Guo.”

Zhuang Zhi quickly shushed them: “Lower your voices. Don’t let others hear you.”

Tan Limei angrily said: “This is so unfair. Bing Zhi will be in trouble this time. No matter which one of them became our chief, they will be looking for trouble with Bing Zhi.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand and sighed. “What else can I do?”

Dong Xuebing had analyzed the situation last night. The position of Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office will definitely be out of reach for the 3 of them. He and Zhuang Zhi had only joined the office for less than 2 months. They were considered newbies. The Government sector focuses more on seniority than ability. Even if Dong Xuebing did one or two more outstanding performances, it was also useless. It was the same for Tan Limei. She had joined the State Security one year earlier than them. She was still considered too junior.

Old Yan had offended a leader from the City’s Bureau. His rank had been stagnant for so many years. Now, he was near his retirement age, and it was almost impossible for him to be promoted. At most, the agency will give him a promotion to Deputy Division Chief months before his retirement. As for Changjuan, she was senior enough to be promoted. But her character was her major flaw. The impression she gave others was too frivolous. The agency will surely not consider promoting her.

After looking at everyone in the office, the two Guos had the highest chance of getting promoted.

Guo Panwei was close to many leaders in the Bureau. If he put in some effect in getting their support, he stands a high chance to be promoted.

Guo Shunjie knew the District Political Commissar. If the District Political Commissar really wants to groom him, Guo Shunjie does not even need to do anything, and he will be promoted. Furthermore, Guo Shunjie looks more matured, and his chances are slightly higher than Guo Panwei.

No matter what, one of them will be the Deputy Chief.

After analyzing all the possibilities, Dong Xuebing became depressed. If he had 6 months or 1 year, he would qualify for the promotion too. But now, there was no point to try and vie for the promotion. Dong Xuebing only hope now was for the Bureau to transfer someone from another district over to be their Deputy Chief. It will be hell for him if any of the Guos gets promoted.