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Chapter 34 – confessing his love for Aunt Xuan!

Dong Xuebing’s apartment.


Dong Xuebing placed a pillow on the bed and let Qu Yunxuan take off her heels. She took the pillow and put it under her chin before lying face down on the bed comfortably. Dong Xuebing also took off his slippers and kneel beside her on the bed. He gently placed his hands on her shoulders and start his massage. “Neck is very important. You must take care of it. When you are working, you must not stay in the same position for too long. You have to move about once in a while. Is this strength okay?”

Qu Yunxuan’s head was buried in the pillow and uttered a reply: “It’s good. Thank you.”

“It’s all my fault.”

“I said it is not your fault. Ah…… That’s the aching spot. Softer.”

Dong Xuebing reduced his strength and continued to massage that spot. “Is this okay?”

“Ah…... Okay.…..”

Dong Xuebing was organizing his words in his mind on how to confess to Qu Yunxuan while massaging. At the same time, his eyes were wondering about Qu Yunxuan’s body. Qu Yunxuan was facing down and will not know where he was looking. So, Dong Xuebing looked at the back of her ears, neck, back, waist, bums, legs……. Qu Yunxuan does not only look beautiful from the front. Even her back view was pretty.

“Are you tired? Do you want to rest?”

“I’m fine. I will massage your back too.”

“It’s fine. You should be tired from working all day. You should rest early.”

“It’s fine. The muscles in your neck and back are linked. I will have you relax your back muscle.” Dong Xuebing was memorized by her beautiful back and does not want to stop touching her. He enjoys the feeling of rubbing her back. He slowly moved his hands from her shoulders to her back.

Qu Yunxuan was also enjoying the massage. She was making some sounds from the relaxing massage.

Dong Xuebing could not control himself and suddenly said: “Aunt Xuan……. I love you.”

Ah…. I finally said it.

Qu Yunxuan’s body stiffed and did not say a word.

Dong Xuebing could not see her facial expression. He continued: “A few years ago when my mum and I shifted here, I had secretly admired you. It’s true. I…… I am not good with words and don’t know how to express my feelings well. I just want you to know that I really, really, like you. Aunt Xuan……. Errrrr…… Can you be my girlfriend?”

Qu Yunxuan continued to keep quiet.

The silence was torture to Dong Xuebing. His face was all red.

After a while, Qu Yunxuann sat up and looked at him. “Xiao Bing, I’m sorry. I always see you as my younger brother.”

Damn. Rejected. Dong Xuebing felt disappointed. But he knew his place and was already prepared to be rejected. It would be a miracle if Qu Yunxuan accepted him now. Dong Xuebing wanted to know the reason why she rejected him. “Aunt Xuan, don’t use brother as an excuse to reject me. I really want to know what I am lacking. Is it my looks? Ok. I do not look good enough to be with you……” Penniless and no good looks. These were the things that caused Dong Xuebing’s lack of self-esteem.

Qu Yunxuan interrupted him. “I am not that shallow. It is not about your looks.”

“No?” Dong Xuebing asked. “Then what is it?”

Qu Yunxuan did not look at him and faced the direction of the window. She said apologetically: “I only feel that you are not my type. How should I put it? Looks are given by God. No one can do anything with it. But you can make up the lack of looks with other things. Maybe it’s our thinking. I know these are some of your habits. But I can only accept clean and tidy men. I cannot accept men with long fingernails. My boyfriend must be cleanly shaved, and his hair must be tidy. It is now about his looks.”

In the past, Dong Xuebing had given up on himself. He did not take care of himself and did not cut his nails, shave or combed his hair.

Damn. Points were deducted from all these minor details?



The scene changed.

Qu Yunxuan face was in front of him with a confused expression. “What?”

Dong Xuebing battered his eyes and asked. “Errr…. What was I saying?”

“I don’t know.” Qu Yunxuan replied. “You just called my name. What do you want to tell me?”

Dong Xuebing was relieved. He immediately smiled: “Nothing… I only want to ask if I am pressing too hard.” Lucky. A bit more, it will be more than 1 minute.

“Hahaha, it is just right. Our Xiao Bing is also good at massage.”

Dong Xuebing wanted to massage Qu Yunxuan a while more. But he saw his fingernails on her back, and he instinctively retracts his hands. “That’s all for now. You have some water and rest for a while. We will continue later. I will go and take a shower first.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed at him. “Go. Oh, wear that suit for me to see.”


Dong Xuebing rushed out of the room with one hand covering the stubbles. He took the newly bought suit and went into the bathroom. He switched on the lights, closed the door and grabbed his shaver to shave. He then uses a nail clipper to cut all his nails short before taking a quick shower. He combed and used a hairdryer to style his hair neatly.

Ok. All done.

Dong Xuebing looked at himself in the mirror. He had a clean and tidy look. He walked out of the bathroom after changing into his suit.

Qu Yunxuan was playing with her iPhone 4 again in the living room. “Why did you change in the bathroom? I came out of the room was for you to change in there…… Eh?” She paused when she saw Dong Xuebing. She was surprised. “When did you shave? Your hair……” She did not notice Dong Xuebing’s suit first. Instead, she noticed his stubbles and hair. So, it’s true. She likes men who look clean and tidy. She was not lying just now. It was all these small details that will attract her.

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed. “My shaver was spoilt and can’t shave properly. It is the same for my hairdryer and nail clippers. I had bought new ones when I got my salary. In the future, I will not be so untidy. I can’t stand being so untidy. I like to look clean and tidy.” He lifted both his hands and showed his clean nails.

Qu Yunxuan nodded and stepped forward to straighten his collar. “I still thought you don’t like to cut your nails and shave. So, it was because your shaver and nail clippers are spoilt. You look so much better now….” Qu Yunxuan looked at him from head to toes and smiled. “Handsome……”

Hahaha, I had successfully left a good impression with Aunt Xuan!

Dong Xuanbing was thinking of confessing to Aunt Xuan again.

He hopes he will succeed the next time.